Sunshine by Dancing Dolphin

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Assists in answering the question, "What resistance, anxieties and frustrations am I willing to release?" Like being in the warm sun, warms the body and the soul. Step into the glory of the sun and be supported by the Sun to expand into your full power. Helps to connect the heart, mind, and soul with the support of the Divine. Perfect for cloudy days or when you work indoors with no windows or during the rainy season. Good for merging with sun and heat. Good during hot flashes. (Sacred Mountain Essence)

As you continue to evolve - Helps connect with galactic center and the energy of the sun. Step into connecting at a higher level the heart, mind, and soul with Galactic Center. Helps support the Solar Heart system. Helps take it to higher and higher levels of consciousness and expanded awareness and making decisions from that place.

As you evolve to an even higher vibration - Work in multi-dimensions and are connected to Galactic Center.

Contains Pacific Silverweed, Summer Sunshine, Carnelian, Joy, and the other frequencies Takara channels into it.

Spice blend aromatherapy.

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