Choosing the Best Place to Relocate for the Spiritually-Minded

Best Place to Relocate

We were in the middle of a huge discussion about choosing the best place to relocate in one of the groups I lead on Facebook. Moving is something many light workers are called to do on occasion. With that in mind, I thought I would share some of the thoughts here that I have been sharing there. Just some things for you to contemplate if moving is on the horizon. This particular discussion began with the person wanting to live near the beach and to see dolphins often …

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Miracles Can Happen When You Are Calm, Clear, Confident, and Connected!

Noble C's by Takara

I talk about the Noble C’s a lot. In fact it is I who decided these words all starting with C were noble. They are the words I use to describe the state of being in which everything is in flow, in harmony, and everything you do comes from a place of inner balance, heart-centeredness and love..

It is in that space that every miracle in my life has occurred. It is in that space that intuition is enhanced and your ability to notice it is heightened. When you follow those nudges from the Still Small Voice within, truly amazing things can happen in your life.

I always smile when I suddenly realize that something seemingly miraculous just happened which is in direct alignment with the things I desire and that it occurred because I followed my inner wisdom.

There have been a whole host of those events lately. Whenever these things happen, it lets me know I’m aligned with the Divine and those Noble C’s are fully functioning at the moment.

Three things come to mind immediately when I consider the latest smile-inducing events.

The first began a year or so ago when I was being interviewed on a radio broadcast. Practically every radio interview opportunity I’ve received happened because I followed my intuition and showed up somewhere on line at precisely the right moment to seize an opportunity. That has become quite commonplace in my life. I’m not saying that to brag. I’m saying I’ve done the work, even though the work is never completely done, and I’m reaping the benefits of having made true personal and spiritual growth a priority.  On with this story …

As is the case with many of my interviews, it went well and the interviewer and I developed a bond. Krystalya and I talked privately for quite awhile when the interview was over. We discovered we had an enormous amount of things in common from developing our own energy healing tools to being techno-geeks with business and engineering backgrounds. We decided we should stay in touch.

We didn’t.

Life happens and you move on and forget the things that have come before. This is particularly true of creatives because we live so fully in the moment and in whatever creation we are developing.

Then suddenly, she crossed my mind and I felt the inner nudge to contact her. We scheduled a phone appointment for 2 p.m. We were engrossed in another extraordinary conversation talking about numerous topics when suddenly my phone battery began to die. When I looked at the time, I was shocked. I said, “This can’t be the time can it?” She was as shocked as I was. It was 5:30. I had to be at a dinner meeting in 45 minutes and the drive would take me 30 minutes of that. So we had to hang up immediately.

Ah … it had been a wonderful connection, the kind that feeds your soul and makes you smile knowing you have yet another soul sister out there in the Universe.

Somewhere in the conversation we talked about her healing symbols and my elixirs. I had just started working on the creation of a protection grid and she mentioned a symbol she had “received” for protection. We decided to put them together in a package. And … just like the Essence of Sound collaboration I have with Jonathan Goldman, where I’ve infused his music into essence form to take all the energy much deeper into the body and out into the energy field, I’ll be infusing several of her symbols into essence form.

If I had called her earlier, I would not yet have the protective grid going and we might not have even considered a collaboration. It’s all in the timing and it’s all about intuition knowing precisely when the timing is right.

Event number two started when I visited Yogaville in the spring. I so rarely get to see my dear friends, Jonathan and Andi Goldman. They are on the road a lot and live in Colorado. I’m now living on the East Coast. So it is wonderful when they come to teach at Yogaville in Virginia because I get to see them for an entire weekend. This year on the last day of the workshop, I was sitting in the dining hall at breakfast having a conversation with a woman who lives at Yogaville. The conversation turned to dolphins.

Everyone always wants to know how I got involved with them. My typical response is that they showed up spontaneously when I learned to meditate – which is true. But when responding to this woman’s inquiry, my inner knowing was to mention the medicine wheel and the book I was using to create it. I asked her if she had ever heard of Sun Bear and Wabun Wind. She just looked at me and smiled saying she had studied with Sun Bear.

Of course!

Of course the Universe would have me say something about which she is deeply connected. She invited me to come to see her medicine wheel. So after lunch, when the program was over, she and I went to her lovely home and walked the wheel. Later on, Jonathan and Andi also came for a visit and several of us sang songs while playing a big ceremonial drum. It made for a glorious afternoon.

