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“Discover the Secrets to Lasting HAPPINESS, HEALTH, FULFILLMENT, and SUCCESS! “

The Answers You Are Seeking Can NOT Be Found in “The Secret.” They are Significantly Deeper and More Profound! They Have a Lot To Do with Something Albert Einstein Once Said . . .

Let me introduce myself …

Takara Shelor

From: Debbie Takara Shelor

Radford, VA USA


My name is Takara and for years I chased after the Great American Dream. I was an engineer that later became a manager in a top manufacturing company. My career was on the fast track. I got to ride around in my company’s Learjet. I had everything most people think they want: a great home, a beautiful little red sports car, a great guy, and I got to travel often to exotic locations all over the globe.

Even that wasn’t enough for me!

I started dabbling with network marketing – being seduced by the promised dream of even more money, the ability to work for myself instead of someone else, being able to easily afford even more luxurious things.
I took workshops, read books, tried different “systems” to find the golden key that would unlock all the treasures I wanted in my life.
But I just couldn’t seem to get there. Instead of rolling in cash, I found myself wallowing in debt from all the workshops and travel I’d been doing to try to achieve the success I so desperately desired. To top it all off, the stress of my career was literally destroying my health.


Then one day my whole world just fell apart. 

The company I worked for restructured and I was put into a position that I absolutely hated. I dreaded going to work each day. Eventually depression set in and I literally had a stress-induced melt down. In that moment, I suddenly remembered a truly traumatic event from my past that I did not have the tools to handle myself. So I had to seek professional help.
It was as if I had been hit by what I now affectionately call the “Metaphysical Two By Four Up Side the Head.” My whole life seemed to be in shambles.


In that amazing, magical moment, I was given a new lease on life. 

I was given the opportunity to discover who I am, what truly matters to me, and how life REALLY works. I was able to stop setting goals based on what I had been taught were the important material things in life. I was able to set my sights on things and experiences that touch my heart and bring me great fulfillment and joy – and yes, several of those are highly material in nature.
The emotional pain of that moment forced me to seek new answers and to find different ways of viewing and dealing with life that were in stark contrast to the way I had been navigating life up to that moment.

And slowly, over time, I not only healed the emotional pain from my past, but I was given answers to many of life’s biggest questions, and tools to help others. I discovered that when you heal your trauma drama from the past and become a happy, Divinely-connected whole person, success is actually pretty easy. I soon became a teacher and consultant who helps people discover and utilize the secrets to a happy, healthy, fulfilling, and successful life.


I literally had found the Keys to the Kingdom 

And now I want to share them with you . . .

But before I do that, I need for you to be very clear about something.
The last thing you need is another over-hyped workshop or training program on success. I’m sure you’ve already tried several. And I’ll bet they didn’t work.
Did they?
Maybe they worked for a little while, but I doubt the results were lasting. If what you have already tried was working for you, you wouldn’t be seeking anything else.
So the very fact that you are here says to me that you are still seeking, and have not yet found, what it is that you are looking for.

This is what Albert Einstein had to say: 

Taking another success course or reading one more book that lays out the step by step proven formula for another way to get rich quick is NOT the answer you are seeking.
What you need is a radical shift. You need a way to calm your emotions, heal the trauma drama, emotional pain, and doubts about your worthiness and competence from your past, remember who you are, what you came here to do, and get on with it.

If you want your life to change,

then it is YOU that must change! 

And I’m here to tell you my friend:


It all begins with this meditation book

It’s where I started. And it’s where I recommend you start as well.

You have to stop the insanity of the chaos and confusion that fill your every waking hour. You need to find the quiet place within, where calmness, joy, clarity, Divine inspiration, and laser-pointed focus are the “normal” way of operating.

You have to shut up all the ridiculous voices inside your head, and the noisy distractions of everyday life, so you can access that still small voice within . . . the one that holds all of your answers. 

When that voice of higher wisdom can be heard, your emotions aren’t spiking at every little hiccup in the road, trauma drama from the past no longer causes you to react the way you once did to circumstance, and you finally have the courage to follow those Divinely-inspired internal promptings, your life becomes one amazing, awe-inspiring adventure, filled with all that you desire, and even more wonderful than you ever allowed yourself to dream  possible.

