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Assists in answering the question: "How can I fully embrace being a mother?" Connecting and communicating with the unborn child and any child that is wanting to come in. Supports all aspects of mothering: pregnancy, childbirth, child rearing, even relationships with adult children. Can really assist mothers who have indigo children in being a more understanding and loving mother. Can help mothers tap into how to create a supportive environment for the new indigo and crystalline children. Also very good for issues you have with "mother."

As you continue to evolve - Assists in really tapping into the energy of the Divine Feminine and the Mother - embracing and embodying those energies. Helps to be in flow and understanding at all levels with the children (not an energetic attachment or co-dependent relationship). Having an inner knowing about what the child needs. Helps release all the old paradigms, belief systems, and "shoulds" in motherhood.

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