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What Exactly Are Dancing Dolphin Aromatherapy Products and Flower & Gem Essences?

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Dancing Dolphin Alchemical Synergy Aromatherapy products are actually flower and/or gem essences and blends that have been vastly energetically enhanced. The oil blends also contain therapeutic quality aromatherapy / essential oils.

You may have heard of flower essences. Or maybe you haven't. Some of the best known are Bach Flower Remedies, FES, and Australian Bush Essences. There are thousands of other brands available - each varying in the attributes they address, quality, and level of effectiveness.

The beautiful thing about flower essences is that they are self-regulating. That means you can't take too much. And they have no known side effects - unless of course you consider healing and feeling better a side effect.

Dancing Dolphin Essences offer a “New Wave in Wellness.”

After each flower or gem essence is prepared in the traditional way – which would then be sold to you by most vibrational essence manufacturers – Dancing Dolphin Essences have only begun to take on the healing vibrations that they contain in the end.

Each essence undergoes a proprietary process of alchemical infusions that significantly raise the vibration, refine the energy, and soften the experience.

The result is a totally unique, highly effective product that assists you in achieving and maintaining a state of harmony and balance within yourself and with your world.

"These are the most powerful essences that I have ever worked with." - Amber, StoneHaven Retreat Healing Centre, British Columbia, Canada

It begins with a Flower Essence

A flower essence is an energy healing or vibrational medicine product, often called an energetic elixir, made from the flower blooms or buds of a particular plant.

The potency and effectiveness of a flower essence depends on:

  • whether or not the flower is at it's peak of bloom when cut
  • the growing conditions - location, wild habitat, or grown in a private or commercial garden, organic or biodynamically grown, etc.
  • the amount of sunlight the day the essence is made
  • the relationship of the person making the essence with the plant itself (really), and
  • several other highly esoteric, spiritual factors

I know what you must be thinking

It sounds too airy fairy, voodoo woo woo for me.

Trust me, as an Industrial Engineer and former front line supervisor in the pharmaceutical industry, I know exactly how crazy it sounds.

Yet despite their inherent esoteric or spiritual nature, flower essences are being used successfully all over the world in medical facilities, by private individuals, in many veterinary clinics and hospitals.

They have been researched scientifically and they work.

Dr. Jeffrey Cram, a clinical research psychologist, has concluded after several controlled studies that flower essences do exert measurable physiological effects.

Flower Essences were even made popular in the western world by a medical doctor from England named Dr. Edward Bach who made them for his patients.

According to Dr. Edward Bach:

". . . it is our fears, our cares, our anxieties and such that open the path to the invasion of illness. Thus by treating our fears, our worries, and so on we not only free ourselves from illness, but leave us happier and better in ourselves.

“Disease is in essence the result of a conflict between soul and mind and will never be eradicated except by spiritual and mental effort . . . No effort directed to the body alone can do more than superficially repair damage and in this is no cure since the cause is still operative and may at any moment again demonstrate its presence in another form.”

Even though flower essence enthusiasts often give Dr. Bach credit for "inventing" them, that is not the case. They have been used for centuries in various cultures throughout the world including the Aborigines in Australia, the indigenous people of South America and Egypt.

Even Paracelsus, the Father of Modern Medicine, collected the dew off flowering plants for his patients. He was essentially using flower essences with them.

Paracelsus knew that healing was not simply a physical concern. A person must be whole physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. And the healing process must incorporate all of these aspects, not just the physical.

"Every created thing has two bodies, one visible and substantial, the other invisible and transcendent. The latter consists of an ethereal counterpart of the physical form; it constitutes the vehicle of archжus, and may be called a vital body. . . Paracelsus taught that a person with a morbid mental attitude could poison his own etheric nature, and this infection, diverting the natural flow of vital life force, would later appear as a physical ailment. . . Paracelsus, recognizing derangements of the etheric double as the most important cause of disease, sought to reharmonize its substances by bringing into contact with it other bodies whose vital energy could supply elements needed, or were strong enough to overcome the diseased conditions existing in the aura (energy body) of the sufferer. Its invisible cause having been thus removed, the ailment speedily vanished." - Manly P. Hall

This vital body, also known as the aura or energy body, is what all forms of energy medicine addresses - from Acupuncture to Tai Chi, from color and sound therapy to flower essences. And many doctors are now asking that their professional publications cover these forms of alternative therapy which are in such high demand.

