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Do You Feel Joyful & Fulfilled? Are You Living Your Life Purpose? Are You Interested in Energy Healing Tools & Transformational Coaching?

4-time Bestselling Author, Speaker, Engineer, & Mystic, Takara Shelor, helps you grow and evolve personally and spiritually using her keen intuitive abilities along with numerous energy healing tools and transformational coaching. She “receives” (channels) and radiates energy healing frequencies and information from multiple dimensions and is able to radiate those through her body and voice for you to utilize to attain wholeness, oneness, and achieve your potential and greatest joy. Some of the energy healing tools she utilizes or creates include sound healing, flower essences, diamond healing frequencies, dolphin-angel energy and messages, Goddess frequencies, shamanic vision journeys, sacred teachings, star wisdom, and more. She is known as the Chalice of Divine Frequencies and the Spiritual Treasure Hunter.

Are You Ready To …

🌺 Reach Your Highest Potential

so you can fulfill your life mission and purpose, discover and express your unique gifts and talents, make a positive difference in the world, become all that you possibly can become (physically, mentally/emotionally, spiritually/energetically)?

🌺 Expand Your Consciousness

so you can be more deeply connected to the Divine, enhance & fine-tune your intuition, get into perpetual flow with the Universe?

🌺 Achieve Success

in business, as an author, in your personal & spiritual life … so you can find your joy, have a sense of accomplishment, enhance or change your career, experience loving relationships, and live your dream life? 

Download Your Free Copy of 7 Secrets to Discovering Your Inner Treasure

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7 Secrets to Discovering Your Inner Treasure: Your Unique Gifts & Talents, Your Intuitive Abilities, Your Passion, Your Purpose, & Your Joy. Break through your barriers to happiness and success while discovering ways to achieve your highest potential. Written by 4-time bestselling author, Takara Shelor.

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(Unleash Your Future book) Mark and Takara have discovered a simple and innovative approach to understanding and practically applying the Law of Attraction in your life. Their science-based system behind ‘The Secret’ is the ‘how to’ guide that will help you experience more success and accelerate your journey from where you are to where you want to be.”

– Jack Canfield, Co-author of the #1 New York Times best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series, America’s #1 Success Coach, and featured teacher in The Secret

Jack Canfield Endorsement

With the right energy healing tools, the right training,
the right transformational coaching support,
YOU CAN completely transform
your business & life!

At Magnificent U, That’s What We Do!

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Takara Shelor Bestselling Author Energy Healing Consultant Spiritual Treasure Hunter

Private Energy Healing Sessions

Private Energy Healing Sessions and Breakthrough Transformational Coaching with Takara

Takara is known as the “Chalice of Divine Frequencies” and she brings through energy healing frequencies and information from an extremely high place. Each session is unique and geared specifically to whatever the client is facing in the moment. No two sessions are the same. Takara is guided by your Higher Self and Guides about exactly what type of healing processes need to be done, what visualization/meditations to guide you through including past life regression, what clearing needs to be happen, what upgrades, enhancements, activations, and initiations you need right now. Click the purple button to learn more.

Dolphin Healing Energy

Dolphin Energy Healing

Ready to Transform and Experience More Joy with Energy Healing Tools?

Dolphins are the angels of the sea. Connecting with them can bring joy, as well as create an environment conducive to healing and transformation. The alchemy in Takara’s Dancing Dolphin Product Lines provides energy healing in a bottle. Channels, energy healers, and thousands of customers agree they are some of the highest vibration products available anywhere. It’s like being surrounded by thousands of dolphins creating a vortex of healing and upliftment. Click the purple button below to learn more about Dolphin Healing Energy. Dancing Dolphin Essences are available directly here.

Bestselling spiritual books, meditation books, LOA books, free books


Books by Bestselling Author Takara Shelor

Takara has written numerous bestselling books to help you navigate life, manifest all that your heart desires, learn a plethora of meditation techniques, connect deeply and much more profoundly with the Divine, and enJOY a wonderful array of her personal transformational stories. According to famous Oracle creator and author, Colette Baron-Reid, Takara “teaches through story.” Click the purple button below to learn more.

BioElectric Shields for Electromagnetic Protection EMF Protection

BioElectric Shields

Do You Ever Feel Tired Sitting in Front of Your Computer?
Riding on an Airplane?
Shopping at the Mall?

