Jewelry ~ Pendulums ~ BioElectric Shields

Jewelry ~ Pendulums ~ BioElectric Shields

Goddesses love gems and jewelry. Anyone who loves crystals and gemstones wants to feel them next to the skin to experience the benefit of their healing properties. 

We offer beautiful necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and pendulums infused with powerful Dancing Dolphin healing energy as well as BioElectric Shields for energetic protection.

Our empowering earrings, bracelets, and necklaces are infused with transformational Dancing Dolphin healing energy. Handmade from precious and semi-precious stones hand selected by Takara for their specific healing and other energetic properties. Stones and the products created with them are cleared and activated on the same powerful multi-layer grid used to infuse all Dancing Dolphin products. Wear earrings and bracelets daily to be enveloped in the loving energetic field created by each piece of jewelry we offer.

Dancing Dolphin Design pendulums of dowsing are made from precious and semi-precious stones hand selected by Takara for their healing and specific energetic properties. Because Takara personally works with each item, they are infused with the various frequencies she brings in. Energetically sensitive people will LOVE the nurturing healing energies of the pendulum they choose. They make fabulous gifts for the ones you love. Use them daily to be enveloped in the loving healing embrace that is Dancing Dolphin.

BioElectric Shields are powerful energy protection devices medically proven to be effective. They protect the wearer from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation and other people's negative energy. Takara has been wearing a BioElectric Shield since 1995. Her first shield was silver. She upgraded from that shield to one that was silver with gold tabs. Eventually, she upgraded to an all white gold shield.