Alchemy and Transformation

The time has never been more ripe for powerful alchemy and transformation … in your own life and in the world at large.

Things are feeling more and more unstable, and yet a massive awakening is taking place all across the globe.

As a Light Worker, it is our job to continue to heal the painful past so we can rise in vibration, expand in consciousness and awareness, and achieve greater and greater levels of wholeness. I call those 3 together the Trifecta of TransformationTM.

Once a certain level of that has been achieved, joy and inner peace regardless of outer circumstance becomes the norm.

The more you work on those things, the greater your personal energetic power becomes and the greater good and positive impact you can have.

In the ancient world, a mystic or sage could literally walk through a village and change the consciousness of the people there. It is not only possible to become like that sage or mystic, but it is your Divine birthright. For some Lightworkers, it is our main mission in being here.

I was writing in my journal this morning while sitting in my second office. The entire room is full of crystals and crystal grids, beautiful statues and other sacred objects. It is a beautiful sacred space perfect for journaling and doing sessions with 1-on-1 clients.

It is also where all the Dancing Dolphin EssencesTM are housed and new ones are born.

Pick the Perfect Alchemy for These Transformational Times

After journaling, I decided to flip through the cards I keep on each of the essences. The stack I chose was the one for blends. Even though each of the Dancing Dolphin EssencesTM is already an alchemical cocktail, blends offer a unique synergy and layers of alchemy for personal transformation.

I pulled out a few intuitively that are highly beneficial for the transformational shifts people are needing and going through right now.

The essences I chose are:

  • Ancient Wisdom
  • Awakening the Goddess Within
  • Break Through
  • Crown of Glory
  • Finally Free
  • Healing Journey
  • Priestess Fire / Dragon’s Breath
  • Release
  • Sacred Space

Ancient Wisdom is for those who have already done a lot of work on themselves. By work I mean they have addressed (healed, released) the trauma drama from their past, their fears, limiting beliefs, etc. They’ve probably done some soul retrieval and past life regression. They have done deep forgiveness work, etc. (In sessions with private clients we address all of that and more.) If some of that work has been done, then Ancient Wisdom assists a person in accessing information from numerous lineages they have been part of over millennia, their esoteric & healing mastery from previous lifetimes, wisdom from multiple dimensions and realms. It’s made with Essence of Dragon, Essence of Mer, a massive Lemurian Star Seed crystal, and a Chimera crystal … plus the various energies I channeled into it.

Awakening the Goddess Within helps women rise into their true fullness, their true potential, their true power. It is deeply connected to the Divine Feminine and awakens the Divine Feminine within. It brings power, grace, nurturance, and empowerment to those who use it. helps to awaken, enliven, and stir the memories of your connection to the Goddess both within and without. Helps you connect with the ancient lineages of empowered women of purpose, confidence, and being on a mission greater than one’s self. It helps you embrace the truth of who you are and step more fully into that role.

Break Through assists in breaking through whatever is standing in your way whether they are deep seeded subconscious limiting beliefs and fears or seeming boulders on your path to achieving your dreams. It helps you face issues, blocks, challenges, repeated patterns and more that have stopped you until now. It helps you access insight around ways to solve some of the issues you’ve been facing.

Crown of Glory helps to activate, balance, harmonize, and protect the higher chakras. You’ve seen the halo’s on paintings of ascended masters and others. This essence is designed to assist you with your own halo. The ultimate protection and enhancement for higher chakras. Also enhances the connection with the Divine. Like turning on a giant spotlight from heaven on the crown chakra and then guarding it with brilliant diamonds and blue sapphires. This is an extremely powerful energetic.

Finally Free is about breaking free from your past, your limitations, your old self. Its about freeing yourself from limitations of all kinds – to achieve your dreams, to move forward as never before. It helps you unbind your wings and fly free to be the truth of who you truly are. It is intended to help you release the past, the blocks and limitations that keep you trapped in mediocrity or stuckness and not feeling like you are moving ahead and making the difference you are here to make in the world.

Healing Journey is meant to assist you every step of the way from wherever you are to what it is you want to become. The path to wholeness, wellness, and joy is a journey not a destination. There are many steps and many layers along the way. Healing Journey is beneficial at any time regardless of the type of issue you are facing.

