Dolphins & Whales Forever Bestselling Book
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10-Year Anniversary Update of the #1 Bestselling Book, Dolphins & Whales Forever

About the Bestselling Dolphin Book Collaboration: 

In this extraordinarily touching and heart-felt book, nineteen cetacean ambassadors, visionaries, communicators, and facilitators of transformation share their personal stories of dolphin and whale encounters that changed their lives forever. The unique connection they each share with cetaceans has become their personal doorway to transformation, higher wisdom, and the ability to facilitate physical and emotional healing within themselves and others.

Let yourself be transported into the very depths of your soul as you journey along with the storytellers into the mystical, magical realm of higher consciousness that is the home (and playground) of the dolphins and whales.

What’s In the 10-Year Anniversary Update?

We’ve made some minor changes to the text itself fixing broken links and that sort of thing. One of the authors rewrote their entire chapter. And we’ve added a small new section where you can:

  • Find out what the authors have been up to for the past 10 years,
  • Learn how they’ve worked with one another on several collaborations,
  • Discover how the dolphins and whales have inspired them to expand their work in numerous ways.

The new section also includes the adventures of the collaboration founder and manager, Takara Shelor, and co-author, Roberta Goodman, as they traveled coast to coast promoting the book and meeting many of the other co-authors along the way.

“This book takes us on a journey through the experiences of many people who have been profoundly moved by their connection with dolphins and whales. The universality of the experience of cetaceans’ palpable and vast spiritual awareness and wisdom, tremendous benevolence, and loving compassion toward humans and all life breathes in each story. Be inspired to dwell in the plane of divine self awareness and expanded perception engendered by this contact.” ~ Penelope Smith, Founding Animal Communication Specialist, author of Animal Talk, When Animals Speak, and Animals in Spirit,

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FYI – The cover does NOT indicate it’s the 10 year anniversary. However, what’s available through Amazon right now is the newest version with the 10th Anniversary updates. EnJOY!

Dolphins & Whales Forever #1 Bestselling Book
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“All I can say is that it made my heart soar, I felt very uplifted, and … I just do very strongly recommend it if you have any leaning to communication with other species, to their being guides for us and if you have any openness to being touched by ‘external’ communications.” – Osho News

“Dolphins & Whales Forever is a delightful, exciting and expansive book that brings the cetacean consciousness into your heart and being. It is impossible to read this book without feeling the joy, wonder, love and humility of ‘being connected.’ and in love with the Dolphins & Whales. Each chapter sings a unique and enchanting tone, and together this book creates a harmony that holds the sound of healing, hope and inspiration. Thank you, Thank you Thank you!”
Flora LaRayne ~ Visionary Intuitive, Sound Healer, Angel Messenger

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Celebratory Gifts You’ll Receive When You Purchase the Book

Dolphin Wisdom with Roberta

Discover Dolphin Wisdom by Roberta Goodman

Discover the Extraordinary Things You Can Learn from Dolphins and the Powerful Difference They Can Make in Your Own Evolution! In this Dolphin Wisdom gift, cetacean expert and bestselling author, Roberta Goodman shares her extraordinary experience of spending most of her life swimming with dolphins and leading groups into their midst. She and her guests discover extraordinary insights and grow personally and spiritually because of these transformative experiences and insights gained because of them. This information  is from her #1 bestsellers Ready, Aim, Captivate and Ready Aim Inspire.

Dolphin ebook dolphin energy healing audio by Takara Shelor

Dolphin Immersion Virtual Gift Basket by Takara Shelor

Be completely immersed and enveloped in the loving, healing, transformational embrace of dolphins and dolphin healing frequencies in this powerful Virtual Gift Basket from the dolphin-angels through Takara. Feel completely transported into the dolphin realm where healing and transformation are commonplace. Let the dolphin-angels share with you their healing gifts and bring you wisdom, deLight, joy, and personal freedom. Famous channels have called Takara the “Dolphin Queen and “Chalice of Divine Frequencies.” When you read her words or listen to her voice, you are being immersed in the loving, dolphin-angel frequencies she receives, embodies, and radiates through her own unique form of Divine Alchemy. Connect deeply with dolphins, the ocean, and your true essence Self. Dancing with Dolphins: Embracing Their Joy is Takara’s very popular ebook about the joy-filled “Angels of the Sea” and how to invite their joy into your own life. It includes a channeled guided meditation to visit a beautiful crystal city underwater and meet your very own dolphin guide, as well as transformational dolphin-angel healing exercises she helped “bring in” for clearing disharmonious energies and infusing loving healing energies into your body, energy field, and home. PLUS you also get the Meeting Your Dolphin Guide meditation audio to accompany the ebook.

