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The Essence of Camelot - it makes every day feel as magical as Camelot and Avalon


Camelot was a time of enchanting moments, magical synchronicity, life-long friendships, honor, chivalry, passion, and love. These was a deeper purpose bigger than one's self. The Essence of Camelot assists you in reclaiming those things in your own life.

Everyone's life can be magical - or at least a lot easier anyway. Sometimes the day to day can be difficult and we lose our zest and passion for life.

For me, this essence also represents Avalon - beyond the mists or veil, the women of mystery and higher wisdom.

Do you remember a Camelot time in your own life? - A time when you were happy, you were acknowledged and appreciated, and your life seemed to work. It's time to reclaim it now with The Essence of Camelot and the accompanying CD by Richard Shulman from which it was created.

Camelot Reawakened is an award-winning CD with full orchestra and vocals. The melodies and musical soundscapes literally take you into a magical place.

With or without the music, the essence is fabulous! Life seems magical when you are bathed in that frequency. It is one of my favorites. Synchronicity seems to increase. I always get better parking spots when I have it on. And it puts me in a great mood. A friend of mine put some on before giving a massage. She was exuding such a happy presence that her client said, "I want some of whatever you've been doing." Oh yeah, I put some on before filing my divorce papers at the courthouse. The divorce process is reported to take 30 to 60 some days in New Mexico. It took me exactly one hour and ten minutes.

It's one of my favorite realms. I LOVE basking in that vibration and feeling the enchantment of the mystical magical isle of Avalon and the community, nobleness, and commitment to something greater than one's self that is Camelot. 

"Camelot, wow - that is a very sexy oil ... you could promote it as an aphrodisiac if you wanted, my husband and I found it very inspiring." - Istara Freedom

This is one of my personal favorites for starting a group. It uplifts everyone and begins a harmony among the participants. It helps things to flow. It makes everything work in a more magical synchronistic way. It assists participants in having faith and trust in each other and in you. The Blue Calcinega crystal used in this blend greatly assists in understanding the Great Mystery. 

This oil and mist are made with Blue Calcinega and infused with the mystical sounds of Richard Shulman's Camelot Reawakened. The dream of Heaven on Earth, that flowered for a time in Camelot and has continued to grow in the hearts and minds of many. That is the music Richard Shulman brought forth in Camelot Reawakened - a Vision Fulfilled. That same energy is now infused into, and enhanced by, this precious essence which also includes the mystical crystal Blue Calcinega making Avalon more accessible. 

Assists in accessing the mystical, magical realm of Camelot / Avalon. Makes everything easier and more magical. A sweet uplifted feeling. Spice Blend aromatherapy.

Let's get back to Camelot, shall we?

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