Enlightenment Inner Peace Meditation Course

Rising in Consciousness and Awareness, All Spiritual Paths Lead to Love

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For the true seeker, rising in consciousness and awareness, eventually all spiritual paths lead to love.  People like Hildegard von Bingam and St. Francis were both mystics who remained within the church while continuing to evolve…
Energy Healers Shsman

Energy Healers, Shamans ... And Knowing Who to Trust

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Energy Healers and Shaman Most spiritual seekers have had an energy healing session of one form or another. Perhaps they have had some sort of color sound therapy, or seen a shaman or other medicine person for a soul retrieval or other process.…
Shoulds Destroy Relationships

Shoulds Can Destroy Relationships and Self Esteem

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The bloody shoulds destroy relationships and self-esteem. Blame, shame, victimhood, guilt ... often create terrible destruction and rarely anything positive. Blaming Others The only way for a person to be happy is to stop blaming others…
10 Great Tips on How to Love, Honor, and Appreciate Everyone!

10 Great Tips on How to Love, Honor, and Appreciate Everyone!

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It is not always easy to find the "good" in everyone or to genuinely learn to like and appreciate them. I have a set of beliefs that makes this easier, or at least worth attempting to do. These beliefs or realizations are based on years…
Learning to Ride the Waves of Life

What Does the Golden Rule Have to do with Education and High Self Esteem?

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Thomas Moore said, "What if schools saw the care of children's souls as their primary mission, coloring all 'educational' activities?" What a powerful thought! Studies show kids go in to first grade with high self esteem. By the time they…
Free Guided Meditation for Dolphins, Whales, and Water

Fall Equinox, Free Guided Dolphin Meditations, and the Turning of the Wheel! 

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Wednesday, September 23rd, 8 p.m. Wherever you Are Fall is the time we harvest the fruits of our labor. It is the height of receiving and manifesting of those projects that we've planted and cared for within our lives. I am certainly…
Achieve Big Dreams by Takara

How to Achieve Big Dreams vs. Fighting Your Current Circumstance by Takara

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This message is for anyone unhappy with their circumstances. First of all ... they are there for a reason. Typically a lesson. Whether it is a disease, a bad relationship, a financial issue, living conditions less than ideal. Embrace…
Learning to Ride the Waves of Life

Learning to Ride the Waves of Life

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Things are moving fast these days. Events are occurring that you never anticipated. Dear friends are suddenly ill or dead. Happy kids are suddenly severely depressed to the point of suicide. You lose your job after 20 years. There is a car…
Learning to Ride the Waves of Life

Forgiveness and the Power to Heal

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Forgiveness is a powerful journey.  However, it is completely a journey about self. Whatever harm another might have caused, the only person we can heal and make whole again is self.  So it is our view of the situation, our anger,…
Learning to Ride the Waves of Life

Stuart Wilde ~ a Tribute to My First Teacher and a Life-Long Mentor

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The impact one person can have on a life is mind boggling. At a time when I was in the pit of despair, I felt “inspired” to visit a New Age bookstore for the first time. How I found the courage to do that is a miracle in itself. I read…