Realignment with earth energies

There have been many earth changes lately.

Those really affect you, even if you don’t realize it.

We are all connected to the earth. Being out of alignment with the earth causes stress, lack of clarity, feeling off center. It even causes your various energy fields to spin out of alignment with one another and with the earth. It can cause you to be irritable and even have physical issues.

Here is a fast way to get relief and be more aligned. It is actually beneficial to do this every day as the energies everywhere are shifting and you are being re-calibrated to handle the higher frequencies.

Meditation for Realignment

Sit with your eyes closed. Take a few slow deep breaths. Focus your attention on your heart. Find something to feel grateful for.

Ask Archangel Michael to place a protective grid around you. I like to ask him to wrap his wings around me. It feels very nice.

Ground yourself by seeing giant roots growing down into the earth from each of your feet. See the roots grow and spread as far as possible. Feel yourself firmly anchored to the earth.

Ask for the dolphin spiral clearing and infusion to cleanse your field. You don’t have to stand and spin, just ask that it be done. The instructions are in the free ebook Dancing with Dolphins that you were gifted when you joined the newsletter list. If you don’t have the ebook, you can get it here.

Ask your High Self and Guides to:

  • realign
  • rebalance
  • reharmonize
  • recalibrate, and
  • upgrade you to the next level of your Divine blueprint.

See yourself bathed in the blue/silver ray. It is a shimmery baby blue. It is Divine alignment.

Thank Archangel Michael, the dolphins, your Higher Self and Guides.

I’ve made a new gem essence of the Divine Alignment vibration using Blue Kyanite. If you are very sensitive, the essence can greatly assist you. It can be found in the blends of Resurrection and Break Through.

Spend as much time as possible in nature, in meditation, and in silence to assist you to re-harmonize with what Earth is doing right now. Rest as often as possible.

Many people have let me know that they had dreams of earthquakes and tsunamis before they happen and they were throwing up as it occurred. I don’t know how to prevent you from having premonitions – I’m not even sure having premonitions is a bad thing. But this next exercise will help you to not have so many physical reactions as the earth is shifting.

Imagine a 2 foot thick magenta filter or buffer underneath you. It is always there where ever you are. Whether you are lying, or sitting, or standing it is between you and the earth. You can still ground, but you are grounding through a filter. You are still connected, but you don’t have to take on any detrimental earth energy. (I learned this from Amorah Quan Yin’s Pleiadian books.)

Some people are so sensitive that all the fear and mourning is causing emotional stress. If you are one of those people, just put yourself in a giant energy egg. Extend the magenta filter under your feet to all the way around you. You are in a giant magenta filter cocoon. Magenta is not only protective, but it is soothing and healing. It is a powerful ray. See yourself bathed in it.

Comment below and let me know what experiences you have using these techniques.


* I do not know the original source of this image. If you know the designer, I would love to give proper attribution. THANKS!

This is an update of a previously published healing exercise I created.

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Once someone has become “awake” and aware that they are a spiritual being having a human experience, they often go down various trails of belief or philosophy in order to understand their true Divine nature.

My awakening happened over 20 years ago in the midst of an intense life experience. I was jolted out of my spiritual slumber and forgetting who I am into full knowledge that there is significantly more to life than what I wear, my job title, the people I hang out with, or the things that I do. Life, and my purpose in experiencing it, are vastly deeper than that.

The first trail I went down was that of Native American spirituality and shamanism. I listened to native drumming, built medicine wheels, visited the Southwestern United States along with many other sacred locations, took endless shamanic journeys through meditation, did sweat lodges, mini vision quests, and learned to commune with nature.

Better put, I remembered how to commune. The truth is, the ability to connect with and “be” with nature is innate to all of us.

As I look back on my life, I realize this desire to understand the native people and their connection with earth, air, sky, and water started much earlier than that. In fact, growing up in Texas, whenever we played cowboys and Indians, I was ALWAYS an Indian. Somehow deep down, there has always been a “call” and a connection to the indigenous cultures of the world.

The more I spent time in meditation and learned to connect with animals, trees, flowers, stones, water, fire, etc., the more enhanced and fine-tuned my intuition became. That inner guidance system lead me to people and experiences that were far from ordinary. On several occasions, while walking down a trail in Sedona, Arizona, or at the womb spring in Chimayo, NM, or on a hike to the falls in Tesuque, New Mexico, I’ve had spontaneous past life memories of being native.