She had invited me back for a visit, but I had not felt prompted to contact her again until very recently. Once again, I had an inner knowing that I should call. We had a lovely conversation and the next thing I know, I am being invited there to co-facilitate a Goddess weekend – something I’ve been wanting to do for ages. We are planning it for Equinox, which is coming up soon.

The final event happened at a recent Not Back to School Picnic for homeschoolers. It’s an annual event that I mostly attend to see the moms I’ve developed friendships with over the years of homeschooling in Virginia. My son and his best friend are older than the other kids. They would be happy just to hang out together without all the others, but agreed to come because I wanted to see my friends.

While there, I saw a friend of mine I haven’t seen in ages. She had lived in Colorado and was now living in the Blue Ridge Mountains in an area I consider to be the most beautiful in Virginia. She and I have gone hiking together and enjoy sharing stories about our spiritual adventures. Somehow in the conversation she mentioned that she would love to have gatherings at her home because she had so much space. I’ve never been to her home, so I said, “You have space?” What a delightful surprise that was. I’ve wanted to do workshops in or around the town where she lives for almost 20 years. I’ve not actually pursued the idea because I rarely spend time there and didn’t know of any facilities or people to contact. We are talking about a gathering. If I hadn’t followed my intuition to go to the picnic, the conversation might never have happened.

Many people are under the false impression that all you have to do is get clear about what you want, do some visualizing, writing, or verbalizing of those desires, and they suddenly manifest. That is only true if you are calm, clear, confident, and connected … AND take action on the inner promptings you receive. It takes a fair amount of work to get into that space. You have to constantly “skim the lake” as my beloved teacher Stuart Wilde used to say – being ever vigilant of your energy and your mental focus. You have to be quite a spiritual warrior from that perspective. In the Foundation Course I teach you how.

I created the Magnificent U Foundation Course for those who are truly dedicated to living in flow and in Divine alignment and want to step into that state of Grace that the Noble C’s provide. I’ve compressed some of the most important things it took me twenty years to figure out and begin to practice into a six-month deep-dive intensive.

Have a glorious day,

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How to Achieve Big Dreams vs. Fighting Your Current Circumstance by Takara

Achieve Big Dreams by Takara

This message is for anyone unhappy with their circumstances.

First of all … they are there for a reason. Typically a lesson. Whether it is a disease, a bad relationship, a financial issue, living conditions less than ideal. Embrace where you find yourself. Stop fighting and surrender. Realize that if this is an eternal moment, then this is where I am for all time and embrace it. Make some friends. Commune with nature. Write a book. Whatever.Instead of hating, judging, and believing that this moment “should” look some other way, realize that all is as it should be. If it was “supposed” to be another way, it would be. Find Nirvana in your mind, go there often, and when the Universe has every little detail lined up the way it is intending, your reality will shift. But it really can’t as long as you are fighting where you are.

You have to find the beauty in everything – the moment, your surroundings. If it isn’t beautiful, then make it so. Cleaning up, rearranging, adding a tiny plant here, a beautiful image there. I plant flowers because I find them beautiful. When they begin to bloom, I cut them and bring them in the house. Right now we have glads blooming in the kitchen, the dining room, and my office.

I have to do all sorts of things to keep the deer from eating all the plants in the garden. I love the deer, so it forces me to be creative and innovative. I have to hunt for ways to have beauty and not harm the forest creatures. It means I have to tend to this beautiful creation all of the time. I have to pay attention to it. I have to nurture it. I have to protect it. I have to water and weed and spend time there.

The same is true of dreams. You can’t just have a dream and do nothing. You have to take consistent actions. And the bigger the dream, typically the more you have to stretch yourself and get out of your comfort zone in order to attain it.

I could not be a bestselling author if I kept doing the same old things I used to do. I had to do things I was very uncomfortable doing. Make phone calls, send emails to strangers, ask for help from people I didn’t know. When you have experienced the level of rejection in your life that I have, doing those things becomes almost impossible. But I did it anyway.

Because if I didn’t do it, no one would and then my beautiful book would sit on my shelf and no one else’s. If I had not taken those actions then people wouldn’t have breakthroughs in consciousness and understanding because they wouldn’t be trying the various forms of meditation I walk them through, they wouldn’t write me and say that just by reading the book, they felt significant shifts happening in their life because the energy it is encoded with is that powerful. I had to get out of my own way in order to help others.