All electronic devices give off an electromagnetic field that is harmful to the human body. It causes brain fog, tiredness, and other side effects. BioElectric Shields provide powerful EMF protection. They are medically proven to be effective. They protect the wearer from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation and other people’s negative energy. Takara has been wearing a BioElectric Shield since 1995. She began with a Level I Shield and has upgraded over time to a Level 4. Click the purple button below to learn more about BioElectric Shields for Electromagnetic Protection.

Sacred Circle Womens Goddess Circle

Join the Sacred Circle at Magnificent U

Ready to rise in vibration while expanding in awareness and consciousness?

Ready to feel positive shifts in yourself and your life?

Takara has been “bringing in” completely unique and highly effective energy healing frequencies, tools, trainings and techniques since 1995 to assist you in raising your vibration, blasting through your blocks and limitations, achieving clarity, inner peace, fine-tuning and enhancing your intuition, gain goddess wisdom, and so much more. The Sacred Circle is a great way to have fun with other like-minded women and grow as an individual. Click the purple button below to find out more about the Sacred Circle.

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Live and Virtual Classes

Takara is an award-winning speaker. Famous author and oracle designer, Colette Baron-Reid, said she “teaches through story.” Another famous numerologist & astrologer said she is a “teacher of teachers.” She offers classes and workshops on numerous topics for personal empowerment and transformation, human potential, conscious manifestation, energy healing, meditation, pendulum dowsing, chakra balancing, finding joy, freedom, a deep connection with nature and your true essences self, and much more. Click the purple button below to learn more about Takara’s online programs.

free gifts, free meditations, free ebooks, at Magnificent U

Free Gifts at Magnificent U

FREE Ebooks & Meditations for YOU!

2 powerful free Guided Meditations for relaxation, transporting you to a beautiful forest with a sacred healing pool.

Dancing with Dolphins: Embracing Their Joy, a free dolphin ebook gift from Takara and her dolphin-angel guides. It also contains a medication to meet your very own dolphin guide.

7 Secrets to Discovering Your Inner Treasure, a free ebook gift from Takara, the Spiritual Treasure Hunter.

Heart of the Goddess at Magnificent U

Heart of the Goddess at Magnificent U

Your Portal to Goddess Wisdom

Return to the mystical, the magical, and the sacred with workshops, private sessions, and more by teachers, facilitators, and practitioners from many traditions. All of our facilitators are wise women, elders, and crones with decades of knowledge and experience. Click the button below to learn more about Goddess Wisdom.

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Want to write a book?

Have a message (or story) that you feel must be told?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

At our sister site, Deep Dive Publishers, we help aspiring authors like you pen, publish, and promote their fiction and nonfiction books.

ALL of our authors have become bestselling authors with our support.

Contact Takara to discuss how we can help you be part of a multi-author book or write your own. When you click the button below, you will be taken to the Deep Dive Publishers website.

Free energy healing articles, personal empowerment articles, self improvement articles, spiritual growth articles, enlightenment articles, shamanism articles,

Free Articles Archive

Want to learn about energy healing & transformation?

What about shamanism, meditation, law of attraction, manifesting and more?

For the past 3 decades, Takara has written hundreds of articles to help you learn all about the spiritual journey, ways to make life easier, how to align with the Divine and get into perpetual flow with the Universe. Learn how to transform yourself and your life to live in joy, find your passion, achieve your greatest potential, and fulfill your mission here on Planet Earth.

Praise for Takara’s Energy Healing Tools & Transformational Coaching

Jonathan3 sm

Takara’s (Dancing Dolphin) energy healing flower & gem essences are outstanding. We’ve used them in large groups of people and they really seem to assist in the frequency shifting experience, adding even more vitality and loving energy to the consciously encoded sounds we either listen to or create.”

– Jonathan Goldman, World Renowned Sound Healing Pioneer, named one of the “100 Most Spiritually Influential People on the Planet.”

“… I know I’ve said it before, but I really appreciate your mentoring/guidance … I actually look forward to seeing your name pop up in my notifications because I always know I’m going to learn something.”

– Kate Buck Jr., Digital Nomad and Chief Geek Girl at SocialMediaPro.Me & KBJOnline.com

Kate Buck Jr.
Terri Levine

(Takara’s) Dancing Dolphin energy healing oils are remarkable. I enjoy using them and notice how they shift my energy.

