Entrepreneurs, authors, and others needing to be at the peak of creativity in order to achieve success will enjoy my insights below.

Being a bestselling author, I am part of several author’s groups on Facebook. When I read people discussing how they force themselves to sit down at a certain time and write so many words each day, I think, “WOW, if I had to force myself to write – especially a certain amount of words – then I would definitely not be a writer.”

I love water and I consider creativity very much like water and the ebb and flow like the tide. When the tide is in, it comes with full force and I may do nothing but write, rarely even eating, for days on end. I have literally written a whole book in 2 or 3 days.

Then it ebbs, the tide goes out, the ideas percolate in the background, in the subconscious, out in the Universe somewhere rearranging themselves, weaving with other things, until they come back in on another wave – at which time I may bring in another chapter or two or ten.

That is the way of my writing and all of my creative pursuits – be they books, training programs I’m developing, or marketing materials.

When its time, the words pour forth effortlessly. A second sooner, if I try to force it, the words are both not from the right “place” and not the right words. In Divine timing, and in the perfect number, they come. That is how I write. I invite you to find the courage to do the same with your writing and all creative endeavors.

All of nature has a rhythm:

  • The turning of the earth about its axis
  • the transformation of night to day back to night again
  • the cycles of birth, growth, harvest, death, and rebirth
  • the seasons
  • a woman’s cycles – when in tune its with the moon

When you get in sync with the earth through time in nature, in quiet inner reflection, in meditation, and align with the Divine, the flow of inspiration comes faster and with much less effort.

The higher you climb in consciousness, the easier goals are to achieve and the less attached you are to them anyway. Ever evolving. Ever growing. Ever changing and transforming into a greater version of self. That is the journey towards the Magnificent U.

Have a deLightful day,

Takara – bestselling author, speaker, engineer, mystic


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A very effective way to remain calm and at peace is through Meditation. When you can drop into a theta brainwave state at will, emotions are disconnected. You are calm, cool, and collected no matter what. It makes things easier to think, make good decisions, and not go into fear. You can also come out of it at will and be as upset or depressed as you feel you want to be. It becomes a choice, not a reaction to circumstance. 

I also have some fabulous products that use energy healing and aromatherapy that help people thrive and/or remain at peace when faced with chaos and uncertainty. 

Probably the best one for that is Inner Peace. We call it the stress buster:


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It’s that time of year again. As the birds are chirping, the daffodils and other flowers are making their way out of the ground, and the animals are scurrying about. The nature of things outdoors isn’t the only thing that changes this time of year.

We all become a little restless. Tired of staying cooped up indoors. We want to take a long walk in the sun, begin working in the gardens preparing the soil, and we also feel the strong desire to declutter our space and our life.

An old friend called recently saying he was spring cleaning. Not only was he cleaning up the house and yard, but he was clearing out the negativity in the rest of his life. I was inspired to ask him if that included people. He laughed saying it did.

Negativity and disharmonious energies aren’t the only things that can bring you down or get you off track. Being energetically connected, however subtly, can prevent you from truly being in flow and being who you really are.

I used to teach a course called Manifesting Your Beloved. As you might imagine, it was extremely popular. It was not uncommon to have 50 or so people show up from only word of mouth advertising. It was long before I had an email newsletter and an online following. Anyway, one of the principles I taught in that course was the importance of clearing out ALL the old energy from previous relationships in order to make room for the new.

I shared how I got rid of everything given to me by previous romantic partners – clothing, jewelry, and other gifts. I definitely recommend moving out of the house you shared. If you can’t afford that, then at the very least, get rid of the bed. Spaces have memory and carry the energetic signature of whatever has transpired in the space. Many people feel you should never live in any home but a new one. Feng Shui experts always look at who used a space previously – were they ill, did they have financial or legal problems, did their marriage dissolve?

I moved into a home where the previous owners had gone through a traumatic divorce. Prior to living there, my relationship was wonderful. It began to degrade, my husband began having extramarital affairs, and we eventually divorced. Was the space the cause? I don’t think so. However, I do believe the space made for fertile ground for the discord in my marriage to grow.

My relationship with my former husband, Raven, is fairly harmonious. We are both more concerned with our son’s wellbeing than wasting our time making the other person wrong. We have bumps in the road every now and then over something. But they are usually pretty quickly rectified.

So it never occurred to me that being connected to him in any way was still affecting me energetically. The influence it had was so subtle I didn’t pick it up. If you know how aware I am of subtle energy, you’ll know how significant that is. At the same time, it is very hard for any of us to see ourselves and our own life. It is infinitely easier to observe others and see what’s obvious. He called recently and said our little cell phone arrangement needed to change. Even after divorce, we stayed on a shared family plan with our phones. Jess and I kept our New Mexico phone numbers. He also asked me how he could have someone else take over his website. I’ve been hosting and maintaining that as well.

As soon I began looking at phones and carriers, I felt such a rush of freedom and soaring. WOW what a difference it made. Something I wasn’t even aware was affecting me, obviously was affecting me a lot. The new phones have arrived. And it all feels very good. I’ve been away from New Mexico for 4 years. I certainly don’t still need a phone number from there. I need a phone number from here – where I am in this moment.

I shared with you this story so that you might find things in your own life where you are connected to a person or place from your past that no longer serves you.

