Creative Invocation to the I Am Presence - Forgiveness

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Forgiving yourself and others - Takara insists that EVERYONE should go through at least 1 bottle of Forgiveness at some point in their spiritual journey. Let her guide you in ways to forgive yourself and others with the wisdom and transformational healing journey you experience with this recording.

No matter how much a person has forgiven others or themselves, there seems to always be more forgiveness that is needed. In healing, we often talk about things coming off like the layers of an onion. Forgiveness definitely works that way for most people. If you ever become instantly angry or sad over circumstances or someone else's behavior, that is often a sign that there is more forgiveness that needs to be done. 

A combination of a recorded webinar containing a powerful Invocation healing meditation and the Dancing Dolphin Alchemical Synergy Forgiveness in a 1/3 oz. roll-on bottle. It contains instructions to do a powerful energetic clearing for yourself, your home, your vehicles, where you work, etc. and specifically addresses core issues.

How it works:

  • You purchase the package
  • We send you the Finally Free oil
  • You use the oil a couple of times a day for several days before listening to the audio
  • You listen to the audio and do the guided Invocation meditation
  • You continue to use the oil until the bottle is empty
  • You can re-listen to the audio anytime you desire

Visit this link to find out more about Creative Invocations.

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