Are You A Little Off Track Off Your Mission?

It’s SO EASY to get sidetracked, off track, or headed in the wrong (or less ideal) direction. Living on Planet Earth means being bombarded again and again with distractions.

The last few years have been so full of them – weather, politics, pandemics – the list seems endless. I’ve noticed that far more people seem to be focused on the negative.

Don’t get me wrong. There are TONS of things that need to be addressed in our world from hunger to inequality, from crumbling infrastructure to inflation.

But, staying focused on those things night and day can do a lot of damage to:

  • your sense of wellbeing
  • your level of vibration
  • your ability to see (notice) opportunity and other “good” things
  • your ability to flow with life rather than against it
  • your ability to do your Divine Mission

Yes, I’m saying it can keep you from fulfilling your Divine Mission.

As long as you stay focused on disharmony, you can’t fully focus on the Divine.

Everyone loves a good drama. Heck, humans have been wired for story since we began sitting around fires eons ago and telling stories to entertain and educate one another.

But, becoming obsessed with what may or may not be a conspiracy theory, what may or may not be a secret truth, what may or may not be what this group or that group is doing, serves very little in the way of higher purpose.

Whether you know it or not, if you have been drawn to read my newsletter, chances are very good that you are here (on this planet) on a Divine Mission. For most of us, that Divine Mission involves helping to awaken humanity (not to the horrors and truths of history and what’s going on now, but to who they really are and the outrageous opportunities they have to grow and evolve individually and collectively at this time).

And the only way to do that is to vibe high.

I’m NOT saying stick your head in the sand and ignore what’s happening in the world. Not at all. I’m saying stay abreast of the news, the goings on, the ramblings and rumblings, but do NOT focus on those things. Do not obsess, worry, gossip, etc. about those things.

Those things for the most part are distractions. And they keep you focused on the bad so you can’t see the good. They keep you worried and afraid which means you aren’t in the right vibration to receive clear insight from the Divine. When you are vibing at a lower vibration – which is what happens when you focus on the negative all the time – you set up a distortion in your field and what you receive is often not interpreted correctly … even if you are clairaudient.

Focusing on the negative skews your view as I like to say.

There are many things that skew your view (meaning your ability to receive and interpret correctly the things your Higher Self and Guides are sending). Fear and negativity definitely skew your view. So does the judgment, criticism and stinkin’ thinkin I talked about in the last newsletter.

Clients come to me for Diamond Within Energy Healing & Transformational ConsultingTM to discover and begin to take up their Divine Mission, I teach them how to achieve what I call the Trifecta of TransformationTM: rising in vibration, expanding in consciousness and awareness, and achieving wholeness of body, mind, soul, as well as their multi-dimensional selves. I share with them tools it’s taken 30 years and many lifetimes to perfect. I teach them about Harmonic Restoration: The Divine Alchemy of HealingTM and The Platinum PrincipleTM and how they personally can implement those systems into their daily lives and the extraordinary difference it can make. I share specific ways to tune in about what is and what is not something for them to focus on, what is and is not something that will help them achieve  the Trifecta of TransformationTM. That is the work we are here to do. And I am so deeply honored at how many people come to me for assistance and to be the bringer of these insights and tools.

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