Harmony for the Holidays

Harmony for the Holidays

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I've never been to a holiday gathering with family or friends where there was anything but harmony for the holidays ... ever ... my entire life. I'm talking about never witnessing first hand a family gathering full of discord. It doesn't matter…
Harmony for the Holidays

Beloved by Debbie Takara Shelor

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How much do you love yourself? What do you feel worthy of receiving? The Goddess is rising and she demands honor, respect, and acknowledgement for her contribution. I’m sure you have been seeing it too. Many of the women I know…
Harmony for the Holidays

7 Deadly Sins Takara Style

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Below are some quotes for you to enjoy, post on your wall, or share with your friends.     The 7 Deadly Sins Takara Style. There are actually 8, but who's counting? The actual list is this: Fear Limiting Beliefs …
Harmony for the Holidays

Who Is In Your Inner Circle?

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  Who's in your inner circle? "They need to love, honor, accept, & appreciate you for who you are. Otherwise, they don't belong there!" ~ Debbie Takara Shelor   Return to the Magnificent U home page.