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Assists with sadness and loss of hope.

It offers bliss. I often call it rapture. Be enveloped in radiant light. An outrageously euphoric uplifting feeling.

"Wow, what a wonder-worker you are! My order was delivered to my door today by my rained-upon (and about to be rain-soaked) postman. What a delight -- I love it all!! ...The basket is beautiful and the roll-ons both smell wonderful. I'm starting with Thrive first. When I get to Bliss, I figure it'll be a real blast. Everything was packed really well. I hope your holidays are delightful--just like your products. Richest Blessings" - Marlene Barnes

It helps you to savor each moment, glorify in the magnificence of who you are and how your life is. It is union and oneness of body, mine, and soul. The feeling is both intoxicating and exhilarating.

Includes cactus and rose flower essences personally created by Takara.

Spice blend aromatherapy.

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