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“When you can tap into your own magnificence, align with the Divine, and stay in perpetual flow with the Universe, miraculous things happen.” ~ Debbie Takara Shelor


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BioElectric Shield for Electromagnetic Protection
“Marcie and I both love our Shields. I wear my BioElectric Shield on all flights and I’ve noticed a significant shift in my energy, particularly after long periods of time on airplanes.” – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Internationally renowned author of best-selling books including The Power of Intention

“I absolutely love it. If I’m in a car or use a cell phone I make sure I have it on. Previously as I was using the cell phone, my hands would get a very uncomfortable tingling sensation. When I put on the Shield, I’m protected and I no longer have this feeling. It’s proof of its effectiveness. I believe in them absolutely.” – Marcie Dyer, Co-Author with Wayne Dyer, A Promise is a Promise


Recently I received an email from someone interested in purchasing a BioElectric Shield. They had some questions and concerns.

The shield strengthens and protects a person’s energy field from electromagnetic frequencies and other people’s negativity.

This is my response to the questions:

  • “I understand your concerns. I’m glad I didn’t have those in the beginning. I saw one in a magazine and instantly, just from the photo, I KNEW I needed one. Then I read about what it does. But my inner knowing happened before I even knew its purpose.
  • Yes, they work for everyone. Medical testing has proven that. Even an independent test by Alternative Medicine Magazine. The magazine started out quite skeptical and the reporters were very surprised that the shield did, in fact, make a significant difference.
  • I’ve never owned a heart shield – it’s just not my style. However, lots of people purchase them and they are quite happy with them. I trust the company when they say that the heart is as effective as the original round design.
  • There is a 9-week return policy so you have plenty of time to determine if the shield is right for you. I’m happy to report, however, that in all the years I’ve been offering shields, only 2 or 3 have been returned. I started offering them in 1996. Of the two or three returned, at least one of those was an upgrade … meaning that the person decided on a different shield. So it wasn’t actually a return.”

Let me know if you have questions about the shield,

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Know You are In Flow with Takara

It’s easy to know when you are not in flow because conflict, chaos, struggle, anger, sadness, and the need to “push” in order to make things happen are all too prevalent when you are out of sync with your Divine inner guidance.

Another sign is the feeling you have inside that something just isn’t quite right.

But how do you know when you are in flow, aligned with the Divine, expressing your highest potential in any given moment, and on track to fulfill your mission here on planet earth?

Those signs are easy to spot as well. Here are just a few:

  • you are in a state of inner peace, joy, and gratitude despite the outer circumstances you find yourself in or what another person says or does,
  • synchronicity accelerates,
  • unexpected opportunities seem to be around every corner,
  • tears of recognition, joy, gratitude are part of practically every conversation,
  • chills run up and down your spine quite often as you share truth with others,
  • manifestation becomes easier,
  • ease and grace seem to follow your every move,
  • you feel healthy and vibrantly alive,
  • you wake up excited to start your day,
  • situations and people that previously caused stress or upset don’t have that effect anymore,
  • decisions are easy, and
  • the “right” people and circumstances continuously come your way.

One of my favorite signs that I am in flow is the ease at which I find the best parking places even in very crowded locations.

The best way to describe being in flow is the feeling that you have. It is a state of being after all. You feel quiet elation. You experience an inner peace and joy that truly is beyond words.

The more you heal, let go of the past, embrace the now, surrender to the bigger plan for your life, allow life and situations to unfold without resistance or upset, the easier all of life becomes.

Being in joy and inner peace are your natural state of being. It takes a considerable amount of work, and often assistance, to undo the limiting beliefs and fears you have, but wow is it worth it.

If you are not experiencing these signs routinely, it simply means that you need to find ways to become more centered, balanced, aligned with the Divine, and rid yourself of the blocks and limitations you still have.

Through the various products, programs, and private sessions that I offer, I assist you with that and so much more.

It is my mission on this earth and it brings me great joy to watch and assist others as they step into their true magnificence.

Have a deLightful day,

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Hello Dear One:

I’m currently in Southern California as part of the Dolphins & Whales Forever #1 Bestseller Book Tour. I’ve written several blogs posts on Dolphin Ohana talking all about the tour, the people, the fun, the dolphins, the whales, the activities, the highs, the lows, and everything in between.

The first post is here:


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Do you spend much time in front of a computer, on a cell phone, inside an office, on airplanes, at the mall, or anywhere else that you are being bombarded with electromagnetic frequencies?

Then you definitely could use some protection from that harmful energy.

“Electromagnetic pollution (EMF) may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced in this century, all the more dangerous because it is invisible and insensible.” – Andrew Weil, M.D.

