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Video 1

In Video 1, I share:

  • what it means to be Magnificent,
  • an exercise to get very clear about where you are right now vs where you want to be, and
  • what could be standing in your way of experiencing your magnificence right now …

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Video 2:

When I reviewed the footage, I realized the images were kind of blurry in the second video. I was fairly disappointed about that. Then I “got” that these videos aren’t about me, they are about you. The images are blurred and I’m sort of off in the distance so that the words and the energies are center stage.

When I start talking about the Divine Feminine, all this energy came flooding in and if you pay attention to the visual, the aura became very visible. Open yourself to receive and you should feel quite a lot of energy watching video 2.

Video 3

In Video 3, I share:

  • a review of what it means to be Magnificent,
  • several powerful examples of living in Magnificence and what that can look like,
  • some of the external causes that prevent you from living a Magnificent life,
  • why she developed this program with you in mind,
  • what you will receive and experience in the Magnificent U Foundation 6-month Course.


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