Awakening by Dancing Dolphin

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Assists in answering the question: "Who am I? How can I become all that I Am?" Aids in awakening to spirituality and a new form of consciousness. Becoming aware that there is much more out there than you previously recognized. Awakening to new aspects of self and your true gifts.

Practitioner Advice - "As you recognize that something within you is changing, take this essence to assist with the change."

As you continue to evolve - Total acceptance of all aspects of self. Most people don't recognize some aspects of self because they hold judgments about those qualities and aspects. An awakening to all of the Universe - All There Is. Understanding the force of the universe. An awakening into Love. Breaking out of the consciousness of fear into the consciousness of love.

As you evolve to an even higher vibration - You are the love consciousness. Continue to awaken into more expanded levels of love.

Practitioner Advice - "Take this essence along with Diamond Foundation. Foundation will lay the foundation for you to repattern and be in the imprint of the Diamond vibration."

Peppermint aromatherapy.

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