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If you want to stop lowering your vibration, raise your vibration, increase your frequency, and undertake an ascension path, you have to do things differently than the “average” person. In many cases, you have to do things radically differently.

How to Raise Your Vibration

Many people talk about ways to raise your vibration and they mention things like:

  • meditating daily,
  • spending time in silence,
  • decreasing or eliminating meat,
  • spending time in nature,
  • etc.

But they don’t often talk about the truly hard things.

Granted, each of the things above require discipline, dedication, commitment, tenacity, following through, etc.. But other than re-arranging your day a bit, they really aren’t that hard to accomplish.

To truly achieve and maintain a high vibration requires a LOT more!

It requires making new choices and decisions about pretty much everything.

It requires getting in touch with your intuitive feeling body and staying “tuned in” pretty much all the time. You have to become excellent about knowing when to say “yes” to something and when to turn it down … even if it appears to be a fabulous opportunity.

If you are going to meditate, make sure it a deep enough meditation that it changes your brainwaves. Typically that requires sound to accomplish … a mantra, a guided meditation with binaural beats or isochronic tones underneath, or a shamanic drumbeat or rattle. You can find out more about that in my bestselling book on meditation, Peering Through the Veil.

Things That Lower Your Vibration

People do so many things that lower their vibration:

  • Fail to set boundaries with, or rid themselves entirely of, the people who make them doubt themselves, cause them to feel confused, energetically drained, incompetent, unloved, “bad,” guilty, like they are just not doing “it” right, etc.
  • Keep doing things that are stressful, unfulfilling, maybe they even hate … like continue a job, career, relationship, or something else that is really not serving them.
  • Pollute their body, energy field, home with toxins. Everything you eat, breathe, or touch is either harmful or beneficial. A sad fact … most of the things that are good for you cost more. Eating organic food and using healthy cleaning and garden products, makeup, hair and body care, etc. tend to cost more … and, depending on where you live, can be hard to come by.
  • Express a lot of negative emotion. When you are easily triggered into anger, sadness, or upset, that’s a sure sign that it’s time to buckle down and heal some deep wounds.
  • Drink or shower in toxic water. Tap water is full of toxins and drugs. Most bottles waters are tap water sold at a premium. Good water takes effort. Even well water is often full of things not good for the body because with so many pesticides and other harmful substances that make their way into the ground water, it too isn’t pure. The easiest way to ingest toxins in water is by breathing them in through a shower.

Something I often say about tap water … “You are being slowly poisoned and you are probably stoned.”

A friend of mine used to be in charge of water for a major city. Once she retired, she and her husband moved to the tallest mountain they could find … so that no one was above them (further up stream) dumping toxins on the ground resulting in the ground water being polluted. She shared that no municipal water treatment facility can get the drugs out. Whether the “drugs” are prescribed, over the counter, or being used illegally. All of it ends up “down the drain” as they say and makes its way to the water table, streams, rivers, and the ocean.

Fish are dying and they think that drugs are the reason. You can read more about that here.

But there is much more to consider when discussing how to raise your vibration.

What About Mental Toxins?

What do you feed your mind? What do you talk about, read about, listen to, watch day in and day out?

Do those things make you feel fabulous, believe in possibility, learn something new, have hope for a brighter future? Or do they include things that scare you either consciously or subconsciously?

What about when having conversations with friends and co-workers?

Do you and others often complain, judge, and talk about what others should be doing differently? Do you rehash old wounds? Do you talk badly about others? Or possibly yourself? None of that serves you.

One of the most important things you can “clean up” in your life is the words you say to yourself and others. It can make an incredible difference in how you feel about yourself and in what you can accomplish. It can instantly give you a boost of energy.

Do you ever start thinking about something negative, something you begin to worry about, and then it drags down your energy, you can’t seem to stop? I call that the Negative Thinking Spin. You have to stop it as soon as possible BEFORE it becomes a raging storm.

How do you stop it? You begin to notice how you are feeling … all the time. And the second things start feeling “not quite right,” you notice, stop whatever you are doing, and do whatever you can to take your mind off of whatever you were thinking or doing in the moment.

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