I married a man who lead people on sacred hikes in New Mexico and also sweat lodges on our property. Because of this, I was quite blessed to have Shaman and indigenous medicine people from all over the world spend time at my home, break bread at my table, share their wisdom over stories and laughter.

We used to have a copy of this video and often showed it to those who came to visit our home.

I was reminded recently of this video by Robert Mirabel of Spirit: A Journey in Dance, Drums, and Song. I began watching it and by the 3rd song, I was in tears. Something about this video just touches me on such a deep level there simply are no words. I trust you will enjoy it too!

Thank you Robert Mirabel for this incredible work of meaning and art.

Have a fabulous day,

Bestselling author Debbie Takara Shelor signature

As I mentioned in the previous newsletter, I’ve spent the last several years “receiving” and developing several new teachings and technologies for healing, regaining harmony, balance, wholeness, and achieving your dreams. Its a massive upgrade to some of my earlier teachings including Freeway to Freedom and the profound transformation so many people have experienced with my various technologies over the years. It is taking everything to a whole new level. I also realized that since Stuart Wilde, my first teacher, is no longer with us, its time to share the powerful things I learned from him.

The training includes a deep dive into relationships, the things you are here to master, how to develop a deep and profound relationship with your Divine Self and the dolphins, greatly fine-tuning and amplifying your intuition so you know where to be, what to say, and what to do in every moment, clearing, energetic protection, and so much more.But before I finalize everything and put it out there, I have two questions for you:
  1. Would you like to start mid-November or would you like to wait until the beginning of January – after the holidays?
  2. If there is something specific you would like to learn about energy healing, becoming healed and whole, or any of the other topics I discuss, please let me know so I can include it in this training.
Please leave a comment below with your answers.

The Bestselling Book Peering Through the Veil is a Must Read

Enjoy these words about my Bestselling book on meditation and achieving  inner peace, Peering Through the Veil:

Peering Through the Veil is a comprehensive, enjoyable, and enlightening book gifting the reader powerful insights, knowledge, and keys on meditation. Written in Takara’s unique and friendly style, it inspires participation, compelling us to release old mindsets so we can enter the magical inner world she eludes to. This book is a must read for everyone ready to take their life to a deeper level and release the veils clouding their True Nature. Following Takara’s gentle guidance and inspired exercises, we can return to the innocence, childlike wonder, and inner peace of our Authentic Self.”  – Aurora Juliana Ariel, Ph.D., #1 Bestselling Author, Creator of TheQuest, and Award Winning Author of the Earth 2012 series


You can get your copy on Amazon here:

Another interview with an extraordinary host, Sarah Pencil, on Awakening in Austin.

We had a lovely conversation full of insight and inspiration about meditation, my bestselling book, Peering Through the Veil, and much more!


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Someone posted an image recently on Facebook of a wild tornado touching down offshore near Florida. I reposted it on my page saying how much I love storms. I then went on to say: “I’m not all into death and destruction. I think I’m more in awe of the power of mother nature. She really rocks it sometimes! I was in a hurricane in Miami Beach once. Our hotel room was long and narrow and had doors on either end. You could see the beach from either the balcony on one end or by just opening the door and looking towards the beach on the other. Anyway, this storm came in and we were literally in the eye of it. Wow was it powerful. I just sat out on the balcony on the lounge chair and felt the energy. Mmmm that was awesome!

My intuition has been so finely honed that I typically know when I’m in danger and when I’m not. When you stay centered and balanced and on high alert vibrationally and mentally, you can sense such things. Just like the animals who leave an area right before an earthquake or other big event. It requires that you get in tune with nature of course. That means you can’t sit in your car, your office, or in your house watching tv and playing on the computer all the time. You have to walk or sit frequently in silence on top of a mountain, by a stream, with your back to a tree, or with your hands in the dirt in your garden to really be aligned.

Ah … I love this life!”


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The Golden Rule

I’ve always tried to live by The Golden Rule. As I observe the words and actions of many political and religious leaders, I’m often baffled. If The Golden Rule applies, then how can this person think or act in this way? And how can other people listen to their words and observe their actions and actually agree with them?

