Forchianna Publishing is now Deep Dive Publishers

Deep Dive Publishers is dedicating to bringing you messages that matter through leading edge books, articles, videos, and programs to help you become more empowered, better informed, and lead a healthier, happier, and more meaningful life! It’s parent company, Deep Dive Enterprise LLC, is an on- and off-line training and technologies company empowering people to achieve personal magnificence. Deep Dive Publishers is privately owned by bestselling author, D. Takara Shelor and Jeshua Hicks.

In addition to publishing, they offers the Deep Dive Publishing Success SystemTM and accept a few select individuals as Author Success Consulting clients.  Complete the form at the bottom of the page if you wish to be considered.

Deep Dive Publishers publishes books in multiple genres and for multiple age ranges including personal growth books, science fiction books, fantasy books, travel books, memoirs, energy healing books, childrens books, transformational books, success books, self-help books, empowerment books, spiritual growth books and more.

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A Few of Our Bestselling Titles Include:

Bestselling Meditation Book Peering Through the Veil

Peering Through the Veil

The Step by Step Guide to Meditation and Inner Peace

This was Takara’s first book in print. It is an award-winning book that became a bestseller right away. In preparation for its debut, she spent many years learning about book writing, publishing, launching and promotion. Applying what she learned and following the success of this and subsequent books, she utilized her teaching and engineering skills to develop the Magnificent U Author Success System.

Dolphins & Whales Forever

For years Takara knew she would do a book with other cetacean experts. When the time was “right” and the “right” group of people came together, she got the intuitive nudge that it was time. This book quickly became a #1 bestseller.


A Memoir From Brooklyn to Kabul

Cat Parenti became one of Takara’s author success clients. Takara decided to be her publisher for both books in her Afghanistan series. They both launched to #1 bestseller status.

Unleash Your Future

The Powerful 5 Step Formula to Transform Your Dreams into Reality Through the Law of Attraction

Takara’s latest bestselling book. It hit numerous bestseller lists in the U.S. and abroad. It began as a book being written by Mark Boldizar who hired her as his author success coach. The more they talked, the more he realized her manifesting knowledge was vital and he invited her to be a co-author on the project. She managed the book production and launch campaign, created the cover, did the interior design, co-edited the text along with Jeshua Hicks, created the website, designed the majority of the promotional graphics, created the landing pages, email copy, and much more.

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Visit the Deep Dive Publishers Website for more information.