Blessings to Everyone, A Prayer by Takara

(As you read each statement of the blessings prayer out loud, take a moment to close your eyes and see, feel, hear, sense that it is occurring)

This is my prayer for all of humanity, to shower myself, my family, my friends, all those I love, and everyone in this world with blessings.

If there is anyone anywhere in the world that is hungry, bless them with all the food they desire.

If there is anyone anywhere in the world that is without shelter, bless them with a safe, comfortable, nurturing place to dwell.

If there is anyone anywhere in the world that is sad and hopeless, bless them with joy, upliftment, and hope.

If there is anyone anywhere in the world that is experiencing sickness or pain, bless them with wellness and vibrant health.

If there is anyone anywhere in the world that feels alone, bless them with friends.

If there is anyone anywhere in the world that feels afraid, bless them with love and safety.

Everywhere that there is hatred, create love, honor, and forgiveness in its place.

Everywhere that there is misunderstanding, create wisdom, understanding, and forgiveness in its place.

Everywhere that humanity is caught in illusion, replace it with divine Truth.

Create balance in all things that are out of balance.

Create harmony everywhere that there is disharmony.

Fill my world and my life with love, beauty, peace, wisdom, friendship, hope, fulfillment, freedom, joy, laughter, creativity, and the inner knowing of my path, my service, my true desires, and assist me in letting go of my judgments of self and others – allowing each of us to blossom into the beautiful divine beings that we are and were always meant to be.

And so it is.

Please feel free to share this prayer far and wide. If you feel guided to add lines or additional insight, please add them as comments to this BLOG.




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MJ said…

Thanks for this prayer, Takara. I like how you’ve suggested using our senses – seeing, feeling that the prayer is coming true as it is spoken. I also LOVE the visualization that you shared in the article below, and the Doreen Virtue prayer for the election (which I’ve been saying for several weeks). It inspired me to find Doreen’s archangel oracle cards, and I’m getting to know more angels as friends and helpers. They are ready to assist as soon as they are called upon! Martine
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