Time to get out the Daily Harmony Meditation and start clearing out the energetic debris in your life. When you take a dowsing class with me, I give you a much deeper and more thorough way to clear the energy. Magnificent Clearing Mist is also a nice choice.

What about your body? What are you putting in the sacred vessel, the temple for your soul? Are you still drinking soft drinks or smoking? I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to let your body know that you believe it is a temple. Give it live, organic food whenever possible. Stop feeding it garbage that you know causes it to function at less than optimum.

What do you wash you body, your clothes, and clean your home with? Are these things full of synthetic perfumes and toxic chemicals? Each of these things affect your overall vibration, ultimately resulting in your ease or dis-ease with flow. If the aroma of your perfume or the dryer sheets you use arrive before you do, its time to rethink those choices. I don’t use dryer sheets. I use the funny little balls with rubber points all over to fluff up the clothes and reduce static in the dryer. The laundry detergent is made of natural ingredients and is pH balanced.  So are all the cleaning products that we use.

As in all things, I recommend the 80/20 rules. I recommend that at least 80% of what you eat be truly healthy, nutrient rich, and healthy for your body. The other 20%, eat what brings you joy – even if its full of sugar or fat or some other thing you like, but is less beneficial for the body. I recommend that you follow the same principle for cleaning supplies, the people you hang out with, and the activities you do. Look at the benefit or detriment of everything – of course that’s EASY with dowsing the Dancing Dolphin Way – and follow the 80/20 rule, keeping 80% on the beneficial or highly beneficial side.

How about the water you drink and shower with? Tap water just won’t do. Even well water isn’t as good as you might think. We filter the water in the shower and we haul big bottles to the store and get gallons and gallons of reverse osmosis water to drink. Sometimes we run out and I use water that has been filtered in one of those water pitcher filtration systems. I always have a headache the next day after drinking that water. Even though it is taking out much, it is not taking out nearly enough of the harmful chemicals in the tap water.

Do you bless all the food that enters your mouth? How about your bottle of body lotion before you put it on? Raise the vibration of everything. Make each moment or morsel sacred.

Have a deLightful day,

P.S. Please share with me in the comments how you physically and energetically clean and clear this time of year.

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How much stinkin’ thinkin’ have you been up to lately?

You know what I mean . . .

  • Complaining about the lemons the Universe seems to have sent to you recently,
  • Having an interaction with someone that didn’t go the way you were expecting and obsessing or gossiping about how “wrong” the other person is,
  • Getting all caught up in how you feel victimized by “the system” – whether that be government, your job, or something else,
  • Immediately jumping to conclusions about why someone said or did something that contains a negative opinion about the action or the person, or insists that it was evil forces or some diabolical scheme to keep you down,
  • Saying “I could never,” or “It will never happen,” or “that’s not how life works,” or some other statement that shuts down all the possibilities the Universe is sending your way,
  • Thinking, saying, or doing something that results in you feeling bad,
  • Getting angry or upset about what those people are saying about the politician, political party, religion, or other group you feel aligned with,
  • You get the idea.

Its not easy walking the high road. But it is required if you want to heal your pain, live in joy, have harmonious relationships, achieve your heart-felt desires, or experience enlightenment.

Most people live in struggle.

And then they complain about it . . .  


Focusing on what you don’t want only causes more of the same.  If you know anything about the Law of Attraction, you already know that.

Instead of treating the next little disaster in your life like a horrible “bad” thing, why not look at it for what it is – a lesson.  Perhaps you are in the middle of a lesson about learning to flow with life, forgiveness, being kind to others, overcoming fear, staying calm despite your circumstances, letting go of people or situations that disempower you, cause you confusion, regret, or stress.

There are a lot of lessons in the classroom called earth. Every moment of every day is there for you to see who you are and what you believe. Every person you encounter has been very strategically placed in your path for you to experience something. Each one is a gift – not a curse.

Life happens. Hiccups in plans happen. Relationship issues happen. People have bad days, they misinterpret the meaning behind your words, they often see life from their own perspective and it is usually not the same perspective that you hold.

You can blame something or someone for all the struggles in your life – or you can simply realize that life unfolds the way that it does – perfectly. You can perceive situations as being evil and dark. Or you can choose to accept what is and respond calmly to whatever shows up in your life.

I believe that all things happen for a reason. And I also believe that I am Divinely guided in every moment. I trust that when one door closes, another one will open. And the other one is always better than I could have figured out on my own. I try to look at unexpected hiccups in plans as opportunities. And I try to learn from them. What could I do differently next time? What did I learn about myself, someone else, or how life or business works by experiencing this?

The bigger your dreams, the more you have to change and walk the high road. I’m not talking about just embracing new concepts with your logical mind and trying to force new habits of behavior. I’m talking about fundamental permanent shifts physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You also have to shift octaves vibrationally. If you were already the person you need to become in order to attain your desires, then those desires would already be realized.

There are a few caveats to what I just said – like Divine timing and how to know if a desire is in your highest and best interest, or whether it is simply your ego’s need for recognition, approval, or something else. We’ll save those for next time . . .

Have a deLightful day,


P.S. One of the fastest ways to get to the root of your issues and raise your vibration is a daily practice of deep meditation. Peering Through the Veil offers insight into numerous forms of meditation and how to make each meditation deeper and more profound.  


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