How to Deal with Unkind People

It’s really tough to deal with someone who is unkind, when you yourself feel kindness is of vast importance and actively choose kindness over other options.

When a co-worker, parent, child, boss, sister, etc. are constantly unkind, it can be deeply challenging to stay in a heart space.

Anyone who has ever dealt with a narcissist knows what I’m talking about. If the unkind person is a friend … that’s easy … kick them out of your inner circle. The easiest and kindest way to do that is by simply pulling back and spending less time with them. Eventually, you will rarely if ever see them.

As you grow and evolve, the lower vibration people in your life tend to fall away of their own accord. But sometimes you have to be the one to set boundaries. make conscious decisions to not spend time with certain people … not out of judgment or avoidance, but out of self love.

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