The Golden Rule from 13 Different Religious Perspectives:

Baha’i Faith
Lay not on any soul a load that you would not wish to be laid upon you, and desire not for anyone the things you would not desire for yourself.
Baha’u’llah, Gleanings

Treat not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful.
The Buddha, Udana-Varga 5.1

In everything, do to others as you would have them do to you; for this is the law and the prophets.
Jesus, Matthew 7:12

One word which sums up the basis of all good conduct….loving-kindness. Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself.
Confucius, Analects 15.23

This is the sum of duty: do not do to others what would cause pain if done to you.
Mahabharata 5:1517

Not one of you truly believes until you wish for others what you wish for yourself.
The Prophet Muhammad, 13th of the 40 Hadiths of Nawawi

One should treat all creatures in the world as one would like to be treated.
Mahavira, Sutrakritanga

What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbour. This is the whole Torah; all the rest is commentary. Go and learn it.
Hillel, Talmud, Shabbath 31a

Native Spirituality
We are as much alive as we keep the earth alive.
Chief Dan George

I am a stranger to no one; and no one is a stranger to me. Indeed, I am a friend to all.
Guru Granth Sahib, pg. 1299

Regard your neighbour’s gain as your own gain and your neighbour’s loss as your own loss.
Lao Tzu, T’ai Shang Kan Ying P’ien, 213-218

We affirm and promote respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.
Unitarian principle

Do not do unto others whatever is injurious to yourself.
Shayast-na-Shayast 13.29

List Compiled by John Milan & Paul McKenna

The Golden Rule is a way of stating how to positively use the Universal Law of Cause and Effect which applies everywhere and in all things. The cause is a thought, word, or action by you. The effect is the result you will get from that thought, word, or action.

You’ve heard the saying, “What goes around, comes around” or that giving and receiving are just the opposite sides of the same circle. It is absolutely true. And its time that we all practice this principle much more diligently.

Have you ever contemplated who the “other” is, referred to in these teachings? My interpretation is that the “other” represents any being on this or any planet, reality, or dimension. To many people that is quite a stretch of the principle. It is my truth. It is what The Golden Rule means to me. I don’t step on ants. I treat dogs as nicely as I would a small child. Plants are my friends. And I practice harmlessness.

Knowing how to treat others is so simple. Ask yourself if you were in their shoes, would you like this to be said or thought or done to you? And then take the appropriate action based on the answer. If your words, thoughts, or actions don’t uplift or empower another, then make another choice.

How do you want to be treated? Then treat all others that same way.

If you want to feel joy, then do things that bring joy to others.

If you want to know love, then learn and express true love and acceptance of everyone. O.K. no-one said this was always easy. But this Universal Law holds whether you want to participate or not.

If you don’t like it when people talk about you behind your back, gossip about you, or judge you, then stop judging others – that means everyone in your field of perception. Not just your family, co-workers, and friends or enemies, but also people in the news, political leaders, movie stars, even terrorists. You can look at the actions of another with discernment, deciding whether spending time with them or taking the same actions yourself is appropriate. But when you begin to judge whether it is right or wrong, then you are telling the Universe – through the law of cause and effect – that you are ready to be judged by others.

I said the law was simple. I did not say the law was easy. It can be, of course, but it requires a great deal of letting go of what is right or wrong, good or bad. It requires rising above polarity or duality consciousness.

There are a few nuances about the Law of Cause and Effect that are important to explain.

First, you can’t be attached to your giving or to how the Universe will supply you with what you are asking for. Many people give in order to receive. They think to themselves, “I’ll give this money to this church so that God will give me money some other way.” But that is giving with strings attached. So any money you receive will also have strings. You should give, instead, as an affirmation that the Universe is an abundant place and you KNOW you are abundant and money is ever flowing to you. Not you HOPE you are abundant. You KNOW you are abundant.

How do you achieve knowing? As in all things, you have to recognize and then transform all of your disempowering beliefs – including your belief in lack – into Divine truth.

Second, you have to allow yourself to receive. This is where trying to consciously apply the law of cause and effect stops working for most people. Subconsciously, they do not feel worthy of receiving. They feel they aren’t good enough to receive love, money, acknowledgement, friendship, good health, happiness, etc. As long as you feel unworthy, you will never receive the things you desire. You can work from morning to night and still never have anything because deep down you don’t feel you deserve anything. Again it requires healing.

