I don’t do business with people I don’t know and I don’t develop relationships with someone who starts the conversation with a sales pitch. Particularly when they send the same message more than once.

I had to send that to someone on Facebook this morning because they keep sending me a cut and paste message asking if I’m happy with my branding. I continued with the following.:

This is social media. So be social. If you want to be a friend, then send a friend request. If you are only trying to find random people to sell something to, then perhaps you are on the wrong social platform.

I consider my personal facebook page, my living room. Posts are like conversations at a party. Private messages are with people who I’ve had a few public conversations with by commenting on one another’s posts and enjoying the conversation.

I collaborate and do business all the time with people I met online. But none of those collaborations started out by them trying to sell me something through a private message.

You may or may not find this useful, but its how I do business.


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