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Finally Free is about freeing yourself from limitations of all kinds - to achieve your dreams, to move forward as never before.

It helps you unbind your wings and fly.

Do you feel trapped by your past? Unable to move forward? Stuck? It's time to let you experience Finally Free for yourself. It's one of my most powerful essences.

"Quite a number of weeks ago, my dear friend, Takara, gave me the extreme pleasure of the use of her new essence "Finally Free." From the moment she had first told me about it in it's development stages, I knew that not only would it be special, but that I just HAD to have some and that it would be uniquely suited for both me personally and for my work with my Intuitive Reiki business. . . . I have been just waiting on an energetic level for my final piece to fall into place as this very, very powerful essence has truly made a profound change in my spirit. It has helped me "SEE" a part of me that I could not see before. I am an intuitive on many levels, but I don't generally consider myself clairvoyant ... that is not MY "clair" if you will! But from the first moment of application of Finally Free I began to be a more visual reader. In general it has opened me up in a sensory way - not only with my clients - not only on an everyday level (touch, sound, smell etc.), but on a deeper "who am I and what are my TRUE desires" sort of way. With it's regular use (usually during sessions with my clients and in my personal meditations) I have found that my life and my world has opened up in ways I could not have imagined! Pieces of my life have fallen into place and bits of myself have returned that I thought may have been lost forever. What was lost is now found, and what was in turmoil is on it's way to peace, freedom and the way of the light ... thank you my dear, talented and enlightened friend for creating this and helping me find the pieces again." - Julie Bynum, Reiki Master and Intuitive Medium, Charlotte, NC

Made from Mountain Laurel growing in a truly sacred and magical location. I added to the bowl butterfly wings from 2 different butterflies that I magically found when I looked down. These "gifts" of nature I found while hiking in Virginia in the same location where I found the laurel. (Butterflies were already no more) The bowl was placed in the sun sitting on top of a pile of feathers numbering over 100. This new Essence of Freedom was then synergistically blended with Core Issues, Essence of Faerie, Point of Origin and a few more very special energies.

The aromatherapy is Frankincense.

I recommend you place it on all chakras twice a day for several weeks.

Get the Audio Teaching, Guided Meditation, and Oil

An even more powerful way to get the most from the Finally Free energy is to purchase the Enhanced webinar devoted to this topic. It contains teaching and a powerful guided meditation plus the oil at a really great price.

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