That is the nature of big dreams.


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I really enjoy being interviewed for telesummits, webinars, and radio. Much like working with private clients or speaking from a stage with a live audience, there is a “connection” that occurs which allows me to just “get out of the way” and let the information flow through me that is exactly what the individual or particular audience needs to hear in the moment.

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Buckminster Fuller and the Phenomenon of Precession


Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller*

I contacted my dear friend, Randolph Craft, head of the Fuller Edutainment Group (Randy was personally mentored by Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller and was given the huge responsibility of sharing his wisdom with the world) so that I could share with you some information about Precession.

Takara: “I need to say something about precession and I’m thinking you must have an article somewhere about it that I can point people to before making my post.”

Randolph: “Of course. What is it that you are saying about precession? It is a vast and wide concept for humans to “grock.”

Read more

You Can Be Magnificent


You are on a hero’s journey. Your life is your quest. The events that make up your daily life experience are the hurdles and obstacles you have to climb, conquer, and find a way to overcome to reach your desired destination. No hero starts out that way. They begin as some ordinary, unassuming person from a village somewhere. Then something horrible happens. There is a big issue or situation that has been suddenly thrust upon them. Read more

Longing For Communion

Quote by Chardin on Communing with Like Minded Souls


The quote by Chardin is so very true. We long for those of like mind, almost a soul need for communion. So we reach out by phone and email, on social media and connect in that way, wishing all the while that we could be in one another’s presence experiencing first hand the energy signature, the sparkle in the eye, the joy radiating forth from the other.

You MUST find your tribe. If you do not have friends and associates that make your heart sing, it is vitally important that you go out and do new things and meet new people until you do.



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Align with the Divine

Debbie Takara Shelor quote


“When you can tap into your own magnificence, align with the Divine, and stay in perpetual flow with the Universe, miraculous things happen.” ~ Debbie Takara Shelor


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The Past – Does it Stop You, Define You, or Support You in Becoming More?

The past …

Its a topic I talk about a lot with people. When they can go past it, actually heal it, their whole life can change – in some cases literally in an instant.

If you don’t get over the past, your future will look much like your present. If you don’t like what your present looks and feels like, then something needs to change and what needs changing is typically YOU.

“Magic,” synchronicity, extraordinary opportunities, are happening all the time. However, they happen significantly more for those who have healed their past, let go of their limiting beliefs, and are “in tune” with their inner wisdom (intuition).  

My life is often quite surreal. I’m always observing what’s happening even in the middle of experiencing it. And because I am almost hyper “in tune” with the subtle signals the Universe sends my way, amazing and unusual things often happen.

Not long ago I was part of a career fair at the local Mormon church for their middle and high school students. It was open to the public and a few non-members attended. 

I have a bunch of dear friends who are Mormon – which in itself is quite surreal considering who I am and what I teach. I absolutely adore all of them and I have found that as a general rule, the Mormon people are some of the nicest you will ever meet. Anyway, we seem to delight in our differences and I am often consulted about suggestions on how to handle issues with kids and I’m definitely the go to girl about alternative health, nutrition, and supplementation. 

At the presentation, I shared a little about each of my three careers: industrial engineering, bestselling author, and online entrepreneur. After the various career professionals spoke, we each had a table and students were encouraged to talk further about careers that they were interested in. My engineering and management career was very exciting. But not one person asked me about it. 

However, I was amazed at how many people wanted to talk about being an author: college kids writing fantasy fiction, students who love writing and have no problem getting stories started but have trouble in the middle and never seem to get it finished, and then there were the adults. Many of the presenters came over to talk to me saying they wanted to write a book. I even had an offer to do a collaboration with one of the presenters and what he wants to write about is quite exciting and I am highly likely to actually get involved in that project. 

The part that was so surreal though was that someone came over and started asking me about my book on meditation. Next thing I know they are telling me about Reiki classes, energy healing, and their interest in New Age topics. Only me! Who else could be standing in a Mormon church and end up in a conversation about reincarnation, metaphysics, and energy healing?

Intuitive insight is always extremely subtle. Unless you meditate, spend time in nature and in silence, many of the intuitive nudges simply go unnoticed.