Third, you always receive through precession. You never receive from straight in front of yourself. Another way to put that is, you never receive directly back from where you give.

Buckminster Fuller coined the term precession. It means that when you are looking straight in front of yourself anticipating money or love or whatever to come your way, it won’t. It always comes to you at a 90 degree angle away from center. One might say that “The Universe brings your supply from left field.” If you are putting your attention on a project, or a person, that is not where you will receive. Something completely unexpected will come to you from the side – usually in the form of an opportunity, one you very often miss.

The perfect example of precession is how my former husband, Raven, entered my life.

I had taken the time to write down all the things I wanted in a relationship. I then completely surrendered and let go of my attachment to ever actually having the perfect person in my life – no strings, no expectations, totally fine with or without it. I learned to love and accept others and myself.

One day I felt inspired (was intuitively guided from within) to go to a particular store to introduce the owners/managers to a product I was promoting. I got all dressed up with presentation in hand and headed out the door. I was very nervous. I’d never shared this product with a store before.

As I entered the store, I caught the eye of a very attractive man. We smiled at one another and I proceeded to the counter to give my little presentation. Lucky for us, the store manager was a very “in tune” person. When I asked if he would like a demonstration, he looked at me and this guy, and then asked the guy to come over and have the demonstration. The guy could then tell the manager what he thought.

I didn’t make any sales that day. I was focused on business and instead the Universe handed me my future husband – Precession.

Of course as you grow and evolve, your desires often change. My husband and I grew in different directions and the relationship eventually ended. Had I healed more things first, I may have met someone else entirely.

If you continue to heal and grow and are open to receive, watching the subtle signals that are happening all around you all of the time, you will be blessed with love, wealth, kindness, and the other things you have given freely without need for their return.

Blessings to your journey,


Things are really rocking out there! Aren’t they?

Earthquakes, tsunamis, deaths, police shootings, bizarre traffic accidents, missing planes, and a whole lot more have been happening. And that’s just within the last little while.

Last month was  a pretty wild ride. And things are just going to continue to be wilder still.

So, hold on to your surf boards kids, the emotional seas are a bit rough right now. Reminds me of the talking shrunken head on the Night Bus in Harry Potter. It says, “Its going to be a bumpy ride.”

If course I’m not really into predicting the future. Because when you just change one factor, any “reading” done about your life becomes completely null and void.

For anyone experiencing turbulence, rocky seas, chaos, conflict, or trauma drama of any kind the last few days, here are some tools to help you regain your center and balance. I know you will find them beneficial at other times as well.

Dolphin Spirals

When was the last time you did the Dolphin Spiral Clearing & Infusion Techniques? How to do the basic exercises can be found in my ebook Dancing with Dolphins . More advanced healing, transformation, and activation exercises can be found in my Magnificent U Foundation course.

Time in Nature

I recently got a call from a client in San Diego and my recommendation to her, and to you, is head to the beach. Take off your shoes and walk barefoot on the sand. Go into a quiet and centered place through meditation (Peering Through the Veil) or by simply walking and noticing nature.

Be in silence. Walking in nature while talking on a cell phone, to a friend, or listening to music is NOT communing with nature. And if I’m out there enjoying the silence, listening to the birds, the sound of water falling over rocks in a stream, or the sound of waves on the shore, I do not want to hear someone playing music (I don’t care what kind) or riding around on an ATV disrupting the glorious sounds of nature with the sound of a motor instead.

When I attended Warriors in the Mist, the 8-day training with Stuart Wilde, any time we were in motion, we were to be in silence – whether we were riding a ski lift to the top of the hill for our freaking early morning meditations, walking to various locations or riding in a van on our way to enjoy horseback riding. And even horseback riding was done in silence. I particularly enjoyed riding bareback. An amazing thing happens when you connect with the energy and rhythm of the horse in a way that you can feel his/her every move. Because of that experience and many of Stuart’s other teachings, I learned how to deeply commune with nature.

No beach … No problem!

Go for a walk anyway. One of the many reasons I wanted out of New Mexico was the inability to go barefoot very often. Where I used to live, there were these things called goat heads. On the underside of this harmless-looking plant were balls with some very painful spikes. The main spike could be 1/2 inch long. Thankfully we did have a lovely patch of grass in our outdoor sanctuary surrounded by trees, raised flower beds, and fountains.

