In this highly interactive class, discover how to effectively use this powerful tool for healing, insight, enhancing & fine-tuning intuition, finding lost objects, clearing, personal transformation, decision making, and much more. As with all of her products and technologies, she provides you with insights and enhancements that she receives directly through Divine Revelation about unique ways to better utilize this very empowering tool. Find out why people the world over have been dowsing for thousands of years, including notables such as Albert Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci. Takara highly recommends the mastery of this tool to everyone. In this course you will learn:

  • how to choose the perfect pendulum to get answers about your health, relationships, career, and more,
  • hold a pendulum so it quickly and effectively gets to the answers you are seeking,
  • know when to dowse and more importantly, when not to,
  • use charts for the fastest answers to your most pressing questions,
  • frame your questions for the best, most accurate results,
  • program your pendulum so you know it’s coming from Divine wisdom and not “somewhere” else,
  • practice dowsing so you can feel confident in the answers you are receiving, and much more.

You will receive a workbook and a copy of Takara’s favorite dowsing charts to take with you and practice on your own.