Meditation can take many forms

There are already numerous meditation books and programs out there teaching the fundamentals. What they all seem to fail to address is the uniqueness of the individual. Just like your goals are not the same as my goals and my definition of success probably looks very different than your definition of success, the form of meditation that I receive the most benefit from may not be the best one for you.
It is for that reason that I have created Peering Through the Veil: The Step by Step Guide to Meditation and Inner Peace.

In Peering Through the Veil, I take you through my 18-year exploration of meditation in its myriad forms. I share with you the techniques I was guided to discover that allow you to gain more from any meditation practice. I also give you numerous ways to enhance meditation causing the desired result to be achieved significantly faster.

I’m sure by now you are asking yourself . . .

“Why would I want to meditate?”

Most people begin to meditate because it was recommended by their doctor, or because they are seeking:

  • greater happiness,
  • better health,
  • deeper relaxation,
  • improved mental focus and concentration,
  • better decision making,
  • improved relationships,
  • greater mental clarity,
  • enhanced intuition and inner knowing,
  • easier attainment of success,
  • greater sense of fulfillment,
  • increased tranquility and inner peace,
  • less worry,
  • better ability to problem solve,
  • reduced stress,
  • lower blood pressure,
  • increased synchronicity, and
  • enhanced inspiration and creativity.
And yes, the lower blood pressure, stress reduction, and better health have been studied extensively and are medically proven to occur with meditation.

Peering Through the Veil is far from being another dry, boring
treatise on the benefits and how to’s of meditation 

I’ve woven my own personal stories throughout the text in such a way that you will feel as if its you:

  • swimming with wild dolphins in Bimini,
  • receiving Mary’s energetic blessing in Mt. Shasta,
  • firewalking in southern California,
  • vision questing with Stuart Wilde in the Land of Enchantment,
  • feeling enlightened as you merge with all things,
  • moving cross country to live near the Orcas of Puget Sound,
  • being engulfed in the transformational energy of the Holy Spirit,
  • remembering a past life as you hike in Sedona, Arizona,
  • walking a famous labyrinth in San Francisco,
  • having legal and business deals go through at lightening speed,
  • visiting the healing vortex at Santuario de Chimayo in New Mexico,
  • learning to trust your intuitive hunches as the Universe presents you with extraordinary people and opportunity, and
  • participating in a dizzying array of spiritual adventures and meditation forms.

By reading this meditation book you will be able to discover how to:

  • choose the perfect meditation method for yourself in order to achieve inner peace, clarity, mental focus, and access to higher wisdom as quickly and easily as possible,
  • use meditation as a powerful tool to rapidly manifest the life of your dreams and accelerate physical healing,
  • find the best time and locations to meditate so you will enjoy greater tranquility and peace throughout your day,
  • use energy healing tools to accelerate your results including better health and break-through thinking,
  • prepare yourself and your space for meditation so it is easier to reach deep states of mind allowing you to decrease your blood pressure, stress, and worry while improving your ability to concentrate, solve problems, and be more productive,
  • visualize more effectively to create lasting shifts in your health, finances, relationships, and career,
  • enhance your meditations to become peaceful faster and stop the mental chatter and stress that cause you to make poor decisions, raise your blood pressure, and worry all the time,
  • utilize the power of vortexes, medicine wheels, labyrinths, and other sacred locations for profound personal and spiritual growth, and
  • get significantly faster results.

You will also learn what life experiences
lead me down the path
from Engineering to Enlightenment!

Who Can Benefit From This Guide?

PeeringThrough the Veil
is perfect for everyone interested in a way to attain lasting happiness and success. Its the perfect meditation guide whether you are a complete novice, seasoned practitioner, or meditation
instructor. If you already meditate, this book lets you explore numerous
forms other than the one you are currently practicing. It also teaches
you many ways to enhance and augment your meditation practice for
healing, as well as achieving deeper states of mind and more profound
levels of insight.
As an engineer, I prefers practical application
over theory. This is very definitely a “how to”


The Simple Step by Step Guide to Meditation 

and Inner Peace

Foreword by Award Winning Author Andi Goldman

Peering through the Veil meditation book is now available on Amazon!

I send you blessings as you embark on this exciting exploration of meditation and your True Magnificent Self!

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