I noticed the last guy I dated when he was traveling and heading towards my location. We became virtual friends because a mutual friend recommend he friend me on Facebook. He was posting about being in this location and then in another. Its as if I could feel his presence before we ever met. We both had plans that fell through resulting in our being in the same place at the same time. Luckily we both noticed the other. We followed the nudge to be in a particular location. He followed the idea or whim to ask me out for coffee. It was a mighty fine cup of coffee – although of course I was drinking tea.    

A few weeks ago I got a post card in the mail advertising a happy hour for a group I’m part of. I had never attended one of their happy hours, but just had this feeling that it would be fun.  I called a friend of mine who also belongs to the group and asked if she would meet me there.

After a few sips of wine and some hors d’oeuvres I began introducing myself to a few people and enjoying wonderful conversations. I had noticed a particular woman when she walked into the room. Something about her (a subtle signal) made me notice.

My friend had to leave to head to another event. So I made my way towards the bar where the woman I’d noticed was sitting with several friends of hers. As I said hello and we shook hands, she asked my name. When I said Takara, she broke into a smile and said she was on my mailing list. Of course I would notice her. We already had a connection and she is of like mind.

Then I was introduced to her friends. They were a lovely group of people. My intuition then kicked in and I began a fairly involved conversation with one of the guys. He is a pretty big player in a major organization. As he shared some things about his current position, I went into engineering / mentor / intuitive counselor mode and was inspired to offer some very insightful tools he needed to start implementing right away to handle some big changes and challenges about to happen in his world.

I love it when I simply know I’m “supposed” to do something, but have no idea why. I thought I was going to a happy hour just to meet and mingle with some new people. Instead I got to share real depth and wisdom with others.

That same knowing is how I ended up on a million dollar yacht in the south pacific for 6 weeks, a bestselling author, took only 1 hour and 15 minutes to get divorced instead of the 51 days its supposed to take in the state I lived in at the time, and numerous other things that just magically unfold for me.

I’m no more “special” than the next person. God doesn’t love me more. I have simply healed the necessary garbage from my past and have fine tuned my intuition to such a degree that when the “right” opportunities show up, I take them.  And I’m now pretty good at knowing the right ones from the wrong ones.

One of the best ways to heal the past is by facing it. Sometimes you have to go back to the place where you experienced pain or gave up a part of yourself in order to recollect that part.

It is amazing to me the number of things that got “fixed” because I moved back to the place I swore I would never live ever again. I dated a few people I’d gone out with previously. It turned out to be a way to find closure on some very painful memories. I don’t recommend that to anyone who hasn’t already done a great deal of healing. There is entirely too much old emotional baggage one could get caught up in otherwise.

I also helped put together my high school 30-year reunion. I had conversations and even developed deep friendships with people I never really knew previously.

Running away from the past is only prolonging the inevitable. If you are feeling drawn to visit somewhere you have lived – particularly if there are still some emotional wounds left over from events that happened while you lived there – sometimes it is the perfect thing to do to reclaim your power, your love, your self confidence and self esteem.

Sometimes when you fight something really hard, its an almost guarantee you will eventually have to do that thing.

I never wanted to be a front line supervisor, so what happened when my company restructured? I became a front line supervisor. Wow did I learn a lot having that job. I learned how to:

  • juggle 10 or more things at once,
  • make good, fast decisions,
  • take in tons of information simultaneously and know the right course of action to move everything forward,
  • manage lots of people,
  • help people that didn’t like one another, but had to work together, not only get along better but begin to actually admire and learn to rely on the positive qualities in one another,

I also learned a great deal about stress and what it does to the wellbeing of the body, one’s ability to make good decisions, and how it destroys relationships. I also learned about caring about the mental/emotional and physical wellbeing of others. I observed and began to understand what makes or breaks a successful work environment. What matters. What causes stress. And then, years later, I began learning all the things one can do to prevent or handle those stresses.

No matter how many books I read or classes I took, I could never get the type of education or level of understanding that I now have because of that experience.

So embrace wherever you find yourself and stop fighting it so hard.

Even if you can’t go to the place because of time or money constraints, sit down with your journal and think about the place. Look at pictures from there or a map and really “feel” yourself in that place once again. Write out what happened. Thank everyone involved. Ask for the lessons and silver lining given to you by that dark cloud from your past. You will be amazed at the insights you will receive if you do this wholeheartedly and with focus.

Sadly, sometimes, if things were really tough and you have already tried everything you know in order to heal something, its time to get help. I had help in getting over numerous things from my past. And now I’m here to help you with supportive products, long distance energy sessions and private consultations.

