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Assists in answering the question: "Do I have the strength to face what I need to face, to go on? Can I persevere?" Assists with being vibrant and alive. Increases or magnifies any other purpose or vibration. Works synergistically with other essences to enhance their effectiveness. Helps for staying committed, continuing, and completing things. Helps you to not give up. Gives you the strength to look at what is working and what isn't working in your life. Good for loneliness. Help when little ones have to be away from mom. Good for fear of abandonment. Helps indigo and crystal children have the strength to withstand the outside pressure and influences. Gives them the strength to stay in the truth of who they are. In times of stress and not being sure of who they are, this is the perfect essence. (Bud Essence)

"I took the Strength Essence ... Powerful feeling of an internal explosion of energy ... strong feeling of clarity." - Tina Salazar, Littleton, CO

Practitioner Advice - "By combining Strength and Star of Truth the indigo child gets to see the Truths. Those people in the child's life don't necessarily understand the child and they are doing the best they can. Helps them realize where people are and have more tolerance and acceptance of self and others."

As you continue to evolve - Standing in the strength of who you are.

As you evolve to an even higher vibration - You are completely in a pillar of strength.

Made with impatiens bud.

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