– Terri Levine, Chief Heartrepreneur® and bestselling author of dozens of titles – www.gethotpayingclients.com

“THANK YOU SO MUCH. YOU ARE SO INSPIRING. THERE ARE TEARS IN MY EYES. … So thanks for your inspiring words and heartfelt understandings. … Because of you, I began writing again and now I can’t stop!!! I’m in that flow where the info keeps coming and I just don’t bother to sleep much or go any place … Much Love.” (The link above takes you to our Publishing website)

Joan Ocean – Bestselling author of Dolphin Connection: Interdimensional Ways of Being, Dolphins Into the Future, and Dolphins & Whales Forever
Joan Ocean

What Others Have to Say …


Richard Nicholson (Nic), famous numerologist / astrologer says Takara is a teacher of teachers.”


Colette Baron-Reid, famous author and oracle designer, says that Takara teaches through story.”


Cyndie Lepori, bestselling author and dolphin emissary, channeled one day that Takara is accessing 144 dimensions and all the planes and energies therein.”


A group of Lightworkers from New Zealand “tuned in” to the energy healing frequencies Takara works with and had this to say, “. . . This is very pure energy . . . of a very fine frequency . . . Feminine intergrated energy. As for a name – Divinity, Pure Divine Energy.’


Amanda Slade, a well-known teacher and healer, called Takara the Chalice of Divine Frequencies.” She also used the words, Dolphin Queen.” When asked what that meant, she said “Queen isn’t exactly the right word, but it is as close as we have in the English language.”


Judith Moore, a well known author and Oracle, said Takara accesses information from an extremely high dimension.” She also called her the Dolphin Queen.”


Daniel Jacob, voice of the Reconnections, says Takara is a genuine alchemist, healer, and guide.”

Takara’s Clientele Include …

Famous authors, small business owners, musicians, group leaders, coaches, healing practitioners, doctors (both M.D.s and naturopaths), professional speakers and trainers, pharmacists, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and individuals from many other walks of life.

Takara’s support is unique and highly effective

In addition to her highly-pronounced intuitive and energy healing abilities,Takara is an award-winning Industrial Engineer who managed multi-million dollar projects while working for a Fortune 100 company. She’s built highly successful websites for authors, entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profits since 1996 (yes you read that right). She’s coached authors and helped them write, publish, launch, and promote their books to bestseller status since 2013. She merges real-world proven technical & business skills with laser-targeted intuition and spiritual insight. That makes her an incredible asset for authors, business owners, and individuals  looking for support.

Clients have achieved the following*:

  • Most clients experience greater clarity, a noticeable reduction in stress, feel significantly lighter emotionally, experience heightened intuition, with a clear sense of direction, purpose, and hope for their future … in their business and their personal life. Most say they can feel the energy healing frequencies she sends their way. 
  • 20+ have become bestselling authors.
    “Takara, you are an amazing leader of this publishing endeavor and I so appreciate your professional expertise. . . . Thank you so much! ” Roberta Goodman
  • One famous author and oracle swears that Takara’s Manifesting Mastermind Group and manifesting technology launched her career. She now has several books published, teaches on stages throughout the world, and has even been featured on the Travel Channel.
  • Utilizing the products and other tools she creates and/or suggests, numerous clients have been able to concentrate more, sleep better, feel less fatigued, and improve their overall health and sense of wellbeing.
  • A few clients had their clairaudient abilities successfully “turned on” during private sessions or group coaching with Takara. The gift has continued to this day.
  • Within two days of a session, a woman from Toronto went from being legally blind to being able to see clearly. She said something popped in her head and she could suddenly see.
  • A female client had been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant. After our private phone consultation which involved a past life regression, she was soon pregnant with twin boys.
  • Several members of a women’s group she led had problems with chronic pain. Many reported being pain free during the online group sessions.
    “I have been dealing with chronic pain and fatigue since 2000. While participating in Takara’s groups, I would become pain free and always slept very well and woke up rested in the morning. The benefits from this would last several days for me. A wonderful benefit in addition to the amazing energy and insights gained in the group…” – Patricia Kasik-Therriault

* Every person, business, and book is different. The results achieved depends on many factors. Obviously we can not guarantee that any of these results would happen for you. Although the first one is highly likely.

Following the principles Takara teaches and utilizing the energy healing tools and programs she offers, you can become so calm, clear, confident, and connected that you move gracefully into a state of flow and synchronicity where opportunities seem to magically come your way!

Bestselling author D. Takara Shelor Offers Dolphin Energy Healing, Books, Online Training and MoreHi. My name is Takara and I was once living the great American Dream. I had everything most people wish they had like a great career, beautiful home, sweet little red sports car, gorgeous guy on my arm, luxury dining and travel. Despite all of that, I wasn’t happy. In fact, my stress level was off the charts and my health was beginning to seriously suffer.

