1. Are Dancing Dolphin Essences and blends made with Bach Flower Remedies or FES or another brand of flower essence?

ANSWER: No. All Dancing Dolphin Flower Essences and Aromatherapy Roll-Ons are created from scratch by Takara using flowers growing wild in their natural environment or that she grew organically in the garden. They are all lovingly chosen and prepared by Takara by hand. They then undergo an upgrade and enhancement process and are infused with dancingd healing energies, sacred sound, and other powerful energetics using a proprietary process she "received" directly through prayer/meditation. They are hand prepared, labeled, etc. and are made to order.

2. How do I use Dancing Dolphin Essences or the Aromatherapy Roll-Ons?

ANSWER: We recommend topical application for all of our essences -whether the traditioanl elixirs or the aromatherapy roll-ons. They all come with an instruction sheet containing our best recommendations in order to receive the most benefit. Watch the video on the old home page showing how to use them. Follow this link for instructions and more details about how to use Dancing Dolphin Flower Gem Essences Aromatherapy Roll-Ons.

3. There are so many choices: aromatherapy roll-ons, flower essences, gem essences, realm essences, essences of sound. How can I best choose an essence for myself, my family, my client, my pet?

ANSWER: Our preferred method of choosing an essence is to dowse with a pendulum or use applied kinesiology. If you are not trained in either technique, we suggest reading the various descriptions and trusting your intuition about which would be best. We have prepared the Dancing Dolphin Foundation Set as the perfect place to start for those who are unsure. Takara also prepares custom blends at a very reasonable price for individuals, groups, or pets, using 2 to 10 flower and/or gem essences. So, she takes the guess work out for you. Another great way to choose an essence is to check out the Quick Reference List for suggestions.

4. How do I learn more about how to use Dancing Dolphin Essences?

ANSWER: There is a lot of information about them on the website.  The technology Takara has developed for enhancing / upgrading them and using them in roll-on form is revolutionary. Traditionally they are taken orally – such as Bach Flower Remedies – and involve alcohol as a preservative. The Aromatherapy Roll-Ons that Takara offers by-pass the need for all of that.

The essences can be rolled on the skin daily (The Daily Harmony Kit, Inner Peace, Happiness, Essence of Camelot or Mer), or as required for certain issues (Aah!,Thrive, any of the Dolphin Formulas), or to delve deeply into transformation (Forgiveness, Reclaiming Power, Point of Origin).