The freedom to be gloriously, deliciously, authentically who you are surrounded by people who love, honor, accept, and appreciate you. Freedom from the facade you’ve created. Freedom to be, have, and experience all that you desire. Freedom from limiting beliefs, fears, judgments, and expectations of yourself and others. Freedom from the past. Freedom from the “box” that is your comfort zone, your belief system, and your limiting mental prison.

Pledge to Only See Dolphins and Whales in the Wild

Wild Dolphins and Whales For Me Thanks!

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I can't see a dolphin in a tank or a pen, even in a picture, without shedding a few tears. I have been shown again and again that their freedom represents our own freedom. I long so deeply for humanity to wake up and be free of their own…
Spiritual Warrior

Are You a Spiritual Warrior or a Metaphysical Wimp?

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  Our original plan was to be Spiritual Warriors. We came from distant galaxies on a grand mission - to usher Planet Earth and all her inhabitants into the New Age. We held a beautiful vision of a golden age of love and light,…
Spiritual Gifts & Talents

Getting to Know Your Spiritual Gifts and Talents

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We all have a unique gift, skill, or talent that we are here to express. Some even have spiritual gifts that they are to use to help others. The expression of these gifts and talents often bring joy, peace, healing, or understanding to the…
How to Help Others

How to Help Others with Their Spiritual Awakening ... Or What to Do When Those Around You Aren't Waking Up!

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I'm often asked how to awaken others. Someone recently shared they were living in the south and having a hard time waking up others. I shared with that person this information: People "wake up" when their soul is ready and not a…
Energy Healers Shsman

Energy Healers, Shamans ... And Knowing Who to Trust

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Energy Healers and Shaman Most spiritual seekers have had an energy healing session of one form or another. Perhaps they have had some sort of color sound therapy, or seen a shaman or other medicine person for a soul retrieval or other process.…
Wise Women Global Gathering Global Meditation Prayer

Wise Women Global Gathering for Peace

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  Wise Women Global Gathering. I am a firm believer that the only way to have peace "without" is to have peace within. It starts with each one of us. Watching the online news broadcasts live last evening (Nov. 13th), I was not…
Learning to Ride the Waves of Life

Learning to Ride the Waves of Life

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Things are moving fast these days. Events are occurring that you never anticipated. Dear friends are suddenly ill or dead. Happy kids are suddenly severely depressed to the point of suicide. You lose your job after 20 years. There is a car…
In Pursuit of the Spiritual

In Pursuit of the Spiritual - Why We All Have to Become a Spiritual Warrior

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I decided to watch the Ironman event televised from Hawaii. Thanks to a former boyfriend, I know a great deal about professional cycling and events like the Tour de France. I had never watched the Ironman before, but it definitely brought…
In Pursuit of the Spiritual

Personal Spiritual Evolution

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  Every 10 years or so I seem to do what feels like quantum leaping in my personal evolutionary journey. I was 33 when I "woke up" spiritually and dropped out of the mainstream of thought about religion and everything else. I was…