What are your highest priorities? goal setting manifesting Law of Attraction achieve your dreams

What are your highest priorities?

What matters most to you in life? What are your priorities or values?

Do you even know?

I’m crystal clear when it comes to knowing what I value most. And I encourage you to get that way if you aren’t already!

When you want some part of your life to change or you’re trying to create the life of your dreams, knowing your priorities is vital. In fact, it is where you need to begin.

Maybe you figured this out early in life and have lived from those values ever since.

Priorities Can Change

Something important to realize is that priorities change over time. Marriage, children, aging and other life events can all shift your priorities … sometimes in a radical way.

Earlier in life, we want to conquer the world, drive the fancy sports car, have the important job title, jet set, make the big bucks. At that time in my life, I made this quote by Helen Keller my personal motto: “Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing!” My number one priority was adventure and I have endless stories to share about how I fulfilled it.

For me, the fancy car, important job title, and big bucks came with so much stress, it was eventually just too much. I ditched it all at 33 to head to an island and chill. My days were filled with meditation, relaxation, creative expression, and the beauty of nature every where I looked. Inner peace and leading a healthy, stress-free life has taken a much higher place on my priority list ever since.

Later, I set my sights on romantic partnership and was soon married. Once my son came along, all my priorities shifted. I took motherhood very seriously and felt being someone’s mom was a fabulous honor that came with great responsibility. As I’ve said to my son countless times, the things I want most for him are health, happiness, and success as he defines it. And I’m dedicated to doing whatever it takes to help him achieve those things.

Once he started college, I began looking at life through yet another new lens. I’m now focused on leaving a legacy with my books and programs so people decades from now can benefit from the things I’ve learned and shared … long after I’m gone.

Conflicting Priorities

Those of us who are spiritual or religious often put our connection with the Divine first. But after that, priorities can vary wildly. If one partner in a relationship puts the relationship above everything else and the other partner has the relationship at around #5 on their list of what matters most, eventually there are likely to be problems in the relationship … often really big ones.

Sometimes issues occur when what you value most conflicts with the thing you decided you want to manifest in life.

For example, if your goal is to become a bestselling author, but you don’t like learning new things or one of your top priorities is to always be comfortable and never leave your comfort zone, then you are highly unlikely to achieve your goal. Becoming something you aren’t already always requires that you stretch and grow, moving outside your comfort zone to achieve the goal. The bigger the goal, the greater the stretch needed.

Or, perhaps you want a lot of money but one of your priorities it to have low stress. Then certain ways of  achieving that goal may not work for you because big investments often come with big risk.

Knowing your priorities will help you decide if certain goals make sense and even if certain relationships make sense. What you value and why you value it will never perfectly match that of another. Honoring yourself and your values or priorities can make a huge difference. It can impact if you are greatly dissatisfied or being extremely happy.

Choose wisely my friends,

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In the next several gatherings of The Sacred Circle, we will be focusing on getting clear about who you are and what you want, how manifesting really works, and discovering your priorities and values. So you can head into your next goal setting session with clarity and a game plan to achieve your dreams. Join us! (The Sacred Circle meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month.)

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