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Spiritual Metaphysical Esoteric Mystical Library, Part of Heart of the Goddess at Magnificent U

The FREE Spiritual Metaphysical Esoteric Mystical Library includes a carefully curated collection of articles, audios, and videos on spiritual growth, enlightenment, ascension, empowerment, goddess mysteries, and personal & planetary evolution. This collection will continue to grow over time.

In addition to sacred knowledge, empowering insights, and other teachings, it includes many channeled messages. Several of those messages are available exclusively through Spiritual Metaphysical Esoteric Mystical Library including those by my dear friend David J. Adams from Australia. He is an author, a famous channel and co-facilitator (with Takara) of a global water healing, cetacean-connection meditation held every Equinox for the past 20 years.

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The Learning Library is currently free. Those who join in the future may have to pay a fee to help offset the costs of hosting and running The Learning Library and this website.