Selo Black Crow, Lakota Medicine Man (deceased), told me that they (Native Americans) used to sit on the ground and then the white man gave them chairs. He went on to say they used to walk barefoot on the earth and then white man gave them shoes. He said we can no longer “see.” When you walk and sit on the earth in silence, you develop an ability to know and understand things.

When I was living on Palomar Mt. in Southern California, I spent hours every way walking through the fields of wildflowers and sitting on the ground writing. I was so in tune with nature and my own body that I knew the day I conceived. I knew right away it was a boy and later I knew he was backwards. I also knew what to eat and my intuition became greatly enhanced. I visited the ocean and walked and sat on the beach in silence at least once a week.

Nature is the great rebalancer and recalibrator. I am outside in silence every opportunity I get.

There is much more to nature than just the experience of silence and walking or sitting on the earth. Commune with the sun, the moon, and the stars. I grew up in Texas and later lived in New Mexico. Its sunny almost all the time in both locations. In between, I lived for a short time in Portland, Oregon. I loved Portland for many reasons. I loved the mountains, the huge river running through the middle of town, the lushness of the vegetation, the festivals, the people, the culture, the art, skiing on Mt. Hood, hiking, microbreweries, and so much more. From July through October, it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. But the rest of the year – forget it. The rain and overcast skies were simply beyond my ability to bear. I need the sun.


The sun is a powerful energizer. Vitamin D is very important to your health,  which you get by spending time in the sun. I think most sunscreens are harmful. And … BIG and … never allow yourself to get a sunburn.

I always wear sunglasses except for a few moments each day when I take them off to allow natural light to reach my eyes. Never look directly at the sun.

Since I don’t use sunscreen, unless I absolutely must, that means I start SLOW and build up to longer periods in the sun. Now that its warm enough to shed a few layers of clothes and spend time in the sun each day, I limit my exposure to 15 to 20 minutes on each side if I’m sitting or lying down. I have very fair skin. I burn easily if I’m not careful, until I build up a base tan.

When I flew to Fiji to live on a yacht for 6 weeks, I did not have a great tan already. So, the first week on the boat, I had to use sunscreen. I didn’t like it. I used the most natural products I could find. But as soon as the tan was there, no more sunscreen for the duration.

My philosophy is that its better to gradually increase exposure to the sun each day than to use sunscreen. It is also very important not to ever burn. If the skin turns red, or even a little pink, it was exposed to the sun for too long. So, if I’m going to be outside for longer than my skin is ready for, I cover my body with clothing that has built-in sunscreen ability, wear a hat to protect my face and neck, and use sunscreen on the parts that will be exposed too long. If I accidentally burn despite these precautions, I use aloe vera, organic coconut oil and other organic nurturing lotions to assist in healing, and I avoid the sun for a few days until the burn has completely healed. Then I begin again to slowly building up my time in the sun each day.

Much of this article was written while I was siting outside in silence letting the sun warm my skin.

There are so many more ways to commune with nature and to rebalance and recalibrate. Hope these are of benefit.


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*These ideas are my opinion only. If you have a skin condition or are under the care of a trained healthcare provider and their advice is to do something different, follow their advice.

This time of year, I am always sucked more deeply into the cetacean world as I prepare body, mind, and spirit for the Golden Water Dolphin Meditation for Planetary Healing coming up on Fall Equinox – 8 p.m. wherever you are in the world.

David J. Adams and I jointly lead the spring and fall Equinox meditations together from 1998 through 2012. He had been holding the energy and leading the Global Marine Meditation from Australia since 1992. In 1998 I received the words to the Golden Water meditation and its similarity to David’s inspired Barbara Wolf to suggest we connect.

So beginning in 1998, we held that torch together. David was told (receiving / channeled) that Fall Equinox of 2012 would be his last time to lead the Global Marine Meditation. Spring Equinox 2013, I carried the torch alone. Not truly alone of course, but the baton was briefly  passed as the Divine feminine began pouring into this realm like never before.

I am thrilled to announce that David has just received a new Equinox meditation and beginning this Fall Equinox, we will once again be connecting from either side of the globe to awaken, heal, and enLighten the oceans, dolphins, whales, and all of humanity in the process.