Have a fantastic day Dear One!

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As usual, Takara I have to laugh with glee about the synchronicity of your message. I was recently contacted on FB by a Mormon cousin (my mother was raised Mormon) in Alberta. I may have met him once in my youth, and my first reaction was to wonder why on earth he was reaching out to me and if I accepted his “friendship”, how I much I would have to “censor” my posts, leading me to simply put him on an “acquaintance” list. Despite the fact that my mother had begun to “abandon” her faith even before meeting my lapsed Ukrainian Orthodox father, this cousin still thinks of her with fondness as his mother’s youngest sister (the baby of the family of twelve children) and inquired after – her while sadly acknowledging the passing of so many of her siblings in the past few years. Until now, most of my knowledge of this huge extended family “out west” has consisted mostly of stories of all the “skeletons” in the Mormon family closet and all the trials and tribulations they have endured. We did “catch up” and share some details of our family lives but I hadn’t stopped to realize the significance of this connection.

Thank you for giving me pause to realize the true reason why this cousin is reaching out to me and remembering that he is a “blood relative” after all. This Christmas I will once again pull out the box under my bed, and re-read the ancestral “stories” my mother gave me – which once used to fascinate me – compiled from collections of letters by my mother’s eldest sister – the self- appointed family geneologist. Perhaps I’ll even read them out loud to the whole family on Christmas day, for they contain a wealth of information about the faith and fortitude that followed the first Mormon settlers from Utah and Idaho to Alberta, and without whom I would not exist.


  • Wow Raissa – what an awesome story! So glad my decision to include the whole bit about my Mormon friends had a powerful purpose. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Much love to you and yours,

Be Careful What You Wish For

I’m sure you’ve heard someone say, “Be careful what you wish for.”

Every time I read those words or hear someone say them, I smile.


Because I’ve manifested so many amazing things over the years. And you do, in fact, have to be careful what you ask or wish for.

I often jump up and dance whenever I hear the song, “When I Grow Up,” by The Pussycat Dolls. I love the lines that say, “Be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it.”

My friend, Randolph Craft, often ends his Facebook posts with, “Be careful what you ask for.” Randy is living the life of his dreams. He was very close friend and  student of Buckminster Fuller. He travels and teaches extensively throughout the Far East where he enjoys fame and fortune. When he returns to the states, he lives in a gorgeous secluded little spot in Hawaii where he enjoys a much simpler life of water sports, painting, playing music, and harvesting native fruit growing on his property.

You can read a million and one things about the Law of Attraction. Some of it is good and some of it is not. Much of it doesn’t get to the core of how it works, because, quite frankly, the teachers of the subject don’t really understand it.

We aren’t going to go into the nuances of the Law of Attraction here. The topic is too big to cover in an article.

What we are going to talk about is how to let the Universe know what you want. And next next time we’ll talk about when something shows up that looks like what you want, how to decide if it truly is what you want or if it is another opportunity to gain clarity and fine tune your desires.

I’ve always known what I wanted. Maybe that makes me unique. But I just know who I am, what I want, what I like and what I don’t like.

I’m much better at manifesting certain things than others.  I’ve always had this knack for manifesting fabulous life experiences, trips to exotic places, wonderful, interesting, fun, unique friends, and on occasion, romance.

I had basically given up on that last one. My marriage really did a number on how much I trusted myself and my ability to tell the difference between a “good” guy and a not so good guy. For five years I had the best marriage most people had ever seen. People often commented about how we interacted with one another and with our young son. There was an amazing level of harmony. People who could see energy said we were in complete union. And we were freaking happy.

Early on in our relationship we sat in on a lecture with Cat Cunningham, a famous teacher and channel. She was in the middle of talking and just stopped and stared at us. She asked if we were in a relationship of some kind. We said yes. She said she had never seen this phenomenon before. Cat sees a person’s animal totem in their energy field. She said that there was a wolf and a coyote and they were jumping back and forth between our energy fields. She was completely fascinated by it.

So when he started cheating, it completely threw me. And, being as in tune energetically as I am, I knew the moment it happened – the first time anyway. He was in Florida teaching a workshop and I was in New Mexico. I was literally pacing the floor absolutely knowing something was VERY wrong. The marriage bond, the trust, the energetic union between us was completely shattered in that moment and it simply never recovered. There are so many factors involved, there is no way to point to one thing and say, “that’s the reason my marriage fell apart.”