Grandma Chandra Gift DWF 2

Restore the Full Light Spectrum by Grandma Chandra

This video will help to restore the infrared rays of the quantum fields and bring the light spectrum back into balance. Infrared light supports the feminine goddess energy. It stimulates stem cell growth and prolongs life span. Energy healing modalities such as Reiki will be greatly enhanced. Infrared light promotes healing within your body by increasing blood oxygen levels, relieving stress, improving the production of nitric oxide, enhancing the production of collagen, reducing inflation, restoring hair, reducing cold sores, enhancing wound healing, reducing scar tissue, regulating cellular function, and reducing SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Guided Whale Meditation


Our Whale Guided meditation is a loving, gentle journey into the Cosmic Heart, embracing the wisdom and healing message from the Great Whale.  The Whales are our Elders and keepers of the Akashic Records.  It is their intention to connect to your heart and help you open to your own authenticity and power.  You can expect to feel the healing energies and the wisdom of their empowering message as you relax and listen.

Mermaid Mahalia Gift

The Medical Musician by Mermaid Mahalia

Aloha Magical Star Being! May you be filled with Peace, LOVE and Oceans of Gifts from the Sea of Tranquility!! I am super excited and grateful to share with you my Scroll on the Science of Sound … ‘The Medical Musician’ so that you may ‘Retune the Symphony of Your Biology with The Keys of Creation’!! Dive in for a wild adventure with myself and the Whale & Dolphin Multi-Dimensional Consciousness, the Lyran High Council of Angels and The Great Central Sun Diamond, here to guide you to Higher Realms of Health, Wealth and Freedom!! *Learn how your human vocals re-awaken life affirming symphonic intelligence that of which results in illuminating your Super Powers, recovery from unresolved trauma and full circle harmonization with the Divine Universal Music within and all around you, *Embody the Bliss of your human instrument as a channel of Source Music, a conductor of Cymatics, just like the Whales and Dolphins Sing in the Ocean, *Discover the Brilliance of your Brain and Biology connected to the Great Central Sun Diamond Radiance and Disco Funk DNA Potential, *Rise in coherence with your higher intelligence and connection with GOD Source including light frequency transmissions from our Lyran Star Beings who are here to assist humanity SING in SINGularity through the Neptune Nectar Portal of Ascension, The Future is Funtastic!! With Oceans of LOVE from the Musical Mothership, Mermaid Mahalia & The Bliss Family

Nan Akasha-Dolphin Bliss Healing Recalibration

Dolphin Frequency Healing Audio by Nan Akasha

The sound healing layer of this audio includes 5 different dolphin sounds, clicks, chirps, scans, and frequencies. On this second version, an amazonian dolphin came to me as well as several other types. Wow. It also includes layers of music, gamma Hz, an underwater atmosphere, and more.

Madeleine Gift1

Dolphin Light Codes by Madeleine Walker

Dolphin sound scape of The Dolphin Light Codes.

Teresa Gift

Speaking with the Souls of Whales by Teresa Whalen

Whales’ Communication with Humans: A Webinar about the Life Stories of Whales, From the Whales. From over 23 years of conversations with the souls of whales – includes 163 page handout package with stunning photographs of whales, and 2 1/2 hour audio recording corresponding to the text and images. Communication with whales, while mystical, is neither mysterious nor paranormal. It also need not be rare. When we listen with a genuine depth of empathy, respect and love, regarding ourselves as soul peers rather than as a superior (or inferior) species to whales, we can then begin to hear them with grace and ease. We can then telepathically receive their thoughts, feelings and stories of what it is like to be a whale, and their perceptions about the tapestry and purpose of our existence together on earth.

Linda Shay free gift

Spirit Dolphins – We’re Here to Help! E-book & Opening to Dolphin Energy meditation audio by Linda Shay

The Dolphin Spirit interactive eBook will inspire you with ideas and possibilities about how the wise, vast, loving Dolphin Consciousness can help you create a more loving, peaceful, connected, and joyful life wherever you live on Earth. It’s not necessary to be with dolphins physically to receive their gifts! In the Opening to Dolphin Energy Meditation, you’ll meet your personal Dolphin Spirit guide. Having a Dolphin Spirit guide makes the Dolphin connection more accessible, intimate, personal, and fun!

Anne Gift DWF

Whale School of Wealth, Open to Abundance by Anne Gordon

Learn from the masters of Abundance, the whales, how to be in the natural flow of Abundance. This course is unlike any other program about prosperity and abundance because it is 100% guided by the whales. They will teach you how to easily move into and take your rightful place in the flow of abundance. Let the whales show you how to receive all the bounty that is waiting to come to you now!

The Authors

#1 bestselling dolphin book

Contributing Authors Include (Listed Alphabetically):

  • Nina Brown, 
  • Grandma Chandra,
  • Celeste Eaton, 
  • Mary J. Getten, 
  • Roberta Goodman, 
  • Sierra Goodman, 
  • Anne Gordon, 
  • Cyndie Lepori, 
  • Megan Leupold,
  • Joebaby Noonan, 
  • Joan Ocean, 
  • Frederique Pichard,
  • Trish Regan & Doug Hackett, 
  • Laurie Reyon & Master Cat Puddah, 
  • Linda Shay, 
  • Debbie Takara Shelor,
  • Madeleine Walker, and
  • Teresa Whalen 

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