I have been connected with the sea for many many years. But I have never felt the level, depth, and intensity of connection with the oceans and cetaceans that I am now feeling.

The giant gateways we passed through on 12/12/12 and 12/21/12, working closely with dolphin and whale experts through the upcoming Summit and the book collaboration I’m leading, as well as a whole pod of powerful women that is now working together energetically on a global scale, has taken things to a whole new level.

I thank you for the role you are already playing in the awakening of humanity. And I ask you to join us in the meditations on Spring and Fall Equinox.

Life begins in the sea. When the oceans are healthy, the rest of life on the planet is healthy.

Below, I offer messages from a few of my fellow contributors to the Bestselling book collaboration I lead called Dolphins & Whales Forever.


From Sierra Goodman (with permission)

Hello Beautiful Peeps,

For those of us involved in keeping dolphins out of captivity and stopping the slaughter of dolphins and whales, September 1 brings up a lot of emotions as it is the start of the killing season in Taiji, Japan. I wanted to share what I received from the dolphins last year… I needed to be reminded myself as the pictures and posts start streaming through my news feed on Facebook once again:

As September 1st rolled along and the brutal killing season of dolphins and whales began once again in Taiji, Japan, I found myself seeking higher answers in how to deal with the sadness, pain, frustration and not so nice feelings towards those involved. I asked what would Spirit say? What is for the highest good of all? How do those of us deeply affected by this tragedy best deal with it all? As soon as I asked, I felt and heard the dolphins come in and this is what they told me.

“Our Dear Ocean Sister. Thank you for coming to us with your questions and concerns. We have seen your pain and anger and embrace you and Love you. And therein lies the answer. There has to be love for ALL concerned. Even as the killing goes on, we feel only Love and Compassion in their hearts for them. They are not bad or evil people. Evil does not exist. There is only Love or a self imposed separation from Love. They are only doing what they know, perhaps uneducated about our species, following traditions.

We ask you, all of you, our dear friends, to do the same as it is only with Love and Compassion that they might see the spark of Love and Compassion in our eyes that will make a difference and change them forever. It is only with Love and Compassion that they can even hear you, your concerns and feelings. It is the ONLY way that things can truly change. Love still is the answer!

Does that mean not to write letters and take action? No, not at all. We need you to speak up for us!! You KNOW, dear Sierra, that we have called you into action on our behalf. But it must be done with Love and not in hateful and threatening and making wrong ways. It must be done with Light and Love. It must be done with love, compassion and concern for ALL involved, in educational and mutually satisfactory ways where everyone wins. It IS possible. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. You KNOW that!

Help us to tell the people. Help us to put the “E” (Evolved) back into human to create the human”e” society that you ARE.

Make Love not war no matter what anyone else is doing. Focus on ALL involved finding Love and Compassion in their hearts. See and feel them seeing the Light and becoming conscious and Evolved Human(e)s. Envision them waking up, all those that contribute to the destruction of the oceans and planet. Sign your petitions, create and participate in your campaigns and write your letters, but only those focused on solutions, education, compassion, Love. This is not about not standing up for what you believe in. This is about standing for what you believe in with Compassion and Love. It is the only thing that will make the difference we all seek.

Spreading hate and making war will not be your solution. Your focus must be LOVE while taking action.

As you Love us, BE like us.

War does not create Love. Hate does not create Love. Only Love creates Love.

We LOVE you.”
♥ ♥ ♥ Received through Sierra Goodman ♥ ♥ ♥

If you would like to become lovingly and compassionately involved with helping the dolphins and whales of Japan, here are some words in Japanese and Spanish that you can use in your faxes and emails:
Iruka wo jiyuu ni kurasasete agete kudasai onegaishimasu.

Please let the dolphins live and be free. Thank you.

Por favor permitan a los delfines vivir y ser libres. Gracias.
And here is a list of emails and fax numbers that you can use.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

NOTE FROM TAKARA: Beautifully said Sierra. I had quite a long conversation with Lolita many years ago standing beside her tank gazing into her eye and promised to be an ambassador for the dolphins and whales.

