These are some of the resources, including software and services, that I use in my online businesses and that I recommend to clients. I have tried many services over the years and these are the one’s I choose to use myself. They offer a great service at a good price and the customer service department is very helpful whenever you have questions.

Domain Name registration – Every website or blog URL (domain name) must be registered. We DO NOT support GoDaddy as the owner hunts elephants. Here are some options:

Web Hosting – IX Webhosting

Autoresponder Email Service – Aweber

Blog Creation

  • Blogger – the fastest to get up and running and easily make changes
  • WordPress – a steeper learning curve with lots more bells and whistles
  • Both are good choices


I give my clients numerous additional suggestions for the best free and paid services online, the best social media websites to participate in and how to best leverage them, and numerous other suggestions and options for marketing themselves both on and off line.


If there is a fee, it is likely that in addition to using the product or service myself, I am also an affiliate and will receive a commission if you purchase the product through one of these links.