Richard Gerber M.D. indicates that flower essences work on all levels simultaneously - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

It is interesting to note that modern medicine is only beginning to recognize what it's founder, Paracelsus, knew as a fundamental principal way back when. Disease is often a direct result of the mental and emotional state of the individual.

From that perspective, "Don't worry. Be happy" takes on a whole new meaning. And flower and gem essences can become vital components in the healing process.

It would be easy to tell you that Dancing Dolphin products are simply another brand of flower essence and leave it at that

Trying to explain the rest of it is no small task. And I can't prove (yet) that what you're about to read is true.

We're working on it though. I've got an acupuncturist working with them in her clinic and several energy healers who use them with clients. There are some new medical diagnostic tools that we'll be using to prove their effectiveness in the very near future.

In the meantime, we have happy repeat customers all over the world.

So here is the rest of it

I (Takara) begin by creating a very powerful flower essence - like all the other companies out there including Bach, FES, and all the rest - using mostly wildcrafted flowers.

That means I find them growing naturally in their own habitat and I work with them there in their native territory.

I have organically grown a few for very specific purposes. But most of them were found in the wild.

Flower essences are made in pristine water and typically preserved with some form of alcohol - brandy being the most common.

I personally never liked the water and alcohol elixir, so I created an even more powerful essence form using all organic fractionated coconut, jojoba, and red raspberry seed oils and enhancing it with therapeutic quality essential oils - known as aromatherapy.

And if flower essences alone aren't esoteric enough, well the rest of it is even more difficult to explain

You see a long time ago, back in 1993, I was having a serious personal crisis. As part of my healing and moving forward from this situation, I learned to meditate. And as soon as I began meditating, dolphins began showing up in my meditations.

I really do know how "unusual" that sounds to most people. It even sounds pretty unusual to me. Regardless, it happened and has continued to this day.

So what has that got to do with flower essences and healing?

Well, just as flowers offer particular vibrations for healing. Dolphins have a particular vibration that is very healing as well.

I can explain it in a very esoteric way and say that they are multi-dimensional beings that emit a field which is very healing, nurturing, and loving to be enveloped in. Inside that field, one feels uplifted and often finds clarity, truth, and inspiration.

Or I can explain it in a more practical way and say research indicates that:

  • autistic children begin to respond in new ways after being in the water with dolphins,
  • individuals who are terrified of water are suddenly completely at peace when the dolphins show up, and
  • people have reported emotional healing after being in the water with dolphins.

So when the dolphins began coming to me in meditation, they were also making available to me those same vibrations people feel when they are in the water with them. And somehow, magically, I am able to make available similar healing vibrations with my presence, my hands, and my intention. And even more remarkably, I can infuse objects with them.

The power of prayer and the use of Reiki and other forms of hands-on healing have been medically proven. There are even some hospitals in which a hands-on healer works in the operating room alongside the physician. Studies show that recovery is faster for the patients who get to experience that during their surgery.

I use this healing energy that comes through me from what I call the Divine Presence, along with color, sound, crystals, gems, and sacred geometric configurations to upgrade and enhance a flower or gem essence that I've personally made from scratch.

The Essences continue to evolve and become higher in vibration as I evolve

In addition to me personally holding and praying over every single bottle literally pulling down light into each of them, I place each bottle in an extremely elaborate multi-layered series of grids that contains hundreds of crystals, gems, symbols, 3-dimensional sacred geometric energy devices and more.

For years I've collected stones from all over the world. Places I've lived. Ones gathered by friends from foreign lands.

I have lava rocks from Abique, New Mexico, where Georgia O'Keefe created much of her world renowned art, and from Santorini, Greece. I have sparkly stones flecked with mica from Sipapu, New Mexico and Palomar Mt., California.

The special energy at Sipapu is where Stuart Wilde wrote his Taos Quintet and specifically the energy he spent a whole book describing in The Quickening. It is also where I "brought in" (channeled, received, was inspired with) the technologies in The Dancing Dolphin Way. It is a very magical energy and sparkly rocks always assist in connecting with faeries (fairy).

Palomar Mt. California is a very sacred mountain and more UFO sightings happened there than in any other place on earth up until the early 80's.

