This Custom Flower Essence, Gem Essence, Aromatherapy Blend is Made Especially For You

Takara lovingly makes each custom blend by hand just for you.

“Off and on for several days I had been jittery, unsettled, unfocused, indecisive, and feeling what some might call ‘sapcey.’ My personal Dancing Dolphin Essence blend immediately brought a focused mind and feeling of being grounded and calm. Hallelujah. You know, that wonderful feeling of your shoulders dropping and settling into their right alignment. And the bonus was a warm open energy at the heart.” – KiP Walker, Ceramonialist

To create your custom blend, she goes into a prayerful / meditative state and receives guidance about exactly which energies to synergistically blend together for your greatest benefit at this time.

Each custom blend contain 3 to 10 specific vibrational components. Takara works with over 100 individualized frequencies that she has personally created including flower essences, gem essences, numerology essences, realm essences, sound essences, and more. After this energetic infusion, she adds the appropriate essential oils. She then alchemically enhances the blend by channeling into the bottle any other specific frequencies needed.

“When I went to the health care provider from whom I get supplements, although I could have ‘dosed’ the supplements myself via muscle-testing and/or intuition, I felt promptedto have him do the dosing. I told him I was using the custom essence and it was powerful so I knew it would influence the testing. So, we set the roll-on across the room for the initial testing. After he dosed everything, he gave me the roll-on and asked me to put it in my pocket since I have been carrying it around with me. He then retested and was stunned (it was hilarious – I have never seen that look on his face before) to find out that I only needed 1/2 of everything. So then he asked me how often I use the roll-on and I told him I had just been playing with it, but hadn’t dosed it. So, he dosed it and came out that I should apply it to my wrists 3x per day.” – Kathy Reed

The essence then goes through the proprietary vibrational enhancement process used for all Dancing Dolphin products.

The result is an extremely potent energetic aromatherapy elixir designed specifically for you and the issues you are facing right now.

Using a Custom Dancing Dolphin Energy Healing Blend is like receiving a hands-on energy session, multiple times a day for weeks on end.

. . . imagine the breakthroughs, insights, and vibrational shifts you can experience!

“Thank you soooooo much for the personal essence (custom blend). This is a very challenging time in my life and I seem to be sailing through it. My friends and family are amazed that I am so calm, sere and knowing that everything is not only OK, but in fact exactly where I need to be right now. I believe the essence has helped me turn troubled waters into calming waves. Thanks again!” – Rebecca, Arizona

A custom blend is a great choice for loved ones and even pets.

Whenever Takara gets a huge influx of orders coming in for custom blends and long distance energy sessions, she knows that big changes are happening out there. We’ve been getting both in record numbers. It is so gratifying knowing that these products and services provide such positive support when people are facing change, challenge, and transformation.

Created just for you by Takara. Always the perfect choice. Includes 3 to 10 Dancing Dolphin healing energies and the finest quality essential oils in all organic fractionated coconut, jojoba, and red raspberry seed oils. 1/3 oz. roll-on  (For People)

“I remember reading the article in one of the newsletters how you handed out an essence ot a guy with a headache or back ache or something at a trade show, and he put it on and felt instant relief and part of me chuckled and say, ‘yeah, right.’ So there I am two days post motor vehicle accident with a knot the size of a peach on my head where it hit the steering wheel, severe bruising on my chest where I slammed into the steering column, and I say ot myself, ‘let’s see how this does with severe whiplash’ and guess what? I really goo a good chuckle because I rolled it on the back of my neck and there was instant relief from the pain and I’m standing there thinking ‘now that’s really freaky.’ And I’m not making it up. Now everyone else can say that sounds so far fetched, but it happened to me and even now I have trouble grasping that, but my experience shows me it is true. Wow.” (Diamond was using a custom blend Dancing Dolphin Essence that she ordered and I shipped before the accident had even happened.) – Diamond, Albuquerque, NM

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