I was an engineer and manager in pharmaceuticals manufacturing, winning awards as a corporate trainer and for managing multi-million dollar projects. Over 40 people reporting directly to me. Every decision I made affected the company’s bottom line. My stress was unbearable. One of my employees pulled me aside one day and asked if I was O.K. He said I looked like I’d aged 10 years in the past year. Sadly, when I looked in the mirror that evening, I had to agree.

It wasn’t long after that when I finally hit the wall. I woke up one morning feeling sick. I was soon lying on the floor in the fetal position flashing back the horrific experience of being raped. I was 33 when the memories surfaced. The rape happened when I was 18. That was the moment my entire life began to change. It was my doorway to a complete spiritual/transformational metamorphosis and the achievement of inner peace and joy, discovering the truth of who I am and my purpose for being here. I received the “spiritual call” from the Divine when I was 14. But I wasn’t yet ready, didn’t have the tools, training, or wisdom yet, to take up the mantle of what I am here for.

As soon as I learned to meditate, dolphins began to spontaneously show up whenever I closed my eyes to do so. I not only could see them, but Dolphins to the rescuealso felt enveloped and bathed in powerful loving, healing energies whenever they appeared. Dolphin-angels (messengers of the Divine Feminine) literally rescued me from the emotional pain I’d been burdened with for most of my life.

I decided it was time for a radical change.

I left the corporate world, moved to an island, changed my name, and started a non-profit for dolphins and whales. I’ve spent the last 25+ years traveling the globe, “receiving” insights, initiations, tools, and technologies for healing, getting clear on all levels in order to be a vessel of Divine healing and wisdom, enjoying profound synchronicity and experiences some would consider miraculous. All the while I’ve been contemplating the root cause of the issues faced by humanity and the environment.

Four of my books have made the bestseller lists. Thousands of people from over 100 countries across the globe subscribe to my newsletter, Here’s to Your Magnificence! (you can join the list by requesting my free gift with the button on this page). I teach workshops live and online, work one-on-one with private clients, and offer group programs. In addition to working with individuals on personal empowerment and mastery, I help small businesses thrive online and authors achieve success. I create energy healing tools and technologies including Dancing Dolphin oils and mists infused with many healing frequencies including flower and gem essences, aromatherapy, and the loving healing dolphin-angel and other energies that come through me to bless each user. (Get more of the story by reading my books or visiting here …)




Books, Products, Programs, Energy Healing Tools & Consulting with Spiritual Treasure Hunter Takara Shelor

Takara’s Bestselling Books:

Energy Healing & Other Programs

  • Magnificent U Meditation Program – Go deep into relaxation, gain insight, connect with your guides, form a stronger connection with the Divine, and much more in this transformational guided meditation (shamanic vision journeys) series led by Takara. Highly recommended for everyone.
  • Pendulum Dowsing for Divine Direction – Pendulum dowsing is one of the fastest ways to enhance and fine tune your intuition. And one of the best ways to become more empowered. Takara takes you step by step from the basics of how to hold your pendulum and ask yes / no questions, to the more advanced use of charts and a proprietary process to program your pendulum for clearing, healing, and much more. Highly recommended and deeply empowering.
  • The Sacred Circle: a Women’s Goddess Circle Monthly Membership  – Takara leads two zoom classes each month focused on personal empowerment, spiritual growth, energy healing, the Goddess mysteries, transformation, manifesting and goal achievement, plus much more. Membership also includes a training archive (80+ classes) and several of the programs in this list.
  • Magnificent U Manifesting Program: How the Law of Attraction Really Works –  Learn powerful tips, tools, and techniques to achieve even your wildest dreams. Learn to discern if what you think you want is a true heart’s desire. Includes deeply esoteric and life-changing teaching and energy healing processes.
  • All classes are available here: Online Programs – Transformational Spiritual Metaphysical Energy Healing Classes with Takara

Energy Healing Products

  • Dancing Dolphin Essences: Energy Healing in a Bottle – extremely high vibration alchemical elixirs synergistically created with flower essences, gem essences, sacred sound and geometry, the dolphin-angel, star dolphin, and other healing frequencies Takara channels into each bottle, and much more. Some say they are the highest vibrational tools they have ever encountered. Endorsed by world renowned sound healing pioneer, Jonathan Goldman. There are over 200 essences to choose from. As I evolve and continue to raise my vibration, they evolve and the vibrations get even higher as well. Get Dancing Dolphin  Energy Healing Flower & Gem Essences here.
  • BioElectric Shields: Electromagnetic Protection / EMF Protection Device – medically proven energy protection from both electromagnetics and other people’s negative energy. Takara has been wearing one daily since 1995 and has upgraded to higher level models over time. It helps you stay more calm and centered, reduces computer fatigue, and more. Get your BioElectric Shield here. This is the only thing in the list that Takara did not create. She highly recommends them and has been repped these products for years because she believe in them.

