Be careful what you ask for, thoughts and words matter when manifesting

Be Careful What You Ask For

If you’ve read my book on manifesting called Unleash Your Future, or you’ve read one of my numerous articles or watched one of my videos, you know about the things required to manifest your desires. And you know how important it is to be careful what you ask for.

Something I don’t talk about very often is instant manifestation. I don’t talk about it very much because it doesn’t apply to everyone.

Those who have been working diligently on the Trifecta of TransformationTM achieve what I call the Noble C State(TM). And when you are in that state … manifestation can happen instantly or exceedingly fast. So, you absolutely must know exactly what you want and focus on that. You don’t dare focus on what you don’t want because that will also show up, and quickly.

The Noble C State(TM) is a state of being where you are living at a level of Mastery. It doesn’t mean you’ve “arrived” or are perfect. We all have MUCH to continue to improve. But it does mean that you are much more whole, healed, and in a state of flow with the Universe than you once were.

And in that state … seemingly miraculous things can happen. And synchronicity and lightning-fast manifestation becomes almost commonplace.

At any level of mastery or vibration, one needs to watch what they think and say. Because, even though those words, thoughts, and actions aren’t manifesting immediately … they will manifest.

But, at a higher level of vibration and wholeness, the need to be careful takes on a whole new meaning. Every word, every thought, can be made real.

That’s why paying attention all the time to what you are thinking, saying, and doing is so important. Listen to yourself. If the Universe was listening (it is) and would create for you whatever you are talking about (it does), is that what you really want?

There is a famous saying that goes, “I can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought.” Indeed. You really can’t. You can’t afford to constantly criticize your co-workers, the government, your spouse, etc. If you really want something, you can’t talk about “I’ll never have … or I’ll never do … or I’ll never get …” You get the idea.

Words have power. And every one of them that you utter matters.

So …

Be careful what you ask for! And, you are always asking … with your thoughts and words. All day, every day, you are sending up the signal about what you desire to have more of in life.

At a certain level of vibration and alignment, you literally have to even be consciously aware of your thoughts.

I didn’t do very many interviews, summits, guest lectures, etc. last year. I did a few. But mostly I was in recovery from the past few years of helping my mom care for my dad as he was on his way out. The last few months of his life in 2022 were brutal … for him and all his caregivers.

Even after his death, I was the one responsible for all his affairs – settling bank accounts, insurance, helping mom deal with the funeral arrangements, and all the other things involved after someone dies. It took months and months for some things. And selling his business is something I’m still working on.

All this “stuff” was so involved, I decided to create a workbook/planner for other families to help them prepare for a loved one’s death … to make it a much easier and more organized process. I used to design operation manuals for employees as part of my job as an Industrial Engineer. So tackling The planner is almost finished. It should be available soon.

I was putting together info about HSP Summit I was invited to participate in. And I began thinking about doing more interviews, talks, and presentations. I decided I wanted to do about one a month.

This wasn’t something I was actively trying to manifest. It was just an idea I started toying around with in my mind. I didn’t write it down in my ToDo list as something to make happen. It was simply a thought and a decision. I probably spent only 1 to 3 minutes on the idea.

The very next day, I got a call from a friend inviting me to teach a virtual class at her center. She said she had the sudden thought to invite me.

That’s how fast things can happen when you are centered, balanced, and at peace within, know exactly what you want, and don’t have other conflicting goals or fears in the way.

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Be sure to watch the Trifecta of Transformation Video for insight on what the Noble C StateTM is and how to achieve it so you can experience more synchronicity and faster manifesting.

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