Their freedom represents humanities freedom and in that way we truly are one. As long as we inflict pain and suffering on others, we will continue to experience pain ourselves – individually and collectively. It is simply how things work. People are trapped in their own prisons of fear, self doubt, dis-empowerment, distorted thinking, judgment, condemnation, shame, blame, victimhood, attachment to outcomes, etc.

The dolphins and whales who swim free show us how to ride the waves and easily swim around those things that don’t serve us. The ones who swim free show us what we can become. The one’s in captivity show us what we already are. It is the perfect reflection of our state of affairs. They hold both positions with more grace, joy, and love than most people will ever experience.

I send them much love and thank them for the endless love and compassion they give to our species. It is so hard for humans to accept love from others because they have not truly learned to accept and give love to themselves. I trust that one day some day we will all frolic in the waves swimming free together, laughing and bubbling over with joy.


From Cyndie Lepori (with permission)

Hi Takara,

I also experienced the love of the dolphins when I was doing rescues during the Gulf oil spill.  The main message that I received was that I had to learn to love the oil and chemicals that were poisoning the water as well as not only forgiving BP employees that caused this disaster, but totally move into sending love and healing to them with compassion.  The hardest thing I have ever had to do was move into love in that situation.  But the dolphins said that it was the only way to do it and I got it.  The only way to transmute what was happening was to rise above it and be love, compassion and peace in a situation where it was very easy to go into fear as we were putting our lives in danger to do the rescues and bring to light the burning of the dolphins, turtles and other beings in the gulf.  It was also very very important to hold these frequencies at the protests that we were so involved in.  To get into the anger would have been very counter productive and not only created a very different outcome, but a riot would not have helped anyone, especially the dolphins.

According to BP the spill is over and cleaned up.  Not true, we still have tar and oil washing up on the beaches, and a dolphin state of emergency in the Gulf.  We have lost so many and still losing them.  The cancer rate for humans is through the roof down here.  I was also told to create doorways for the dolphins to swim through to help them to shift out of this reality.  I am still holding the space for the healing of the gulf,  but I really wonder at the future of the oceans.

It seems so futile to be so upset with the dolphin captures in Japan when they are radiating them from the Fukashima plant.  I wonder if any of the dolphins have a fighting chance, and about the time I gave up the dolphins told me that they would always be in the oceans, they were such masters of dimensional shifting and they could shift in and out as needed.  I experienced this in person as many of the people have in swimming with them.  They also told me that there were safe areas on the planet that they could go.  I have faith in that also.  Big dolphin hugs to them and all of us.  Sending love to the oceans every day.

From Joe Noonan (with permission)

I am so thankful for our combined consciousness! We each ‘channel’ the message of the dolphins and whales in our own unique and beautiful way… Clearly we are unified in the message of love.

For me, The Cove was a powerful teacher, mostly from the messages i received from the dolphins when i was there. I have attempted to articulate them as best i can here;

How i learned to love the Dolphin Hunters –

Sending you love from the sea,

From Mary Getten (with permission)

I connected in with my dear orca friend Granny during the Water/Whale/Healing day and I would love to share her message with you. ~ Many blessings, Mary

“I know that you and many others are sending love and energy to us today. This is an excellent thing to do, not only today but every day. We do the same, but we can use your help. We feel the energy and there is a critical mass point where things can shift. It has not happened yet, but it can, so please continue to do this work every day if possible.

This practice works on many levels – physical, energetic, it awakens those around you, inspires and encourages, gives hope and increases the love vibration, which is the MOST important thing.

Humanity thinks that it is helpless, hopeless and fearful about the environment and the state of the world, but you are not. You are powerful beyond measure and by joining with us cetaceans, great change can happen. Focus on the water, the earth and the air, but also focus on the hearts. If human hearts can be healed, all else will fall into place. Raise your vibration and send that energy and love to everyone you meet. Send it further to every corner of the globe. Healing hearts will heal the world – this is our work, but we invite and welcome your participation.

Joining cetacean and human energy is a force unlike any other. Take in our energy. Merge with our consciousness and from this place, heal the world.”    Granny – August 18, 2013,

Mary Getten
Note from Takara: The message from Mary resonates so strongly as it is an almost identical in focus to the Golden Water Dolphin Meditation for Planetary Healing that we’ve been doing every Spring and Fall Equinox since 1998. It is actively merging with their consciousness and sending healing love to the earth. We consciously connect humanity with cetaceans.
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