Phoenix Rising by Dancing Dolphin

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Assists in rising from the ashes like the Phoenix.

In the ancient art of alchemy, they describe a process in which the item being transmuted into "something new" was heated to an incredibly hot temperature. The purpose was to burn away all the "dross." That is the imperfections, the additions, anything that was not of pure essence.

In human life that is when all seems lost and hardships prevail. I like to call it the "metaphysical two by four up side the head." Others would call it the dark night of the soul. It is the time when all pretense, all arrogance, all facades and falsehoods fall away and the person is left with nothing but their authentic nature and their vulnerability.

Typically in those moments the ego steps aside and the person surrenders to divine will.

They are then enveloped in the most amazing loving, joy-filled, healing embrace. And they rise, like the Phoenix, stronger, wiser, more powerful and confident than ever before. They no longer operate from ego self-centeredness, but from divine connected knowingness. 

That is Phoenix Rising.

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