 “Marcie and I both love our Shields. I wear my BioElectric Shield on all flights and I’ve noticed a significant shift in my energy, particularly after long periods of time on airplanes.”
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Internationally renowned author of best selling books including The Power of Intention

Now through August 30th,

get powerful protection for 15% off.

This discount is no longer valid.


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Best Fonts Online Free Download

When I was having my first book cover designed, I was “enlightened” about fonts and copyrights. If you are doing something for commercial purposes – like an ad, you have to have rights to the font.

These are some of the places I get fonts: The mission of the Open Font Library is to promote your freedoms as it relates to the use of type. All of the fonts that appear on this site come with the freedom to use, study, share and remix them. – free and public domain ~ and they indicate which. Free is typically free for personal use. Public domain can be used commercially. – free fonts clearly marked whether you can or can not use for commercial use. – GREAT SOURCE.

Fonts to me are a lot like images – I only purchase images for book covers, product logos, and things like that. For articles and social media posts, I use free fonts and images.


Live in the moment and embrace whatever comes your way that is in harmony with you.
I lived in NM and the greatest thing I learned there was that plans change.
People say they will do things and they don’t. They say they will show up and then something happens.
And if you simply look at if for awhile you begin to realize that all is as it should be. There is no point in getting upset because anger or sadness or frustration doesn’t unblock the road construction or fix the power outage or change the flat tire.
Worry, frustration, anger, or taking it personally causes stress which eventually leads to disease and it definitely affects one’s ability to make good rational decisions. So I tend (and try) to stay in neutral, observing what’s happening in my world without expectation, resistance, or judgment of the rightness or wrongness of it. Doesn’t always work. But most of the time it does.
I invite you to do the same.



One of the biggest time sucks out there is how stuffed your email inbox can become. Too many emails to deal with leaves you with little time to focus on and manage the really important things that need to get done to earn more money and/or make a bigger difference.

A fast way to clear out some of the clutter is to search your inbox for the word “urgent” without the quotation marks. If something is marked urgent, it is typically a sales pitch where the product, program, or discount will soon end. It’s an often used tactic to get people to buy now. And it works like gangbusters.

When you type in “urgent” into your email search box, it will bring up every email that contains that word either in the title or in the text.

You can then check all with the click of one button. At least that is how it works in gmail. Don’t be so quick to hit delete though. You need to scroll down the list reviewing who sent the message and what the message is about. You can manually uncheck anything that you need to keep. Once you have gone through the list, then you can click delete.

If you accidentally deleted something that you should not have, you will be able to find it in your trash folder. So all is not lost should you get a little over zealous.

There are lots of words I use to clear out the clutter in my inbox. Urgent is just one of many. When you find yourself deleting everything that you get from a certain individual or mailing list, it’s probably time to unsubscribe from the list.

The best way to delete everything from a particular individual is to search for the email address they use to send messages.

Have a great day,





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I don’t do business with people I don’t know and I don’t develop relationships with someone who starts the conversation with a sales pitch. Particularly when they send the same message more than once.

I had to send that to someone on Facebook this morning because they keep sending me a cut and paste message asking if I’m happy with my branding. I continued with the following.:

This is social media. So be social. If you want to be a friend, then send a friend request. If you are only trying to find random people to sell something to, then perhaps you are on the wrong social platform.

I consider my personal facebook page, my living room. Posts are like conversations at a party. Private messages are with people who I’ve had a few public conversations with by commenting on one another’s posts and enjoying the conversation.

I collaborate and do business all the time with people I met online. But none of those collaborations started out by them trying to sell me something through a private message.

You may or may not find this useful, but its how I do business.


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Growing and evolving into the person you want to be – the Magnificent U – requires that you “get real” with yourself and everyone else in your life. You learn to be authentic, honest, genuine, and real. That comes with a price though. That price is called vulnerability.

It takes courage, commitment, and a fair bit of confidence to speak about things that really matter. But being brutally honest without taking into consideration the potential emotional damage your words might cause to the “other” is selfish, unkind, and uncaring.

Speak honestly and truthfully with others – at all times. But do it as kindly and gently as possible – particularly when talking about things that the other person might take wrong or personally.

People, for the most part, don’t do well with criticism or having uncomfortable situations and conversation. They would prefer to avoid things like that.

When criticized, they often move into attack mode. Words that feel like finger pointing and accusations ruffle their feathers and they throw up the emotional armor shields, enter fight or flight mode, and get ready with angry words and fists on occasion.

