Rejoice when things end, relationships ending, overcoming lost love

Often when relationships end, we’re left feeling sad, angry, lost, or devastated. Rather than mourning for years, you can actually rejoice when things end.

Some people never get over the emotional pain of loss … getting stuck in one of the phases of mourning/grief.

I was talking with a friend recently who hasn’t had the easiest time over the years. And I shared that I can now talk about being raped as a way to let others know they are not alone, but that it’s not painful to talk about anymore.


Because I’ve healed the trauma of it. It’s no longer something I get upset about when I think or speak about it. I don’t get sad or angry or have any emotional reaction whatsoever.

That’s how you know you’ve truly healed the wound from something painful. It becomes just a story or experience … with no emotional charge.

If I can do it … so can you!

It’s important to heal all the wounds … including relationships that ended, even unexpectedly.

It does take concerted effort.

But it is oh so worth it! You can’t really have a truly fabulous relationship with anyone if you are carrying around wounds from previous relationships.

You can:

  • journal,
  • seek assistance from trained mental health professionals and/or alternative medicine therapists of various kinds,
  • do guided meditations and/or shamanic journeys designed to assist in releasing the past,
  • spend time in nature in silence (so soothing to the soul),
  • do something like a Seed of Divine Restoration session and other sessions with me or someone else that help you rewrite the past and move forward,
  • work with the Dancing Dolphin Essence Healing the Past,
  • and the list just goes on.

I did all of that and more when dealing with overcoming rape, betrayal, my ex. cheating while we were married, and too many to count relationships that have ended.

Sometimes deep wounds are healed in layers. You address the pain and then a year or two later, something else about it rears up and wants your attention.

I trust the Universe and I know that if one relationship ends, another is on its way. That’s with any type of relationship – friendship, business partnership, romance, whatever.

Rather than getting so upset when a friend stops being a friend or some other relationship ends, trust that you are better off (in the long run) not having that person in your life.

Or, in the case of the death of a loved one … know that it was time for their soul to take another journey. Wish them well and keep them forever in your heart. But, move on with your life after you’ve had a time of mourning.

Allowing anything to keep you in a perpetual state of sadness or anger is harmful to your health, your mood, and your ability to achieve your dreams.

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