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Assists in letting go of long held issues, traumas, etc. Great before or at the beginning of a healing session. It is a great essence to take prior to energy work, as you are processing and releasing anything, prior to an initiation or upgrade in energy of any kind. Release assists you in letting go of the things that no longer serve you like limiting beliefs. It also helps you "let go" of your need for people and situations to be a certain way. That can greatly assist you in just allowing each moment to present itself and responding with greater ease instead of through a strong emotional reaction. Takara often insists that her clients use Release for 3 days before doing a long distance session.

"I love the directions to apply the Release essence to each of the chakras for three consecutive days prior to the Seed of Divine Restoration Session. This very much makes me an active participant in my own transformational experience." - Bart Zimmerman

Contains Reclaiming Power, Hemitite, Inner Child, Lightening, Violet Flame, Diamond Brilliance as well as the alchemical frequencies Takara channels into it.

Sandalwood aromatherapy.

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