It gave me a great reason to do some extraordinarily deep inner work and who I’ve become because of it, I feel, is phenomenal.  Thank God for Millie Stefani. I simply would not be who I am today without her being there day after day, week after week, year after year as my confident, mentor, and friend.  Her insight, channeling and healing ability, truly helped me not only get through all the emotional pain and “issues” I had to address, but to achieve a level of personal magnificence few even dream possible.

The truth is, he wasn’t the right guy for me. It seemed like it at the time. But one of the many things I’ve been shown is that where you are mentally and emotionally when you meet someone has a lot to do with who you draw to yourself as you send out that vibration. I was at the lowest point I have ever been when he showed up.

There are no mistakes. My son is fantastic and the result of my marriage. But remaining together with my ex. was not in either of our best interests.

After the divorce and my dad’s cancer scare, I moved to Virginia and dated a few guys I’d dated previously in high school where the relationships had ended and I was left with feelings of rejection. I got to clean all that up and complete those. Thank heavens. Because those people were definitely not who I needed to be with either.

When I got back from Fiji, I concluded that I was done with romance. And I went about my merry little way for 3 years like that.

I’ve dated quite a few guys – from all walks of life, from all sorts of backgrounds, from millionaires to starving artists and lots of things in between. Because of who I am and how I’m wired, I simply didn’t believe there was anyone who could see all of who I am and appreciate that properly, ignite my passion, be smart, sexy, and interesting enough that I would love spending time with them. I have dated or been friends with guys who could do one or more of those things, but never all. I was very happy on my own.

Sometimes though, your Soul knows a lot more about what you want than you do.

The crazy thing is you don’t even have to believe its possible. That’s something I doubt you will ever hear from a Law of Attraction instructor.

But I’ve done that now several times.

I had in the back of my mind somewhere that I wanted to be a bestselling author. I’m sure every author feels that way. But I truthfully didn’t believe it was possible. And if it was possible, I thought it would be for the book I’m writing right now, not the one I published last year that became a bestseller.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t that hard to accomplish. I had to get out of my own way and I did have to do a few things I was nervous about. But actual effort was pretty minimal. Guess that’s why authors want to work with me now. I seem to be pretty damn good at inspiring writers, helping them succeed, and giving them beneficial tools, templates, and direction.

So for a person who consciously didn’t want a relationship, I did a couple of dumb things in the opposite direction. Things that I know were contributing factors to the mess I’m in now. I say that laughingly because I’m kidding about it being a mess. What’s going on is extraordinary, but we’ll get to all that.

I love this show out of Canada called Lost Girl. Its about the magical world of Fae and it is over the top steamy. Every episode gives you an opportunity to learn about a new kind of Fae (faerie, magical person, personal with unusual abilities – all stealing energy from humans). I find each one to be an exaggeration of what really goes on between people and the energy vampirism that happens all the time. I’m actually understanding a few new things about energy by watching it.

There is a romantic triangle. Bo, the lost girl and main character, is a succubus – one who feeds of the sexual energy of others. Hence the steaminess of the show. Her first primary relationship was with Dyson, a Fae who shape shifts into a werewolf. The sexual intensity between them is palpable and intoxicatingly believable. Once the wolf gives his heart over to another, its a done deal. He  mates and is loyal for life. He has been willing to die for her on more than one occasion and the passion between then is of an intensity that few dream possible.

The other part of the triangle is a female doctor named Lauren. I don’t have a problem with lesbianism, but I don’t really like the doctor’s character and the energy between Bo and Lauren just doesn’t feel real. They are saying the lines, acting romantic and passionate, but there is just no energy there. And when you can feel energy like I can, you pick that stuff up. So it feels really dead for me.

Obviously I want Bo to end up with Dyson in the end. After watching an episode one evening, being all caught up in the intensity and passion involved, I said out loud, “I want a wolf.”


Then I did an exceedingly dumb thing. I started pretending a little fantasy before bed for 3 or 4 nights running. It was just a made up story in my head that made me feel good and was fun to do before drifting off to sleep.

The fantasy was me teaching classes somewhere, staying in the home of a person hosting me there, and this guy showing up early because he had read my work and wanted to get to know me better. I was really busy, but wanted to get to know him as well. So I asked that he just sit near me while I worked.