Private Consulting & Energy Healing

  • Diamond Within ConsultingTM: 1-on-1 private energy healing and consulting sessions with bestselling author Takara Shelor – for 3 decades Takara has helped people from across the globe overcome their blocks, limitations, fears, and so much more. Utilizing her heightened and fine-tuned intuition, deep connection to the Divine, a huge array of energy healing tools and processes plus processes she “receives” in the moment directly from Source specifically for you, together you create breakthroughs. She helps people with what she calls the Trifecta of TransformationTM – rising in vibration, expanding on consciousness and awareness, and becoming more and more whole body, mind, and soul. We access multiple lifetimes, realities, and dimensions. We release what’s no longer working and activate or “bring in” aspects of self many have never accessed before. From highly tangible practical improvement like business breakthroughs to the highly esoteric expansion of consciousness and embodying one’s angelic self, sessions span the gamut of personal possibilities. Some people choose to work with her one on one long term and we get to watch as they and their lives completely blossom and transform.
  • Deep Dive Author Success ConsultingTM – All the Author Success Clients Takara has worked with have become bestselling authors with her support. We help people write books that have messages that matter, who want to leave a legacy while helping many people transform their lives along the way. From 1 on 1 coaching an aspiring author through the maze of modern publishing to assisting them with all aspects of book creation, launch, and ongoing promotion, we help authors succeed. Book a complementary Bestseller Breakthrough Session here.

Thousands of readers, students, clients, and energy healing customers from across the globe!

Takara has amazing insight and ability to get to the root of core issues, both negative and positive, in an incredibly efficient and clear way. This has allowed me to focus on the beautiful dream that truly is my reality, leaving the silly, ancient, and even ugly childhood “non-reality” behind. A wonderful, but failing, friendship and business relationship has healed before my very eyes because of Takara’s phenomenal counsel.”

“Dearest, dearest, Takara: You are such a Blessing! Thank you so much for your words of wisdom, and for your Heart energy. . . Such simple words, yet such a powerful message, the truth about moving forward is that we must move forward. Sometimes when we are in the ‘thick of things’ so to speak, the simple act of ‘understanding’ coming from someone else gives us the courage and permission to choose differently. This you have done for me with your kindness and compassion. Thank you for your poignant message.”

“How do you thank someone who comes into your life and because of her influence your life is changed forever? Takara has graced my life with her many talents and skills. Especially through her healing arts, I have made quantum leaps forward in my life. At one crisis point she was able to facilitate my integration of a significant shift in only 10 minutes! I had been beside myself for over two weeks over the issue. Her knowledge, and keen ability to share it, have enriched my life forever! Perhaps due to her engineering and teaching background, she has an amazing ability to take extremely complex concepts and information and boil it down to bottom line usefulness with clarity. She makes things implicitly simple and understandable to a lay person. Her extensive studies in metaphysical and philosophical areas allow her to create freeways for those of us who don’t have time to sift it all out. The clarity she creates with her accelerated techniques allows you to quickly come on-line with the information, to transition, and to push past limitations.”

“I asked Takara for an energy session and was delighted with my outcome on the first session. I had been going through for some time an inability to move around in the world very easily, as my sensitivity was just too much to feel comfortable. Noise and things in a general sense were just overwhelming. From the day after the session, my whole frame of reference to everything was different. It put me in a place of feeling free to be myself and to want to share that freedom with others. It lifted a cloud of not knowing the way, to a connection to anything I might want to experience. Not what I was having to settle for because I wasn’t sure of how to proceed. It was such a wonderful experience for me and I have told all my family and friends about Takara’s work and most of them have requested her Energy sessions themselves with the same awesome results. Truly a gift for all those seeking quick changes for a whole new reality. Thanks Takara and much Love.”

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Then download 7 Secrets to Discovering Your Inner Treasure: Your Unique Gifts & Talents, Your Passion, Your Purpose, & Your Joy. Break through your barriers to happiness and success while discovering ways to achieve your highest potential.

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