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Who Would You Spend A Day With and Why?

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I was flipping through the Parade Magazine in this week's paper and saw the most intriguing article. It said if you could go back in time and spend a day with anyone, who would it be and why? Wow, the people and questions I'd have started popping…
Improve Intuition with Pendulum Dowsing Expert Interview
All Spiritual Paths Lead to Love, Inner Peace, and Enlightenment

All Spiritual Paths Ultimately Lead to Love, Inner Peace, and Enlightenment

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Even though there are numerous spiritual paths, many people hold strong convictions that there is only one path to God ... and obviously that path is the one they are following.  It has been my experience that the higher you climb in consciousness…
The Spring Equinox Celebration Rocked

The Spring Equinox Celebration Rocked

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What a fantastic Spring Equinox Celebration we had at Spirit of Nature Retreat. All I can say is this place was definitely buzzing with energy. By 2 in the afternoon we had close to 30 people in the Healing Sanctuary drumming and singing…
The Power of Words Conscious Language

The Power of Words - Using Conscious Language to Manifest Your Desires

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How many times have you set goals, visualized your desired outcome, created and repeated positive affirmations, and yet still not achieved what you had hoped? There are numerous potential causes for this. Sometimes it's simply a matter…

The Healing Power of Shamanism

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What is Shamanism and Who is a Shaman? A person who practices shamanism can be defined as someone who sees in the dark (psychically, energetically). Another description is someone who works in the unseen or spiritual realms. Shaman is…
Proof of Reincarnation article by Takara

Proof of Reincarnation

Recently on Facebook, someone posted this YouTube video about a very interesting reincarnation story. It's a truly fascinating bit of video that was shown on FOX news. Here's the Link: I hear about so many situations where the…
Pendulum Dowsing Articles at Magnificent U

Pendulum Dowsing Articles at Magnificent U

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Whether you are new to dowsing, or an old pro, I have articles for you. At Magnificent U, we will explore together the wonderful world of dowsing with a pendulum - from the basic fundamentals to highly advanced, specialized applications,…
Spiritual Warrior

Are You a Spiritual Warrior or a Metaphysical Wimp?

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  Our original plan was to be Spiritual Warriors. We came from distant galaxies on a grand mission - to usher Planet Earth and all her inhabitants into the New Age. We held a beautiful vision of a golden age of love and light,…