Speaking Presentation Tips by Takara

For those who wish to become speakers or wish to improve their craft, as an award-winning speaker, I have a few recommendations (in no particular order):

  1. Always look at people in your audience as you speak – this gets easier the more talks you do,
  2. Make sure that your visuals are written in large enough letters to be easily viewed from the back of the room,
  3. Never read from your visuals – its boring and annoying. Paraphrase what the slide says,
  4. Only cover 3 main points,
  5. Use an example or even a prop to get your point across – helps people remember,
  6. Find out who your audience is beforehand and use examples that relate to their interests or field,
  7. If you don’t have a mic, then you must face the audience when talking – otherwise, they can’t hear you,
  8. Also if you don’t have a mic, project your voice to the back of the room using your diaphragm,
  9. Get them involved, ask questions, ask for a volunteer,
  10. Never read from your notes – you can glance at your notes to remind you of a point you want to make, but never read to the audience – except maybe a short quote,
  11. Speak clearly,
  12. Speak slightly faster than normal – helps them stay focused – unless you are from the Northeast in which case you already speak perhaps too quickly and should slow it down a little,
  13. Do a presentation to friends or even your family and video tape it – then review and correct what becomes obvious,
  14. Try not to repeat sounds or words like “like” or “um.” A few of those are O.K., but too many and it becomes annoying.
  15. Don’t fidget or do something distracting with your hands or other body parts.
  16. The best speakers are storytellers – so tell interesting, humorous or emotionally touching stories,
  17. Don’t be afraid to get animated and passionate about what you are talking about,
  18. Be yourself, and
  19. Have fun!
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