My home on the mountain literally was sitting on a vortex. We watched a compass spin around and around when held over my chair at the kitchen table. That home is where my son, Jess, was conceived and the first series of Dancing Dolphin Essences were created from the wildflowers growing nearby. It is also where I was inspired with the original upgrade process to infuse sound into the bottles.

I had enough rocks matching in size and vibration from each of the locations to make a medicine wheel out of each kind containing at least 8 stones. So now, in my multi-layered grid system there are wheels within wheels. And the addition of the lava rocks has added an entirely new "layer" to the alchemy of Dancing Dolphin Essences.

Every Dancing Dolphin Essence also contains a frequency of Diamonds.

The alchemy continues to evolve as I do . . .

Yep. Sounds like a bunch of craziness.

I assure you it is not.

These energy elixirs might just do exactly what you need.

You landed on this page, so some part of you desired the information.

It is your innate nature to be in joy. And we've already discussed how disease occurs if you aren't in the right mental or emotional state.

Dancing Dolphin Alchemical Synergies help you get back in touch with that joyful, happy part of yourself. They help you realign and harmonize with being in a more peaceful healthy state.

You don't have to believe anything in order for them to be effective

  • You don't have to believe in angels, or fairies, or flower devas.
  • You don't have to believe in a Supreme Being or even prayer.
  • You don't have to believe that energy can heal.
  • You don't have to believe that people can communicate with plants.

Isn't it great!

You don't have to understand electrical engineering in order to use and benefit from a light switch.

And you don't have to understand, or even believe in energy medicine to have it work effectively for you.

Every Dancing Dolphin Essence helps you to feel:

  • Physically relaxed and carefree like you’ve just had a great massage,
  • Emotionally uplifted like you’ve just had a wonderful conversation with a dear friend,
  • Mentally at peace like you’ve just spent a quiet afternoon in nature.

Dancing Dolphin Flower and Gem Essences were designed to help you:

  • Achieve greater Success in all areas of life
  • Increase your Happiness and Joy
  • Have greater Self Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Assist in Healing your Body, Mind, and Soul
  • Feel Empowered and Fulfilled
  • Attain deeper levels of Inner Peace
  • Enhance your Intuition
  • Significantly Raise your Vibration
  • Grow Personally ^ Spiritually
  • Feel Good

They have been thrilling customers the world over since 1998.

"Thank you soooo much for the personal essence (custom essence blend). This is a very challenging time in my life and I seem to be sailing through it. My friends and family are amazed that I am so calm, serene and knowing that everything is not only OK, but in fact exactly where I need to be right now. I believe the essence has helped me turn troubled waters into calming waves. Thanks again!"- Rebecca, Arizona

"Within the first five minutes of being in the water (using Inner Peace essence in the bath) I felt a wave of calmness come over me. This was not just a feeling inside, I literally felt the energy moving over me like a wave. . . I have felt an inner calmness more consistently in my day. . . I am very impressed with the way the energy of the dolphins is affecting me. It's as if I am swimming with them. . . " - Anie Lyne-Booth, Maui, Hawaii

Many essences to choose from

There are numerous essences and roll-ons (over 100), each designed to assist you in a specific way for physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual wellbeing. I also create custom blends for individuals, groups, and even pets.

As an Industrial Engineer formerly working in the pharmaceutical industry, I have created a proprietary process for upgrading and enhancing flower and gem essences and other energy elixirs - taking them to a whole new level of power and effectiveness.

There is literally nothing else like them available anywhere

Who is using flower and gem essences these days?

Aromatherapy, flower essences, and gem essences have been used to facilitate healing for thousands of years.

They have been used by physicians, healers, and shaman for centuries to restore a person's health, balance, and connection with Supreme Being.

They are medically proven and are currently used in private homes as well as state of the art medical, holistic, and veterinary facilities throughout the world.

In the end, you must be the judge of whether they will work for you.

"It's so good to work with REAL energy. Other essences that I have worked with are absolutely flat. I get nothing from them. And although most people would not be able to tell if an essence was charged or not, once they have had the experience with yours, they will walk into the world empowered on many levels and always be able to tell the difference between powerful and mediocre. Anyhow, thanks again Takara for your amazing energy."- Amber, StoneHaven Retreat and Healing Centre, British Columbia, Canada