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Suzanne King (Sue) is one of my early mentors who is now a dear friend. She and I were laughing recently about an assessment we had both taken that indicates your primary strength. We were laughing about the result because it was so obvious that neither of us really needed an assessment to tell us what we already knew. I was pegged as a “Creator.”

For those who aren’t aware of some of the things you can find at my various websites, here is a quick rundown …

Bestselling Books:

  • Peering Through the Veil: The Step by Step Guide to Meditation and Inner Peace – contains a vast array of different meditation methods for you to experience, plus a huge selection of my personal stories and experiences with meditation.
  • Dolphins & Whales Forever – a highly esoteric/metaphysical look at human cetacean connection.
  • Unleash Your Future: The Powerful 5 Step Formula to Transform Your Dreams into Your Reality Through the Law of Attraction  – explains how the Law of Attraction really works. It’s endorsed by Jack Canfield and received the Must Read seal of approval from Law of Attraction Magazine.
  • More about bestselling books is available here


  • The Sacred Circle – two live zoom classes per month focused on the Goddess mysteries, personal empowerment, spiritual growth, and more. Membership also includes a training archive and several of the programs below.
  • The Dancing Dolphin Way – proprietary multi-dimensional energy healing system I “brought in” over many years. Originally there were 12 life changing transformational processes. 37 additional ones have come in over the past few years.
  • Dowsing for Divine Direction – highly recommended and deeply empowering.
  • Magnificent U Manifesting Program – deeply esoteric and life changing.
  • Magnificent U Meditation Program – transformational guided shamanic vision journeys highly recommended for everyone.
  • Finally Free – free from the painful past, individual class with a Dancing Dolphin Essence
  • Forgiveness – forgiving others and yourself, individual class with a Dancing Dolphin Essence
  • Connect with Dolphin & Whale Consciousness Energy Healing – individual class
  • Advanced Chakra Training – not recommended for new students. This course, even though it contains several experiential components, is a very deep mental dive into the chakras. It’s a bit like going to nursing school and having to learn all the parts of the body. Very cerebral.
  • All of the above classes are available here: Online Programs – Transformational Spiritual Metaphysical Classes with Takara – Magnificent U with D. Takara Shelor
  • Activating Your Intuitive Superpower – Activate, fine tune and enhance your intuitive ability for personal empowerment, better decision making, and much more. Available exclusively at Mind Motion Academy as part of the monthly membership there.


  • Dancing Dolphin Essences – extremely high vibration alchemical elixirs synergistically created with flower essences, gem essences, sacred sound and geometry, the dolphin-angel, star dolphin, and other healing frequencies Takara channels into each bottle, and much more. Some say they are the highest vibrational tools they have ever encountered. Endorsed by world renowned sound healing pioneer, Jonathan Goldman. There are over 200 essences to choose from. As I evolve and continue to raise my vibration, they evolve and the vibrations get even higher as well. Get Dancing Dolphin Essences here.
  • BioElectric Shields – medically proven energy protection from both electromagnetics and other people’s negative energy. I’ve worn one daily since 1995 and have upgraded to higher level models over time. It helps you stay more calm and centered, reduces computer fatigue, and more. Get your BioElectric Shield here. This is the only thing in this list that I didn’t create. But I highly recommend them and have repped the product for years because I believe in it.


  • Deep Dive Author Success ConsultingTM – All the Author Success Clients I’ve worked with have become bestselling authors with my support. We help people write books that have messages that matter, who want to leave a legacy while helping many people transform their lives along the way. From 1 on 1 coaching an aspiring author through the maze of modern publishing to assisting them with all aspects of book creation, launch, and ongoing promotion, we help authors succeed.
  • Diamond Within ConsultingTM – for over 2 decades I’ve helped people from across the globe overcome their blocks, limitations, fears, and so much more. Utilizing my heightened and fine-tuned intuition, deep connection to the Divine, a huge array of energy healing tools and processes plus processes I “receive” in the moment directly from Source specifically for you, we create breakthroughs. I help people with what I call the Trifecta of TransformationTM – rising in vibration, expanding on consciousness and awareness, and becoming more and more whole body, mind, and soul. We access multiple lifetimes, realities, and dimensions. We release what’s no longer working and activate or “bring in” aspects of self many have never accessed before. From highly tangible practical improvement like business breakthroughs to the highly esoteric expansion of consciousness and embodying one’s angelic self, sessions span the gamut of personal possibilities. Some people choose to work with me one on one long term and we get to watch as they and their lives completely blossom and transform. Book a complementary Discover Your Diamonds Session here.
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