Takara’s Menu of Web Design Social Media Marketing for On and Off-line Business Success – including Media Placement, Website, Blog, and Social Media Strategic Planning,  Implementation, SEO, Maintenance and Marketing.

~ On and Off-line Business Success Consulting ~ PR & Media Placement ~ Website, Blog & Social Media Design & Strategic Planning ~ On and Offline Marketing ~

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We begin by evaluating where you are right now and what it will take to achieve the goals you have in mind for yourself and your business.

New Online Business Plan Development – $197 (for businesses with no online presence)

For companies that are just getting started and do not yet have a website, blog, or social media presence. Doing it right the first time will save you countless hours and dollars in the long run. Based on your answers to the client questionnaire I developed and our one on one conversations, I put together a comprehensive online success strategy for your business.

Existing Online Business Review and Plan Development – $297 (for businesses that already have a website, blog, and/or social media)

(for existing businesses with a website, blog, social media presence already)

I begin by taking a look at your current online presence including your website or blog, visitors and where they come from, social media profiles, search results, video marketing, prospect automatic follow-up programs, and more. After evaluating your current situation, I give you honest feedback and recommendations for attaining your online business goals and moving your business forward. I make suggestions about what you can eliminate and what you need to add and change to get the most out of your online presence. I offer suggestions on how to rank higher in Google and other search engines for your industry.

Choose a Planning Package – New or Existing:

New or Existing Business

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Design and Creation Services

New Basic Website/Blog – $597

(6 pages, $47 for each additional page, $67 for shopping cart pages – does not include Evaluation and Planning, purchase above separately)

With this package, we set you up with a customized website/blog that is attractive, complements your style and that of your market, is easy to navigate, has an optimized domain name for your business, is hosted on a reliable, secure, fast, and reputable hosting service, and contains the following search engine optimized pages: home, about me (or the business), product and/or service being offered, contact us, privacy policy, terms of use.  (Includes domain name registration. I offer fast and secure cloud web hosting for $48/month.)

If you have a vast product line and need numerous pages, we can discuss your particular shopping cart needs and negotiate the additional fee per page.

Existing Website / Blog Redesign and Marketing – Price Varies

Most websites have to be completely rebuilt to accommodate search engine optimization, ease of navigation, continuity, proper keyword targeting, etc.  The extend of the work necessary depends on the complexity of the existing site as well as the number of pages.  Cost estimates for the rebuild are determined during the planning phase.

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Social Media – The New Internet

Social Media Planning Package – $197

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram) is the name of the internet game these days. If you want to be successful online, you need to have a presence on Facebook and probably at least one more of these sites. You have to stay active, posting once or twice a day, or your presence there is wasted. With this planning package, I help you choose the best social media sites to be on for your business, as well as develop a specific plan for posting and a game plan of what to post on the various social media sites.

Social Media Presence Set Up or Redesign – $297

In the evaluation and planning phase, I recommend the social media sites that best meet your business needs. With this package, I help you set up or redesign two to three online social media profiles, show you how to use them, and help you connect each profile with your blog/website.

Profile choices:
Facebook personal profile

Facebook personal profiles are about you. A Facebook Fan page is about your business. Most businesses need one.

Simple Facebook Fan page with 1 custom tab – $147

Optimized Fan Page – $447.00

(for those serious about using Facebook for business)

With this package, you get a custom Facebook Fan page for your business with the best of the bells and whistles that Facebook offers. Your new professionally designed fan page comes with a custom “Welcome” tab with your very own email opt-in, social icons/links, and more.  Import your blog (or any RSS feed), adding email opt-in form to the “Wall” tab. Add social media tabs, and get a banner image (Fan Page Avatar).

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Website/Blog Marketing and Social Media: You can have the greatest website or blog in the world, but if you don’t keep it up to date and actively market it, no-one will find it online. I have spent over two decades learning and implementing successful strategies that work. They are complicated, tedious, and can take significant amounts of time. I can teach you how to do these things, or I can do them for you ~ faster and without you needing to learn several new processes. Do it right and you can be on the first page of search engine results. Do it wrong and you can get banned by the search engines.

I have developed several savvy online strategies to help you rank well in google to get more traffic to your site resulting in more potential business. How much work this requires depends on how you are ranking now.  Cost estimates for online marketing are determined during the planning phase.

Coaching Program – $249

Need help implementing your internet marketing or social media strategies? The coaching program is a 3-hour program designed to help you do just that! It includes training and guidance on internet marketing and social media as well as Q&A. It can be done live or via online webinar. This course goes at your pace and can be scheduled in 1 hour or 30 minute blocks.

Guaranteed Media Placement

One of my many powerful  online-savvy tricks is to get guaranteed media placement on news giants like CBS, NBC, FOX news, and more. Being able to include “As seen on …” with those logos on your site gives you instant expert status. Visit this page for details about PR and Media Placement Services

Website/Blog Launch – $447

(even for existing sites that need better search engine rankings )

This marketing campaign for your new or existing website or blog involves numerous marketing strategies custom tailored for your business. It represents a significant amount of my dedicated time to get your site successfully marketed online.

Individual Website/Blog/Social Media Blast-off Campaign – $147 setup plus $597 per month for 3 months ($1938)

(For authors and entrepreneurs who are ready to make a powerful impact online.)

I often tell people that owning a website or blog is a lot like being the author of a book. You spend 6 months to several years writing your book. You spend the rest of your life promoting it. Ongoing promotion is the name of the game online. This package gives authors and entrepreneurs three full months of support to get you greater exposure and promotion on the world-wide web. It includes search engine optimization and marketing plus 1-2 social media status updates/day on 1-2 networks, deleting of unwanted spam, accepting friend requests/following back & basic profile management.

Continue this program for $500/month

Business Blast-off Package – $197 set up & $997 per month for 3 months ($3188)

The Business Blast-off Package offers all the services in the previous blast-off package geared specifically for small businesses that want to rank well in the search engines and have a bigger presence online.  This is an entry-level full service package where we assist you with content creation & distribution, audience building & reputation management on 2 or more social media networks.Continue this program for $900/month 

The Ultimate Online Package for Authors and Entrepreneurs – $2999 (For Businesses Without an Existing Online Presence)

Get the plan for your website or blog ($197) and your social media presence ($197), have your website or blog designed and built for you ($597), get guaranteed media placement ($497), as well as you Social Media Set-Up ($297), and finish it off with a new Individual blast-off campaign ($1938) (a $3,723 value ). 

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Keeping the Momentum Going

Ongoing website, blog, social media maintenance, upgrades, and marketing

You should plan on having me, or someone on my team, update and market your website for at least 3 to 5 hours each month to keep the momentum going. Any time you introduce a new product or program, you should plan on doing a mini launch using 3 to 5 additional hours of my time. For major introductions of new products or programs, I recommend another full launch.