Sunrider Whole Food Herbal Nutrition
Takara spent most of her life fighting a debilitating illness which left her immune system practically inoperable, the need to sleep for up to 16 hours a day, catching and not being able to rid herself of every illness that came along, and having a hard time concentrating. She was introduced to Sunrider Foods in 1989 and the shift in her health was nothing short of miraculous.
Prior to this, she had tried everything imaginable to regain her health. Within a few weeks of eating these foods, she was no longer requiring prescription medication just to get through the day. After a couple of years of eating these foods, she was in-line skating competitively, hiking in the desert in the middle of the summer, exhibiting incredible stamina, and having few colds or illnesses.
Realizing the incredible impact our lifestyle and emotional state have on our well-being, she began to study nutrition, the principles of Chinese, medicine, energy, and emotional healing.
Sunrider is a philosophy: “Feed the body the proper nutrition and the body can heal itself.” There are three main products by Sunrider that are basic to optimum nutrition: NuPlus (for nourishment), Quinary (for balancing the main body systems), and Calli or Fortune Delight (for cleansing the system).
Nourishment – the body uses energy for several functions: to pump the heart, to walk around, to heal, to breathe, etc. Because of the poor quality of the soil in which our foods are grown, the pesticides and artificial ingredients that block our ability to absorb nutrients, and the processing that kills the nutritional value, the foods we ingest typically provide us with very little other more than bulk. High energy fuel is required to sustain optimum health. In the chain of command, first the body provides energy to keep the vital systems going (like the heart). Next, it provides energy to walk, play ball, make love, etc. The final thing it has energy for is healing. Almost no-one has enough energy in their system for healing to take place. NuPlus is the cellular energy food and provides the nutrition the body needs to perform all its functions. NuPlus comes in a powder that is mixed in the beverage of your choice. Visit this link to order NuPlus.
Balance – there are many systems in the body. They each must be in balance and communicate with all the others. It takes many nutrients (the Chinese believe you should eat 100 different foods each day) to ensure that each system receives the nutrition it requires to operate at its fullest potential. Few people have balanced systems. More often, one or more systems are weak, be it immune, respiratory, circulatory, endocrine, digestive, electrical, or whatever. Unfortunately, if one system is weak, it taxes all the others. Quinary is designed to feed the main systems of the body with balanced nutrition. Quinary comes in capsule form or in a powder that is mixed in the beverage of your choice. Takara takes Quinary in capsule form. Visit this link to order Quinary.
Cleansing – you can eat the greatest food in the world and if your colon and eliminative organs are not clear, you absorb almost none of it. Calli is a beverage which feeds the eliminative organs of the body. The herbs are not laxatives or forceful in any way. They just provide those systems with the nutrition they require to perform their function properly. Visit this link to order Calli.
There are numerous other products available through Sunrider. However, all of them are add-ons to these three fundamental products.
The three main products are available, along with several extras, in what is called a Sunpack, The SunPack comes with NuPlus, Quinary, Fortune Delight(similar to Calli) and Sunectar (a Stevia sweetener product). Visit this link to order a Sunpack.
To find out more about Sunrider Foods, go to this link and check out their Takara’s Sunrider website.
Contact Takara by phone (540) 639-1633 or email: takarashelor at for more info.