However, the emotionally mature person, who is coming from a place of genuine love and appreciation of the person and deeply values the relationship, is not afraid to have uncomfortable conversations. They know that love and truth take relationships to a deeper place and they feel its worth it to get to the other side of whatever is temporarily uncomfortable in order to have something more meaningful and magnificent in the end.

Amazing things happen when you muster up the courage to talk openly, honestly, and kindly about mis-understandings or other issues that open you up to the potential of feeling rejected by the other person.. My willingness to do that has allowed me to develop and keep many deep and wonderful friendships.

When you can remain calm, clear, confident, and connected (the things I teach you how to achieve and maintain), you have an inner knowing about what to say, when to say it, and how to say it. Instead of reacting automatically with anger or sadness to the words or actions of another, you stay in neutral and respond with love. It definitely takes courage. But WOW is it worth it!

When you come from a place of truly loving and caring about another person and their feelings, and are willing to risk getting hurt yourself because of any potential backlash they might throw your way, they can feel that love and appreciation. And they do respond to it.

Everyone wants to feel loved, honored, accepted and appreciated for who they are.

Be the kind of friend or romantic partner you desire to have in your life.

Have a deLightful day,

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  1. I agree with this completely. Communication is key. When ever there is a problem you should always talk about it calmly and try to resolve things head on without attacking. If you keep your feelings to yourself you then end up resenting one another and that’s not good. Making a relationship also requires commitment like you said! Thanks for sharing!


  2. I find that if I know the end I have in mind, which is typically that we end up with an ever deeper and more loving relationship (whether it be romantic or friendship in nature), that I say things that help us get to that place. Attacking and making someone wrong are never the way to achieve such an end. When you remember that you truly do love this person and feel blessed by having them in your life, how to approach various topics become much easier.

  3. I lean toward thinking that you cannot have truly open communication without vulnerability. That ties strongly to trust, as well. I know my past relationships have suffered from a lack of deep honest communication. I am looking forward to cultivating this aspect of relationships more and more in the future. Thanks for the post!

  4. You are very welcome. I believe that the ability to communication well is one of the most important skills that everyone needs to master. Its the foundation of everything else

  5. Great post. Learning to communicate your feelings with others in a positive and constructive way is very important for everyone who is involved. Be kind and compassionate. We also need to be good listeners. Even though you may not understand someone’s feeling does not mean they are not real to that person. Accepting each other for who we are is key to building lasting and true relationships.


  6. Absolutely agree. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Yes, I believe communication is key. One must also be a good listener. It’s not always easy to understand the other person but that does not mean they don’t have reason for feeling as they do. If only people would take the time to sit down and talk rather than pretend there is no problem. You’ve shared some wonderful options. Thank you. 🙂


  8. I am a long-term friend and I have best friends since I was a teenager, back in Europe. Yet, I have to admit, it was incredibly hard to make American friends for the last ten years since I live in the US. Most people I met were emotionally isolated and very cautious to invest in a friendship. It’s probably a cultural difference. I found it easier to make friends with Asian people than with Americans.


  9. Simona – I know what you mean about it being hard to make friends. I’ve lived all over the U.S. and even in some locations internationally. Some places are simply much more friendly than others. I found it very easy to make friends in Santa Fe, NM, Portland, OR, and San Diego, CA. However, in Virginia and Pennsylvania, it took a great deal longer. Also, there are locations where the population has not traveled very much, have large extended families, and therefore kind of “stick to their own.” Those communities can be much harder than in others where people relocate often. Attending events around things you are interested in is often a good way to make friends since you all have something in common to talk about.


  10. It is sometimes difficult to fully open up to a good friend no matter how long you’ve known them. There are some things that are just too personal. If there’s an issue between the both of you, I think communicating and sharing your thoughts and feelings in a non-threatening environment is a good step for reaching resolution.


  11. “Amazing things happen when you muster up the courage to talk openly, honestly, and kindly about mis-understandings or other issues that open you up to the potential of feeling rejected by the other person.”
    Courage is important, as I try to reflect on what I am about to say in a critical situation I try to select the best words to use in the most kind way. Great advice Takara


  12. Nice post, I love the idea of being kind and compassionate in open communication.


  13. I don’t show too much of my vulnerable side in relationships. It is hard to fully trust someone


  14. Glad that you mentioned “kindness” with the “open and honesty” conversations. There is so much that can be said and received if the person presents it gently and with a kind heart. Nice post!


  15. Great post, Takara. Communication is definitely key in any relationship. It can be difficult to open up and be vulnerable, but the rewards are priceless. I love how your put it, “Amazing things happen when you muster up the courage to talk openly, honestly, and kindly about mis-understandings or other issues that open you up to the potential of feeling rejected by the other person.”