Priestess Fire / Dragon’s Breath is a powerful energetic synergy designed to blast through stuck energies in and around your body and energy field. Powerful and somewhat intense energetic priestess fire (dragon’s breath is another name) clearing of stuck, disharmonious, noxious energies. these frequencies burn up everything standing in your way, even some really tough things to remove from your energy field. It provides a powerful form of energetic purification.

Release assists in letting go of long held issues, traumas, etc. Great before or at the beginning of a healing session. It is a great essence to take prior to energy work, as you are processing and releasing anything, prior to an initiation or upgrade in energy of any kind. Release assists you in letting go of the things that no longer serve you like limiting beliefs. It also helps you “let go” of your need for people and situations to be a certain way. That can greatly assist you in just allowing each moment to present itself and responding with greater ease instead of through a strong emotional reaction.

Sacred Space is about creating a sacred space within yourself and within your environment. It combines 3 of my most powerful essence formulas into one extraordinary bottle of energy healing frequencies. They are Priestess Fire, Holy Harmony, and Finally Free. Because they work so very well together, I simply combined them into one bottle and called it “Sacred Space.” They represent the whole arc of energy healing: energetic clearing, releasing blocks and limitations, downloading higher frequencies now that the “right” environment has been set, and finally harmonization and integration of the transformational shift that just occurred.

Because of the deep transformational nature of each of these essences, it is important to set aside time, daily if possible, to journal while working with them.

About Dancing Dolphin EssencesTM

As a reminder, Dancing Dolphin EssencesTM are NOT essential oil blends. They are energy healing in a bottle.

Yes, they are housed in similar bottles, and Dancing Dolphin EssencesTM do contain a HINT of essential oils.

But that’s where the similarities end.

The primary purpose of Dancing Dolphin EssencesTM is to use alchemy to facilitate personal transformation.

Alchemy is about transforming lead into gold. Of course, in this case we are referring to the lead of the lower self into the gold of the Higher Self. Or, moving from earth mind (fear, limiting beliefs, etc.) into Divine Mind (unity, grace, & oneness with the Divine).

Each essence is precisely “tuned” to assist you in addressing a unique aspect or issue that must be faced along the spiritual journey as you evolve to higher and higher levels on the way to achieving your highest potential.

What’s Included in the Alchemy?

Dancing Dolphin EssencesTM are a synergistic alchemical blend of many healing frequencies.

In addition to the flower and gem essences I’ve been personally creating since 1998, each essence also contains sacred healing sound, dolphin-angel healing frequencies, diamond codes of light and other beneficial energies I channel into each bottle. Then all the energies are anchored in through a four-layer crystal grid.

I began receiving the Arcturion dolphin-angel energies in 1993. It happened spontaneously and unexpectedly. It was during a powerful spiritual awakening that happened when I was 33. Soon I discovered that I could bring the energies in at will and transmit them (in person or long distance) to others and infuse them into objects.

In 1995 during a vision quest, I began receiving the Diamond Codes of Light.Those who have had a Seed of Divine Restoration with me have experienced these frequencies first hand.

Over time, I’ve developed the ability to access multiple frequencies from numerous dimensions.

Famous Oracles & Channels Have This to Say:

  • Daniel Jacob, Voice of the Reconnections, says Takara “is a true alchemist, healer, and guide.”
  • Judith Moore, famous author and oracle, calls Takara the “Dolphin Queen” and says that she “accesses information from an extremely high dimension.”
  • Amanda Slade,well-known teacher, oracle, and healer, calls Takara the “Chalice of Divine Frequencies” and “Dolphin Queen.”
  • Cyndie Lepori, bestselling author, nationally-syndicated columnist, and oracle says Takara is “accessing 144 dimensions and all the planes and energies therein.”
  • A group of Lightworkers/Channels from New Zealand tuned in and said that Takara works with “a very fine frequency, Feminine integrated energy, Divinity, Pure Divine Energy.”
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P.S. You can find out more about each essence, including channeled information about each one, using the links above.

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