Discover the secrets to lasting happiness, health, success, and a sense of fulfillment.

In Peering Through the Veil: The Step by Step Guide to Meditation and Inner Peace, Debbie Takara Shelor takes you through her 18-year exploration of meditation in its myriad forms.

Shock full of personal experiences and words of wisdom, this book helps everyone from novice to long-term practitioner choose the best and most effective form of meditation for themselves. Perfect for anyone seeking inner peace, a reduction in stress, attaining enlightenment, lowering blood pressure, enhancing intuition, or forming a deeper connection with the Divine.

In Peering Through the Veil you will discover how to:

  • choose the perfect meditation method for yourself in order to achieve inner peace, clarity, mental focus, and access to higher wisdom as quickly and easily as possible,
  • use meditation as a powerful tool to rapidly manifest the life of your dreams and accelerate physical healing,
  • find the best time and locations to meditate so you will enjoy greater tranquility and peace throughout your day,
  • use energy healing tools to accelerate your results including better health and break-through thinking,
  • prepare yourself and your space for meditation so it is easier to reach deep states of mind allowing you to decrease your blood pressure, stress, and worry while improving your ability to concentrate, solve problems, and be more productive,
  • visualize more effectively to create lasting shifts in your health, finances, relationships, and career,
  • enhance your meditations to become peaceful faster and stop the mental chatter and stress that cause you to make poor decisions, raise your blood pressure, and worry all the time,
  • utilize the power of vortexes, medicine wheels, labyrinths, and other sacred locations for profound personal and spiritual growth, and
  • get significantly faster results.

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