No insurance and the American dream

In my friend feed on Facebook, I found a statement about how anyone not having a job in a corporate that provided insurance or not trying to get a job in one was “just plain lazy.” It was in reference to the healthcare insurance conversation being had so often right now.

This is my response:

“I was somewhat offended by those comments since they fail to consider the millions of us who are self employed. Authors, speakers, artists, entrepreneurs, complementary health professionals, consultants, and an endless array of others work for themselves, wearing every hat in the book from employee to CEO to accountant to marketer. Most of them work their butts off. And yet, the money required to run a business, plus family expenses, etc., often leave those people without the extra necessary to purchase insurance which is often quite high for the self employed. Before automatically assuming that if someone isn’t working for a Corporation or other organization that offers insurance that they are on food stamps and unemployment, please consider that VAST numbers of uninsured people are actually out there pursuing the great American dream. They found the courage to strike out on their own and make something of themselves, hopefully leaving a legacy for their children.

Self employed people are often significantly more hard working, committed, and dedicated than the average employee. Studies prove that employees often are only productive a small percentage of their time at work each day. As a manager in fortune 500 and 100 companies, I saw that first hand.

So who is really lazy – the self employed person who is busting their ass and still struggling financially or the corporate employee who is coasting along at work not giving it their all? I completely agree that those  “milking the system” and getting a free ride without working is a serious problem. But assuming anyone not insured or looking for a job falls into that category, I feel is unjustified.”

O.K. off my soap box.

Have a truly fabulous day,


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