For those of you who have never heard of this show, it is the largest gathering of New Age/Metaphysical authors, musicians, publishers, product manufacturers, and bookstore owners in the country. People fly in from everywhere. It is an expo for new age bookstore owners and buyers to find out about, and purchase, all the products for their stores. All the latest books are being signed and given away by the authors. All the latest musical and meditational CDs are being signed and given away by the musicians.

So many things happen each year when I visit the show in Denver, it is hard to put most of it into words. This year was no exception. I was thrilled to see many old friends and was delighted to meet many new ones.

A dear friend from D.C. and I spent some time helping out at Richard Shulman’s booth. Richard is the extraordinary musician who created Camelot Reawakened which was used as part of the alchemy in the Dancing Dolphin Aromatherapy Roll-On “Essence of Camelot”. It is one of my absolute favorite essences and often my personal choice first thing in the morning. I’m not the only one who insists that it makes the day seem magical – getting great parking places, being in a fabulously uplifted mood, etc. I also now have the CD available at the above link.

It is always wonderful getting to reconnect with Jonathan and Andi Goldman – two of my favorite people. Because of our collaboration on the Essence of Sound, I usually have essences for them and they have CDs for me, but this year was a bit unusual. Before I left for Denver, I “got” that I needed to give them specific essences. I had no idea why. I saw Jonathan signing his CDs at the New Leaf booth (the largest distributor of new age books and audios), so I stood in line to say hello. He said the CD wasn’t his usual – for enlightenment. The title was “De-Stress” and he said he made it for himself. I handed him a bottle of Inner Peace. Andi, his wife, was suddenly called to the East Coast for a family emergency and I thankfully got to hug her goodby before she had to go. I gave her a bottle of Thrive. She said she would wear it on the plane and throughout her visit. Jonathan has told me on more than one occasion that he wears Essence of Sound Holy Harmony every day.

I met two lovely ladies from Canada. One was complaining about her bag full of free books really hurting her neck. I gave her a bottle of Aah! She rubbed it on and almost instantly all the pain was gone.

The friend who accompanied me to the show had previously exerienced a lump on her eye lid. You might call it a skin tag or something like that. Anyway, it kept growing and according to her was almost covering the entire eyelid. She started rubbing Aah! on it multiple times a day and it went away.

It is always fun to see Doreen Virtue at the Hay House booth and discover what new book or oracle she has created. This year it was Faeries 101.

I woke up the final morning of the expo realizing that I needed to connect with Ted Andrews and source some products for one of my new websites – The site is not up yet.

One of the first people I came across when I arrived at the show was Ted Andrews. I said hello and gave him my custom blend package. I create custom blends for speakers to accompany their workshops and seminars as well as special infusions like the Essence of Sound with Jonathan Goldman and Richard Shulman. Ted works with various animal energies and has several product lines related to them. It would be so fun to put together an animal series. I saw him a few minutes later and jokingly asked him if he had opened the package. Of course he had not had time yet. He asked me what it was about and I told him a little about the Essences of Sound. He asked me if that is what he had just seen at Richard Shulman’s booth. It was. The Universe had already introduced him to the products just before he met me. I love how synchronicity works. We’ll see if a collaboration happens. I’ll let you know of course.

I found some fabulous products – including some of the most interesting and wonderful pendulums I have ever come across. They are all original designs by a guy from India. I bought one for myself. As soon as I can make them available for you, I will mention it in the newsletter.

Another really great product I came across is called “Fun Shui.” It is the most delightful little kit for clearing and upgrading the energy of your home or other space. I’m trying it out here first and will let you know if we decide to carry it.

Lots of stores wanted wholesale information kits for Dancing Dolphin Essences. If your local new age bookstore, herb shop, spa, health food store or other location doesn’t yet carry them, you can suggest that they request a store package. They can visit or call 505-455-0370 (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, Mountain Time).

Blessings to your journey,

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