Dolphins Dolphin Everywhere!

Sometimes you just need to see a wonderful group of dolphins jumping. They brighten your mood and always make you smile. Visit this site and enjoy the dolphins jumping in the video on the right. Have a deLightful day, Bestselling author Debbie Takara Shelor signature  

Lose Weight – Finally I’ve just posted my latest newsletter. It includes a free video on weight loss from one of the best experts on the subject. It also contains information about Violet Flame and what that energy can do for you – along with a discount on Violet Flame Mists and Roll-Ons. Enjoy!
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Classic Part 4 Cars is Now Live with Great Antique Ford Engine Parts

Classic Parts 4 Cars ( is a joint venture between Debbie Shelor and John Shelor. John is a mechanical engineer with a passion for old Ford antique cars and the parts that make their engine’s run. Debbie, his daughter, is an Industrial Engineer with a passion for website design and marketing. They put the two together and launched a website offering the numerous period parts for antique Ford engines that he’s been hoarding and collecting over the years. John has engine replacement parts for everything from the earliest Ford V8 engines made in 1932 to a 6-cylinder made in 1973. Some of the parts available include rod and main bearings, gaskets, piston rings, and more. Soon they will be launching a blog sharing some of John’s vast knowledge about old Ford engines and how to make them run better.    

Now in New Caledonia – Paris of the South Pacific

Up to 30 blog posts at Check it out. I’m currently in New Caledonia. Been having quite the adventure so far. Bestselling author Debbie Takara Shelor signature

South Sea Adventure Blog Updates

Just made blog entry number 25 on Adventures At Sea with Debbie Shelor. Read all about my adventures in Fiji, Vanuatu, and more.

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Sailing Through Homeschooling

Here’s a great article about traveling and homeschool: Brian, the owner/captain of the yacht I’m on at the moment, is friends with the family on the sailing vessel Totem mentioned in this article. We haven’t caught up with them yet in the South Pacific, but we have encountered a couple of other families homeschooling and sailing. What a fabulous experience for all involved. Enjoy!   Bestselling author Debbie Takara Shelor signature

Adventures at Sea Blog with Debbie Shelor – Visit my south pacific adventures website. We’ve now been here for 2 weeks. I am exhilaratingly happy. It’s been at least 30 years since I had a tan this wonderful. We’ve made many new friends. Jess has faced and conquered many new experiences. Visit the blog link above. I’ve posted 12 entries so far – complete with photos. I’m having trouble accessing Facebook. So if you visit the blog, please leave a comment there. Dolphin swims from the South Pacific,
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Developing a Website and Blog for One of the Most Important Men In My Life – My Dad

Back in the car business! I thought when I finished being the Internet Operations Manager for the Nissan dealership in Santa Fe, New Mexico that I was out of the car business for good. But, alas, developing a website and blog for my dad involves getting back into cars. Dad has been rebuilding, repairing, designing, racing, tinkering with, altering, and helping others with their cars since he was a small child. He’s now in his early 80’s. For that last 30 years or so he’s been buying and selling antique engine parts for Ford Motor Company vehicles – Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury. Until now, it’s been mostly a hobby. Most of his sales happen through the Antique Automobile Club of America’s meets in Hershey, PA (probably the largest and best known), Charlotte, NC, and Maggie Valley, NC. He also is often referred by word of mouth. Now we’re taking it global with an online presence. As with any new online presence project, I start with research. What are people searching for online that he is offering? That means what keywords are people using to find the products he offers. There are many free tools out there, but my “weapon” of choice is a paid software called Market Samurai: With this business, there are many things people might type in to try and find auto parts for their antique car or truck. Some options include antique car parts, classic car parts, old car parts, etc. After typing several choices into Market Samurai and letting it spit out the magic numbers telling me which one of the choices far outweigh the others, we started brainstorming domain names. You see the domain name is crucial in your online plan for market domination. With Market Samurai’s help, I determined that Classic Car Parts was our best choice. Of course, that domain was already taken – as most obviously “good” domain names are. So are many other variations. Sometimes you have to think outside the box. As an Industrial Engineer, that’s what I’m trained to do in order to solve a problem. I remembered this website I used several years ago to get a replacement top for my Geo Tracker. ~~~~~ Side Story ~~~~ Several years ago I was working with a client who was struggling financially. She was great as an office manager/assistant, a service I needed. And I could help her heal the past and move forward in life. So, we made an agreement to trade my services for hers. Suddenly she found herself moving to Florida. She had already done a couple of sessions with me but had not begun helping me in the office. She needed to do something in exchange for my services and did not have time to do the office work we had agreed on. So she called me one day and said, “How would you like my car for $250?” Now even if the thing didn’t run, I could probably get $250 out of it. So I agreed. For the ridiculously low price of $250, I got a great little Geo Tracker. It was perfect for bopping around Santa Fe. It only had a couple of problems.  First, she was a smoker and the car wreaked of cigarettes. Second, the canvas roof needed to be replaced. So I got some great stuff from the auto parts store to clean the carpet and upholstery and eliminate the odor. And then I went online in search of a replacement top. First I visited Geo. They wanted $1400 – $1500 for the canvas top. Yeah right! I paid $250 for the whole vehicle. I wasn’t about to spend that much on the roof. Through google searching I found Tops4Less. I got the replacement canvas top for $250 and it was made of superior materials to Geo’s. I was oh so impressed with my manifesting ability. A great little vehicle for $500. Funny thing is, I bought that top many years ago and I still remember the name of the site. Hmmm. Why? Because something about Tops4Less is seriously memorable. I think it’s the 4 in the middle. I don’t know for sure, but I know after all these years I have no trouble remembering that name. ~~~ End of Site Story ~~~ Remembering the site with the easy to remember name, I chose It’s clever. It has the term classic car parts built right in. And it was available. What you name your site makes a big difference in your search engine rankings. If you type in Debbie Shelor, this blog comes up first. It’s not because it is my biggest website. Far from it. It’s not because it’s my oldest website. Not even close. It’s not because it is my website with the highest page rank (PR). Again, many of my other sites are significantly larger, older, and have higher page rank. All of those are things the search engines take into consideration when deciding which sites get listed first in their rankings when you do a search. What this site has that the others don’t is the term “Debbie Shelor” in the domain name. Keep that in mind before you put up your site or blog.  

You Just Never Know What to Expect From People

The following link was posted on one of my friend’s walls on Facebook. It’s a truly fascinating article about a completely unexpected turn of events. Great reading. It reminded me of an article I wrote called “The Lesson of the Wild Boar” in Issue 110 of my eNewsletter, Here’s to Your Magnificence. Read it to discover people’s greatest fears and desires. It will help you understand people a little bit better. The more you understand other people, the easier it is to communicate with them. Have a deLightful day, Bestselling author Debbie Takara Shelor signature


Truly Great Video About Manifesting and the Law of Attraction

Just watched an interview about manifesting and the Law of Attraction with Ryan Higgins from Mind Movies and Bob Proctor from The Secret…wow it was fabulous! You’re gonna love it!. Bestselling author Debbie Takara Shelor signature