I Crashed and Burned So You Don't Have To!

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I had everything everyone chasing the American Dream thinks they want. I had a prestigious job with excellent pay, a gorgeous little red sports car, a handsome man in my life, a fabulous house, and I got to enjoy exotic travel really often.…
Your Blocks to Success

9 Things You Must Overcome to Manifest Your Desires & Live a Joy-Filled Life

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Every personal empowerment workshop, every coaching program, every energy healing session, and every shamanic healing experience, should have as its aim a way to help you identify, heal, and release these 9 things that you must overcome to…
The Power of Words Conscious Language

The Power of Words - Using Conscious Language to Manifest Your Desires

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How many times have you set goals, visualized your desired outcome, created and repeated positive affirmations, and yet still not achieved what you had hoped? There are numerous potential causes for this. Sometimes it's simply a matter…
How to Develop Psychic Ability

How to Develop Psychic Ability & Intuition: Enhancing Your Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient & Other Subtle Gifts

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Recently I was asked how to develop psychic ability and intuition. I've been immersed in vibrational healing and subtle energies for so long that I forget what a foreign subject it is for most people. We ALL have the ability to SEE, HEAR,…
Past Life Trauma - Rising From the Ashes Like the Phoenix!

Past Life Trauma - Rising From the Ashes Like the Phoenix!

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Sometimes things that seem the worst can often become the best. It is all a matter of perspective. And it is always your choice. I've recently been through what has to be the most challenging experience I've ever had. And it offered the…
Negative Energy Protection

Negative Energy Protection - Practical Energy Healing Tools for Everyday Life

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Not everyone is sensitive to negative, detrimental, or disharmonious energy. But everyone can benefit from negative energy protection.  Being able to detect detrimental energies - meaning you can feel it - has little to do with whether it…

The Healing Power of Shamanism

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What is Shamanism and Who is a Shaman? A person who practices shamanism can be defined as someone who sees in the dark (psychically, energetically). Another description is someone who works in the unseen or spiritual realms. Shaman is…
Awaken Activate Diamond Self Within

Activating and Awakening the Diamond Higher Self Within

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You are a multi-faceted diamond. The facets (aspects of self) you show the world (and even yourself) are only a small part of the truth of the totality of you. It's time to awaken the Higher Self, the Diamond Self, and all the rest and blaze…
How to Manifest Your Desires

How to Manifest Your Desires, Letting Go of "How"

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  When learning how to manifest your desires, NEVER get hung up on how the goal arrives, what it looks like in the end, the "how" of the way it should come into fruition. I have the perfect example to share. I've been…
Travel & Experience Places & People Unlike Yourself to Appreciate Cultural Diversity

Travel & Experience Places & People Unlike Yourself to Appreciate Cultural Diversity

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  Every time you go somewhere new, you become a new person ... with a new perspective, new experiences, and new insights. The more you travel and experience new things, the easier it becomes to appreciate cultural diversity, and…