Ordination by Dancing Dolphin

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Assists in answering the question: "Can I Live my truth?" Opens connection and communication with Creator with a focus on tapping into your souls purpose and mission. Helps to find and journey on your path of service to humanity. Helps you own up to who you are and what you came here to do. Wherever you have beliefs that are out of alignment with the Truth of God, this essence assists you in alleviating any God related issues: Lack of Trust in God and yourself, the lack of worthiness to be of service, lack of faith and belief in yourself and God. Once you are through these God issues, you suddenly feel "ordained" in doing your mission. You step into your service, your path, your mission, and your purpose. It gives you the foundation and confidence to stand in your Truth and go forward in your mission. Confidence in God. Confidence in yourself. An inner knowing that what you are doing is right on. (Sacred Mountain Essence)

As you continue to evolve - Deeper understanding and knowing of God's presence and co-creating with God. Allows you to step more fully into the presence of what God has ordained you to do this lifetime.

As you evolve to an even higher vibration - Expands and allows you to feel more deeply the knowing and embodiment of your mission.

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