When we were in one another’s energy fields sitting side by side, it was allowing the two of us to “communicate” on a different level. We were getting to KNOW one another without words, without affection, just basking in one another’s radiance. Whoever he was, it felt fabulous to be in his presence. And I would drift off to sleep. Just so ya know, most of my romantic ideas are completely PG. It cracks me up some times how romantic it is and not more.

Anyway, by the third day of this, in my head we had spent the day together sightseeing and were now lying side by side holding hands. I brought his hand up (still holding it) to rest on my chest. Like placing the back of his hand right next to my heart. This feeling came over me that I just can’t describe. It was exquisite, full of joy and this quiet feeling of elation.

O.K. now I’ve really gone and done it.

I didn’t now I was “calling in” anyone. I was just playing a stupid game of make believe as a seemingly harmless form of entertainment.

One should never do such things at the level of vibration I am. Especially if one is serious about not wanting a relationship. Because after that, there is basically no turning back.

Next thing I know this guy shows up out of nowhere.

For a couple of years now several of my friends have been saying that someone was coming my way. I just didn’t see it. I didn’t feel it as being true and I didn’t believe there was anyone that would really be the “right” guy. And I really couldn’t believe anyone living in the local area would be someone I would find even remotely interesting. I’m a world traveler, an engineer, and a bestselling author. My view of the world and beliefs are vastly different than most, particularly people in the bible belt. I had decided they just all thought I deserved a great guy. Friends want friends to be happy. What I concluded that they didn’t understand was that I was already happy.

Anyway, I saw him coming from 3 states away and it freaked me out a bit. It takes a lot to get me bent out of shape, but it was becoming obvious that this guy was heading in this direction and it made me nervous. I had no idea why.

I had plans to go away on a writer’s retreat while Jess was away in Canada, but those plans fell through just a couple of days before they were to start. I was kind of disappointed, but when I tuned in about changing plans and going somewhere else to write, I got that something had shifted and to just watch and see how things unfold.

This guy and I have been traveling similar circles for many years. For probably 15 years, we lived in close proximity and never once crossed paths. I had heard his name before, but I’m not sure he knew who I was or had ever heard of me.

But a friend got us connected through Facebook and we shared a few private messages. Then I noticed him posting things first in one location and then another. Next thing I know he’s only 3 hours away. I literally sent him a message saying “what are you doing?” It was almost confrontational like “what the heck are you up to, you aren’t supposed to be heading this way.” Its all pretty comical about now. He said he was visiting relatives and I forgot all about it.

A few days later I got an invitation for coffee. O.K. I wasn’t looking (consciously anyway) and I hadn’t had a date in 3 years. Why was I nervous? I think the answer is because I could feel what was happening on some level long before my brain figured things out.

Time flew past as we shared stories with one another, laughed all the while about the places we’d lived and things we’d done, never once meeting. Later the same day there was an invitation for drinks. We enjoyed wine and cheesecake and many more stories. After a few hours of great conversation and laughter, the venue turned up the music volume for the party crowd and I asked if he would sit beside me because I couldn’t hear what he was saying.

Bad move. (kidding)

So there we were sitting next to one another – very reminiscent of my little fantasy about being next to some very special guy and having communication happening on many levels. And then somewhere in the middle of wine and cheesecake, we kissed. I’ll probably never be the same ever again!

It was like every cell in my body ignited – holy smokes batman. Oh no, its like that intensely passionate wolf thing. I really never saw this coming.

I never thought I would date again. I certainly never expected this guy to show up and I never thought I would ever feel like this.

Sometime several days later we were lying next to one another holding hands, the back of his hand against my chest, and I realized I was feeling exactly how I felt when I saw/felt that in my imagination.

There are lots of ways to look at all this.

Did I force it? Was it some sort of hocus pocus manipulation on my part?

I don’t think so.

He is an extraordinary guy and he is who he is. I think he was there, the energy was there, the potential was there, long before I ever played these imaginary games. I think the mind game just aligned me with the possibility and going into the feeling of that allowed it to become part of my reality.

When you:

  • know who you are,
  • are in complete alignment with your Soul (or higher self or the Divine),
  • are living your passion,
  • have raised your vibration significantly (time in nature helps immensely),
  • have healed the emotional wounding and limiting beliefs in a particular area of your life,

then the slightest little focus in that direction moves mountains.

If you are interested in manifesting your desires, one of the best ways to do so is to get in harmony with what you want. I created the Law of Attraction Kit to help you do just that. Law of Attraction Kit


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