Seize the Day Carpe Diem
I was given an extraordinary opportunity to teach on a new training platform. I put together a course and workbook that I’m quite proud of on activating and utilizing intuition as an almost unfair business advantage. I’ve been teaching the skills needed for ages and taught a multi-week course on the subject a few years ago. When working with private clients and in my ongoing courses, activating and fine-tuning intuition is something we often dive deeply into. Two of my students had their clairaudient ability suddenly “turn on” while working with me.
I do a lot of simple video editing, but this course required a whole new level of care and detail. I decided it required a whole new software that I then purchased and had to learn. I was then able to record and edit the almost 3-hour course.
Then there were communication issues with the new platform. All my emails were going to spam on their end. And all their emails were going to spam on mine. In hindsight, its downright comical. When we finally figured out what had been happening, we discovered that the link to the video I sent them weeks before was only 7 seconds.
I was definitely a little freaked out. I’d worked so bloody hard on designing the course, creating a beautiful and informative powerpoint presentation and workbook for it, editing out all the things that didn’t need to be there from the 4 different video recording sessions I did to complete it. I hunted in all the logical places for the finished video and came up with nothing. At least I had the raw footage and could do all the editing again if I had to.
I finally just gave up, surrendered to the fact that I didn’t have the answer and would probably have to spend many more hours recreating what I’d already created.
Then this morning, I decided to clean off the shortcuts on my desktop that I no longer use. It wasn’t a logical decision, just an intuitive nudge to clear out some clutter. And hiding amongst many other things was a folder labeled “editor.” Since I had no idea what the heck that might be, I opened it.
And, much to my deLight, I found the course I had been hunting for all weekend. For some reason, when the finished product rendered, it simply saved as editor. Clearly the work of someone new, like me, in using the editing software.
I ❤ that the course I created on intuition required intuition to be completed. ?
It was a powerful 8/8 Lion’s Gate. And solar flares have been very intense. Major break throughs are possible right now.
Time to Carpe Diem (seize the day) everyone!
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