Pure Fresh Water for Health






Every week I haul 2 gal, 3 gal, and 5 gal bottles to the store and dispense reverse osmosis water into them.

Living where I live, I get a lot of stares from people who think I’ve lost my mind or that I must live somewhere having a water problem. I’ve been using the same store to purchase water from for over 5 years and only once did I have to wait because someone else was dispensing.

Even on a well in New Mexico, when we switched to getting reverse osmosis water, within 3 days I had more energy and just felt generally better.

If you are still turning on the tap and drinking that crap … its time to stop!

Where I live, there is WAY too much chlorine – you can literally smell it when you turn on the faucet – and there is fluoride. So we use Brita for cooking and reverse osmosis for drinking and for brewing tea and coffee.

This is a very interesting article about fluoride and its serious health dangers based on statements in the world’s most prestigious medical journal:

If you could use a boost in health and energy, start with great water and then add Xooma Xtreme X2O. I drink it every day.

They call it “weight loss water,” but it does so much more!

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Follow the X2O link and learn a lot more about health and good water.